Chapter 25: Be Honest



Zhulan was stunned for a moment before she realized that the person outside was calling her.
She only had a faint memory but she really didn’t know who the voice belonged to; so she hurriedly went to see.
The person who came was Yang Wuchun, the eldest son of her eldest brother Yang Zhushan, who was already 23.



“Wu Chun is it you, why are you here?”



Yang Wuchun tied the ox and moved things from the ox cart, “Gu gu, didn’t I go to the south to run darts? I met a cloth shop owner who was clearing old stocks from previous years.
Thinking that the third, Wu Dong will be getting married soon, so I bought as much as I could.
And so nǎi nai (1) asked me to bring you some.


Zhulan looked at a lot of burdens.
Did she misunderstand something?



Wu Chun continued to carry things from the ox cart, “I remembered my gu gu’s health is not good, so I brought a basket of eggs to make up for my gu gu.
Let me tell you, please don’t be reluctant to eat it.”



Zhulan listened in a daze, her heart was sour, and she was a little jealous of her original body.
Her modern parents did not treat her badly, but they wouldn’t care about everything.



Looking at the things on the ground again, there are a lot of things, most of which were health-enriching food.



Zhou Shuren patted Zhulan’s hand and stepped forward with a smile, “Wu Chun, don’t be too busy, come in for lunch.”



Zhulan, “Yes, come in and eat, we made gnocchi soup for lunch!”



Wu Chun was surprised that his gu gu’s family had three meals.
So he wiped his sweat without being polite, “I’ll go wash my face.”




Zhulan hurriedly called out to Li shi, “Go make an egg dish.”



Li shi finally removed her eyes from the cloth, and asked in a low voice, “How many should I make?”



Zhulan paused, how could she know how many eggs are enough for a plate because she doesn’t know how to cook! She was recalling her original body’s memory, it seemed that she had never scrambled eggs before, so it was difficult, too little is not enough for a plate, it’s a shame.




Zhou Shuren twitched the corners of his mouth, and clicked Zhulan eight times, Zhulan, “Eight.”



Li’s eyeballs were about to protrude, eight eggs? The mother-in-law stared and she didn’t dare to say anything and went to cook quickly.




After returning to the main room, Zhou Shuren personally filled Wu Chun with the gnocchi soup, “Drink the soup at noon and we will have stewed hen at night.
This time, you must stay here and have a cup.”




Wu Chun was somewhat surprised by the special treatment he received.
He carefully took the bowl, and for the first time in her life, he felt that his gūfù was approachable.
Was it because he had been away for too long, or was it because he had returned in the wrong way?





He preferred this gūfù (2) who was in front of him, but he was a little flustered and returned cautiously, “I’ll go back after dinner, yé ye (3) is waiting for me to go back!”



Zhou Shuren withdrew his enthusiasm and picked it up again, thinking to himself, let’s maintain the character design, “Well, go back and say hello to the old man.”




Wu Chun instantly felt comfortable, this is the familiar gūfù, “Ok.”



Zhulan looked genuine, “…”



This time, I really don’t dare to collapse the character design.
These people are too familiar with the two of them.
It is really uncomfortable to be trapped in the character design.



Zhulan pressed her irritability and carefully inquired about the situation of her parent’s family.
She knew that the family was very good and couldn’t find anything to talk about.
Li shi returned with the egg dish, and she took her to prepare a return gift.



There were no rare things at home.
It’s a matter of the heart.
Zhulan picked some vegetables and filled a jar half with Li’s newly pickled pickles.
Li’s pickles tasted good, so it was a good return gift.



Zhulan still felt that the return gift was too simple, so she couldn’t help counting her days.
She hoped that Sanya/Wang Ru would do things soon.
The variety of vegetables in the novel was all thanks to Wang Ru’s service.
Wang Ru was an internet food celebrity, not only she could eat delicious food but was proficient in making them as well.
In ancient times, she wouldn’t hesitate to experiment with new dishes.
Just thinking about it would make one’s mouth water.




Li shi was very proud of her cooking skills.
Seeing that her mother-in-law gave her pickles as a gift, she straightened her waist, “Mother, it’s already autumn.
Shouldn’t the other pickles be pickled?”



Zhulan, “…En.”




Fortunately, she has a memory, otherwise, she would be really flustered, and she wouldn’t understand at all!




Back in the courtyard, Zhulan was stunned.
The novel mainly revolved around the Wang family.
The Zhou family was cannon fodder and was not described in detail.
However, there was mention of important things.
She looked up at the sky, her face turning pale.



Paternal Grandmother 2.
Husband of father’s sister 3.
Paternal Grandfather


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