Chapter 27: Stunned By The Brain Circuit



Zhulan didn’t go back to the yard until the ox cart had gone far away, she felt relieved and her face recovered.
Knowing that Wu Chun couldn’t leave, she was thinking about what to cook for the evening.



She counted out twenty copper coins from the purse, “Go to Butcher Sun’s house and buy a catty of pork belly.
If there are pigs’ feet, buy two pigs’ feet.
If there are no pig’s feet, you buy more meat.”




Li shi raised her mother-in-law’s status to the top, so naturally, she did not dare to criticize her mother-in-law.
Her mother-in-law was talking about buying meat for everyone to eat, so she couldn’t be foolish enough to question her about it.
“Okay, mother” she replied.




Zhoujia Village was a big village within ten miles and eight towns, and it was also the gathering place of the Zhou family.
Ten years ago, two-thirds of the surnames were Zhou.
At the end of the dynasty and the war, many people settled in Zhoujia Village, and the number of surnames increased.




Therefore, Zhoujia Village saw merchants coming frequently, and the village also had its share of shops and businesses.
There were butchers who sell meat, but it costs half a penny per catty more than the county town.
But then again you need to take a bullock cart to buy a catty or two from the county town, so everyone bought their meat from the village.




There was also a tofu workshop in the village; yes, it was a tofu workshop.
Don’t underestimate the wisdom of the ancients.
Tofu existed in the Han Dynasty.




Zhulan was a bit greedy for tofu, and there was also soy milk, a cup of soy milk every day was good for health.




Li shi came back quickly, with a happy face, “Mother, I bought the pig’s trotters.”




Zhulan swallowed, she was greedy for pig’s trotters, “Okay, okay, make stewed pig’s trotters tonight, you clean it up first ”





Li shi was not stupid, seeing the attitude of her mother-in-law, she knew Yang Wuchun was not leaving tonight, “Mother, how to make the pork belly?”




Zhulan wanted to eat fried pork with chili peppers, but after all, she had to think about her grandchildren at home, the children were too young, ” Potato stewed pork belly, cut the meat smaller.”





Li shi planned to put more potatoes, so she can eat a few more bites, “What about the old hen?” ”




“We have a large clay pot at home.
Use half of the chicken to make chicken soup in the clay pot and mince the other half.
We can also use the mushrooms we picked earlier to make a mushroom stew.
All you need is to stir-fry some cabbage to go with it.
And don’t forget to trim off the chicken fat to save for later,” Zhu Lan suggested.





Li’s saliva kept drooling, the menu for tonight was as good as the Chinese New Year menu.
She then felt a little sour, but thinking of all the food and cloth that came, her heart was balanced again, “Okay mother.”




“For the staple food, mix half a bowl of noodles with cornmeal and steam cornmeal steamed buns.”








Zhu Lan is not extravagantly wasteful.
Because there was really a lot of grain in the room where the grain is stored.
Those who have survived the war not only love money but also have the “hamster property” of loving food and surviving hunger.




The original body was just used to keeping a low profile, which gave the family the feeling that there was just enough food for the family.
In fact, it is unrealistic to eat the stored rice and white noodles all at once, but there was no problem with eating them twice a month.
But they were all hidden by the original body, not to mention the cornmeal.




The original owner was not particularly smart, but over the years, they slowly accumulated food and would eat the old food first before it went bad.
They weren’t foolish enough to let the food go bad.




Zhulan came out with white noodles, and the children had finished their meal.
So she called out to Zhao shi, “Clean up the table and wash the bowls.
Come and help me cut the fabric later.”





Zhulan really didn’t want to find Zhao shi, but Li shi was busy and had no time.
She only had the memory of her original body, but she did not have the skills of her original body.
So she had no idea how to estimate the size of adults and children.
She did not cut the clothes herself and give out her secrets, so she can only find Zhao shi.




As for the two daughters-in-law, regardless of their faults, they all have real skills.
The eldest was good at cooking, and the second was good at needlework and embroidery.
It is said that she learned it from her dead mother, but unfortunately, she had to flee before learning for a long time.





The original owner of the body could sew clothes but couldn’t embroider.
Don’t expect someone who only knows martial arts to be skilled with an embroidery needle.





Zhao shi responded briskly, the corners of her brows no longer drooping, thinking that mother was waiting to see her, and she had never used her for help before, so she couldn’t help but her eyes were red, and she wanted to cry!





Zhulan didn’t know that she almost made the second daughter-in-law cry again, she was staring blankly at the baggage.
It was too much; she was a modern person who can’t make clothes and has no concept.
But she had a concept of quantity, this one piece of fabric, the whole family probably has enough to change into new clothes.




Zhao shi came over quickly, and stood there silently, “Mother.”





Zhulan sorted the fabrics according to the colors, “There are a lot of fabrics sent, you cut the fabrics according to the size of the children’s clothes.”





Zhao shi quickly cut the clothes according to the sizes of the three children from the eldest’s family and hesitated again with the scissors.
Zhulan knew what Zhao shi was thinking and became angry.
She was not a partial person, so why did she become an evil grandmother in Zhao shi’s heart? Well, take a look at ten miles and eight villages, which family’s grandchildren were as blessed as hers, especially her eldest granddaughter! The children wore clean clothes with no patches all the time.
Annoyed, she said: “Hurry up and cut it, what are you dawdling for?”





Zhao shi was not afraid, but rather happy.





Zhulan, “…”




She was completely stunned by Zhao shi’s brain circuit!



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