Chapter 26: One life



Seeing her mother-in-law’s pale face, Li shi hurriedly stepped forward to support her, “Mother, what’s wrong with you?”



Zhulan shook her head, “It’s okay, I just watched the sky, and it was going to rain heavily.
I was thinking about the third and fourth.
They didn’t even bring umbrellas.”



Li Shi felt uncomfortable, and the intimacy of drinking gnocchi soup at noon was gone.
After all, the mother-in-law was thinking about the two young sons, and her concern was in vain.




Zhu Lan was unaware of the troubles in her eldest daughter-in-law’s heart, and she was preoccupied with the plot.
Today marked the beginning of the decline of the Zhou family in the original text, which was only briefly mentioned.
Wu Chun, who was supposed to leave, did not, and an hour later, a heavy rainstorm broke out.
Because there was a cattle cart, they went to pick up two schoolchildren, but the rainstorm caused flash floods, the bridge to the neighboring village collapsed, and the cattle were washed away.
While trying to pull the cattle back, Wu Chun was accidentally swept away by the water.
When he was found, he suffered severe head injuries and passed away.




The original character had a good relationship with her maternal family and was the only daughter.
The Zhou family did not underestimate her just because of her education, but also because the Yang family was known for their martial arts and had a reputation for giving birth to many sons.
The original character’s elder brother had also made a name for himself during times of war, and no one in the surrounding villages dared to provoke him.




The Zhou family also went along with the label of a family not to be messed with.




But the death of the eldest grandson, Yang Wuchun, caused an irreparable rift between the two families.
Later, the reputation of the original family became worse and worse, and the family was more estranged from the Yang family until the Yang family moved out.





Yes, Zhulan frowned, the Yang family moved away.
In the counter-attack article, the Yang family’s description was really too little, maybe it was also for the female supporting role.
So for plot development, Yang Wuchun was deliberately sent to die, and the Yang family was sent away.




Otherwise, the only daughter of the original Yang family, how could the old man and the old lady be willing to leave? With the relationship between the Yang family and the Zhou family, it would be very difficult for the female lead Wang Ru to make cannon fodder out of the Zhou family.




Zhu Lan calculated the time, with one hour in the modern world equivalent to two hours in the novel.
The ox cart would will take about twenty minutes to go to the neighboring village, so two hours was ample time to avoid the catastrophe.




If she wanted to change the fate of the whole family, she would have to change the destiny of Yang Wuchun, especially since this was no longer just a novel but the real world.
Even if it had nothing to do with the plot, she couldn’t just stand by and watch someone lose their life.




Zhu Lan quickly moved the vegetables from the car, and Li shi was dumbfounded, “Mother, what are you doing?”




Zhulan had little time to spare for Li shi, and shouted at the house, “Wuchun, can your aunt borrow the ox cart?”




Wu Chun responded quickly, “Of course, gu gu, you can borrow anything.
You can use it however you want.”




Zhu Lan called out to the second child who had finished eating, not because she didn’t want to call the eldest but because there were relatives at home that the boss couldn’t leave.
He had to accompany Wuchun to entertain, this was the importance and status of the eldest son, “Second, you drive the ox cart and bring back your two brothers from school.”




Out of trust, Zhou Shuren knew that Zhulan would not do useless work, and said to the dumbfounded second child, “Listen to your mother to pick up the younger brothers.”




The second child was worried about his father’s anger just now.
He didn’t expect his father to support her.
He was even more stunned for a while.
Don’t look at the family’s good feelings, but his mother never interfered when their father educated them, especially when it came to studying.
He had deeply experienced how much he attaches importance to studying.




He and his eldest brother did not have the aptitude for studying, and they were beaten a lot for that.




Today, when her mother intervened to pick up her younger brothers and nothing significant had happened, her father surprisingly did not oppose it.
This left him feeling a bit dazed and confused.




The boss, Zhou Changli, kicked his younger brother, “Let’s go soon.”
Didn’t you see Dad’s black face?



The second child, Zhou Changyi, glanced at his father and shivered, then ran out quickly.




Zhulan urged the second child who was going out, “You pick up your brothers and come back quickly.”



The second child, Zhou Changyi, saw his mother’s strength, and his father listened to her, “Got it, mother.”




As Zhou Changyi rushed the cattle cart, he began to reflect on his memories.
He realized that it wasn’t that his mother was afraid of his father, but rather that she had never asked before.
He had always assumed that his mother was afraid of his father, but now he realized that his assumptions were wrong – his mother was simply lazy to bother.
He raised his mother’s status in his heart once again.




It wasn’t just Zhou Er who thought this way – everyone in the Zhou family had elevated Zhu Lan to the highest position in their hearts!


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