Chapter 24: Not On The Same Channel



Li shi was even more tired of hearing this sound.
From the moment Zhao shi got married and entered the door, she has been crying and crying.
Like a death star, she was upset and shouted, “Shut up.”



Zhao shi finally stopped crying by the window, instead weeping silently.



Zhulan was satisfied with seeing Li shi, as long as her ears stopped, she didn’t mean to go out to watch Zhao.
Her and Zhao’s brain circuits were not on the same channel, to be precise, the whole family and she were not on the same channel.




Zhao Shi was very sad when she saw that she didn’t pay any attention to her, and even sadder when she thought about the chicken that was killed.
In the beginning, her mother-in-law promised to keep that chicken for her confinement.
Thinking of the tragic family background again, the tears could not stop.




Zhulan took a peek at it, and was in awe, she estimated that she had been crying for a quarter of an hour, and her lacrimal glands were too developed!(1)




Li shi finished the meal, looked at the gnocchi soup, and licked her mouth, “Mother, the meal is ready.”




Zhulan, “Tell Zhao shi to set the meal, the eldest and the second should be back.”




Li Shi was already hungry, “Okay mother.”




Zhulan went to call Zhou Shuren, but he woke up after calling she called for two times.
Zhou Shuren had a good rest, and his complexion was much better.




Zhou Shuren was also observing Zhulan, and when he saw Zhulan’s face turning bloody, he smiled, “The boss and the second are back?”




Zhulan helped Zhou Shuren, “No, I guess it will be soon.”



Zhou Shuren moved his body and said, “The Wang family didn’t come to ask for trouble?”



“They can only bully the soft and fear the hard.”



Zhou Shuren was very happy.
The eldest and the second were not that studious.
They learned martial arts from their mother when they were children.
In addition, they worked hard in the fields all year round.
So beating a few was not a big deal for them! The Wang family, even after being beaten, did not have enough courage to come here.




The two entered the main room joking, and the eldest and the second also came back.



There was a pot of gnocchi soup that Zhulan was going to divide.
Zhulan divided the whole pot into two parts, one half was sent to the men’s side, and the rest was divided among the grandchildren and her daughters-in-law.




As for Zhou Shuren’s table, Zhulan didn’t serve it.
Zhou Shuren served himself a bowl and said to his two stunned sons, “Serve it yourself.”




The Eldest, Zhou Changli, stiffened his neck and turned around, “Mother, what day is it today?”




Zhulan wasn’t ready to explain, “If I give you something to eat, eat it if you like, or save it if you don’t.”




The eldest, Zhou Changli, shut up, he was afraid that if he said anything more, he might not get any of it.
So he served himself a bowl, but he didn’t dare to serve more than his father.




The second eldest, Zhou Changyi, followed closely behind him and smiled naively.



Zhou Shuren was already hungry, “Eat.”




Zhulan got up early in the morning and had a fight again.
After drinking a few mouthfuls of the soup, her stomach felt good.
The pure, natural, and pollution-free taste of the ingredients was really delicious.




Xuehan was stunned when she saw that her mother drink one bowl after another, “Won’t mother keep the soup for the third and fourth brothers?”




Zhulan stopped her hand.
In ancient times, the technology wasn’t good, white noodles were valuable, and it was difficult to even have white flour dumplings.
Not to mention bone soup, looking at the remaining bottom of the pot, she really didn’t want to keep it but had to keep it.
Today, even the daughters-in-law had a bowl, not to mention the two school-going boys.



She can’t collapse the character design, but the excitement today was a bit too much.




Zhou Shuren put down the bowl, “The main table will save their portions.”




Zhulan turned around and Zhou Shuren put down the bowl to eat the pancakes.
He didn’t take any more of the gnocchi soup and neither of his two sons dared to move.




Zhou Shuren resolved the situation, and Zhulan looked at the bowl in front of her, which was enough for two small bowls.
Just now, she had divided it among them but had shown favoritism to someone.
She and Zhou Shuren decided to split the remaining soup evenly.
Zhou Shuren didn’t say anything, but he felt warm inside.
He slowly picked up the bowl and continued to drink.



Someone outside the gate shouted, “Gu gu.”(2)




The glands that are responsible for producing tears. 2.
Sister of father or paternal aunt.


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