Chapter 21: Fighting



Zhulan didn’t look at Wang Zhang but stared at the three- or four-year-old child next to Wang Zhang who was squatting in the yard.
Her stomach felt nauseating, she couldn’t help but take a step back without saying a word and pulled her daughter back together.



Seeing that Zhulan was enduring disgust, Wang Zhang shi exploded with anger, “Yang Zhulan, what do you mean, did you come here to look for trouble?”



Zhu Lan’s gaze fell on Wang Zhang shi’s face, and she finally felt less disgusted.
Looking closely at Wang Zhang shi, she realized that face reading could be inaccurate.
Despite her plump appearance, Wang Zhang shi had a kind and benevolent look about her.
If face reading were accurate, she should have a harsh and unkind appearance.




Wang Zhang rubbed her arms as if she wanted to fight, and rushed over in a hurry, scratching her hands.




Zhu Lan drank two pills, her body was much better, and she had the strength to grab her arm.
She didn’t miss the excitement in Wang Zhang’s eyes.
She wanted to beat her for a long time.
Everyone in the village knew that recently, it seemed that her health was not good!




In the past, the original body had a lot of strength and force, and Wang Zhang shi was just too addicted to finding fault with her mouth.




Wang Zhang shi’s pained face turned pale, and she felt that her wrist was not hers anymore, “Aren’t you going to die?”




Zhu Lan felt angry.
Although they had a bad relationship, it was not right to curse someone in their face.
She frowned and said, “Disappointed? Let me tell you, even if you die, I won’t die with you.”




Wang Zhang was frightened.
When Yang Zhulan wasn’t sick, she really beat her when she caught the handle.
Her ribs hurt again, “You, let go.”




Zhulan didn’t let it go, she pinched it leisurely, and when she saw someone approaching, Zhulan patted her daughter’s shoulder.




Wang Zhang shi’s aching face was sweating, and her wrists were almost gone.
“You let me go, let go.”




Zhu Lan was not someone who believed in winning people over with kindness.
Having been bullied herself due to her parent’s divorce, she was not one to back down from a fight.
When Wang Zhang shi struck her first, it was only fair to hit back in return.
With a swift smack, she gave Wang Zhang shi a slap across the face.




The onlookers paused for a moment, feeling a familiar sensation.
They could tell that Yang Zhulan’s confidence had returned, and the person who had angered her felt a pang of guilt and shrunk their neck in fear.




Wang Zhang screamed, and Zhu Lan’s eardrums hurt, “Shut up.”




Saying that Zhulan let go of her hand and wiped her hands as if she had touched something dirty.




Wang Zhang shi’s eyes were red with blood, and the irritation was a bit big, “I’m fighting with you.”




Zhu Lan smirked, feeling satisfied with her retaliation.
After all, she couldn’t let an opportunity to teach a lesson to someone who had willingly come to her doorstep slip by.




Xuehan was not at all afraid that her mother would suffer.
After all, her mother was so powerful, so she kept looking at Sanya.




Wang Ru was holding a tortilla and feeling very resentful.
Fortunately, her best friend was there, but there wasn’t even a scrap of meat on the tortilla.
She was really craving meat.
With memories of the taste of meat lingering in her mind, coupled with her hunger, she couldn’t help but salivate at the thought.
“Xuehan, I smell meat on this pancake.
I’m such a poor excuse for a human being.
I haven’t eaten meat even during the New Year.
I envy you.
The taste of meat must be amazing.”




Xuehan didn’t feel good in her heart.
She gave a tortilla, Sanya didn’t say thank you, but kept talking about meat over and over again with her down, “There is not much meat in my family either.”




Sanya rolled her eyes, “Your mother loves you, and she’s an old woman.
It’s okay to steal it.”




Xuehan didn’t want to stay any longer, Sanya had changed, she had become greedy, and coaxed her as a fool.
The first time she was careless, what about the second time?




As she spoke, she stood up and walked to the door.
Seeing the surprise in San Ya’s eyes, she smiled and said, “I am also literate and know how to behave properly.
Taking things without permission is wrong.
When I go back home, I will tell my mother about this.
This tortilla was brought by my mother and me together.
San Ya, having the thought of stealing is not good.
A girl’s reputation is too important.
You should take care of yourself.”




Xuehan didn’t give Sanya a chance to speak, she ran out uncomfortably.




Zhulan saw her daughter at a glance, and knowing that it was done, she didn’t waste any tortilla.
She took her daughter’s hand and said, “Go home with mother.”




When Xuehan saw that her mother was not injured, it felt like she had won a battle.
her depression was gone, and she answered cheerfully, “Yeah.”


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