Chapter 23: Intend




Zhou Shuren supported her patiently, “En.”



Li Shi was the most panicked, her mother-in-law was looking at her, and said weakly: “Mother.”



Zhulan was also panicking, she couldn’t just take medicine, she still needed nutrition.
Don’t want to die early, “Catch an old hen from last year and kill it later.”




Li Shi suspected that she had heard it wrong, and squeaked like a mouse, “Kill the chicken?”




Zhulan clutched her chest fortunately she didn’t have a heart problem, otherwise, she would have died early.
With a cold face, she said, “Yes, kill the chicken, stew it tonight, and stew a big bone at noon.
I will get you noodles later and use the bone soup to make gnocchi soup.”





Li was even more panicked than before, was her mother-in-law near the end of her life? What stimulated her today?




“Mother, it’s time for the old hen to lay eggs!”




Zhulan fell silent.
The chickens raised by the Zhou shi did indeed lay eggs well.
The original plan was to use an old hen from last year to make soup for Zhao’s postpartum recovery and for the New Year’s feast.
She really didn’t want to kill her own chickens, but buying chicken outside was not an option either, as it would reveal their wealth and attract envy.




Zhou Shuren, “Kill it.”



Li Shi didn’t dare to say anything anymore, she felt that this father-in-law was hard to deal with, “Okay, okay father, I’ll go right away.” She ran away desperately, extremely agile.




Zhou Shuren lowered his head and saw that the little girl looked at him with big eyes and was a little timid.
His heart softened, and he stroked her hair, “Go and help your shǎozi (1) to look after your zhínǚ (2), and we will have chicken at lunch.”




Xuehan bent her eyes, it was still her father who loved her the most, and he didn’t change, “Yes.”




Zhulan went back to her room and laid down on the kang, the kang was covered with a mattress, otherwise, the kang would be cold and her body would not be able to bear it.




Zhou Shuren also went to the kang, but he didn’t lie down but sat against the wall, and his back was cold, “This side belongs to the north, and the winter in ancient times was colder.
I’m thinking about renovating the house, rebuilding the kang and the flue wall.
And also pave the ground again, so as not to get dirty when it snows or rains.”




Zhulan said, “Okay.”




Firewalls and fire pits existed in the Han Dynasty, but they were just rebuilt without exception.
She also wanted to live comfortably.
As for the ground, she agreed even more.
Clean modern people really can’t accept dirt roads, especially indoors.





Zhulan said again, “Don’t just repair our own house, the children’s rooms also need to be repaired.
We are not in good health and Zhao shi is going to have a child.
The reasons are sufficient and unobtrusive.”





Zhou Shuren was stunned, his sense of substitution was not as good as Zhulan’s.
He only thought of himself and Zhulan, and the children, he didn’t think about them, “Well, I listen to you, I will do it after the follow-up visit, so as not to be busy in the autumn harvest, and drag it into winter every day.”




Zhulan said, “Okay.”





Seeing Zhulan’s eyelids fighting, Zhou Shuren didn’t say a word, and sure enough, he heard the sound of even breathing after a while, feeling drowsy, he also lay down to rest.




Zhulan had a good sleep and felt energized.
She sat up and looked at Zhou Shuren, who was still sleeping.
She got out of bed and didn’t hear the voices of her eldest and second sons.
It must not be noon yet!




“The unreliable timekeeping in ancient times,” Zhulan thought to herself as she recalled her past life memories.
She decided that she needed to buy an hourglass to keep track of time more accurately, otherwise, it would become even more difficult to keep track of time.




The kitchen smelt like bone soup, the stewing time was not short, and Zhulan was a little hungry.





Li shi was making pancakes, and flatteringly said: “Mother, you’re awake.”




Zhulan hummed, took a big bowl, and then came back with a bowl of noodles, “It’s for gnocchi soup.”




Li took a breath, feeling distressed looking at the large bowl of white noodles, “Mother, this is too much.”




“Are you the housekeeper or me? Just cook what I am telling you to.”




Li Shi didn’t dare to say anything and obediently took the big bowl.




Zhulan smelled the bone soup again, though Li shi had minor problems, her cooking skill was top notch.
She also looked at the chicken that was stewed.
The chicken was fat enough, and the chicken oil was very large.
After ordering chicken oil noodles, she was even more hungry.





Then she heard the sound of sobbing outside.




Zhulan, “…”




She really didn’t understand why Zhao shi crying again.
This was really a bad day!



Wife of elder brother 2.
Daughter of brother


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