Chapter 20: The Village’s Troublemaker


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Xuehan was not stupid, she just didn’t want to think badly about her little friend, but her heart was already swaying from side to side.


Zhulan got up and went to the kitchen.
She had two corn tortillas left in the morning, and there were no more dishes.
She didn’t want to show any generosity when she looked at the meat residue.
Whether in the book or in her original memory, she looked down on the Wang family, so she just took the tortillas.


Xuehan was a little confused, “Mother?”


Zhulan took her daughter’s hand, “Mother will accompany you to send it with you.”


Xuehan opened her mouth, but she didn’t say a word.
She had doubts in her heart.
She wanted to go and have a look, but she was particularly uncomfortable.


The Wang family home was not far from the Zhou family, but it was also not too close, located on the street ahead.
The Wang family had a large population.
There were eight children in the first generation.
Two died in the war, leaving six, one daughter, and five sons.
Even the eldest grandson of Wang Shi was married and she had great-grandsons.
Wang shi was sixteen years older than her!




Zhulan shuddered as she recalled it carefully.
Wang Zhang was really able to give birth.
She gave birth to eight children, was more than fifty years old, and cursed without taking a breath.
She even had the strength to beat her granddaughter.
Thinking back, it was no wonder that the original body had a history of giving birth to consecutive children.
The reason was that the children are all born in a turbulent year, and she did not recover properly during the postpartum period which lead to the decline of her health.



The original body looked down on Wang Zhang shi, so Wang Zhang picked on her.
The main reason she had a bad reputation was Wang Zhang shi’s credit, but there were many other reasons as well.



As a daughter-in-law, Wang Zhang shi had to put in years of toil to become the old lady that she was now.
Since the day she married into the Wang family, she faced many hardships, especially after giving birth to two daughters in a row, her life became even more difficult.
In addition, her husband was considerate but weak, so the happiness of the original body was too dazzling to her eyes.



Then there was Wang Zhang’s eldest daughter who was the same age as the original body.
Back then, she went to Zhou’s house to propose marriage to Zhou Shuren.
However, when the original’s mother-in-law found out, she directly insulted Wang Zhang shi and caused a scene, which made Wang Zhang feel deeply resentful and embarrassed.



When the original body was married to the Zhou family, Wang Zhang shi was hostile toward her.
But her mother-in-law was very powerful, and Wang Zhang’s mother-in-law also kept her in check.



Later, the original mother-in-law passed away, Wang Zhang’s mother-in-law also died and she was finally liberated from their control.
She acted as the most notorious troublemaker in the village.
She was not only mean and unkind to fellow villagers, but also to her own children.



Despite having six children, including five sons, sons were no longer valued as much.
Although she didn’t cause much trouble with her sons, the resentment of being pressured to give birth to sons was placed on her daughters-in-law and granddaughters.
In particular, Wang Zhang’s fourth daughter-in-law had three daughters in a row and was unable to conceive again due to physical injury during the birth of her third daughter, which was seven years before.



Zhu Lan recalled as she walked, her eyes flickering.
If she remembered correctly, Fourth Wang’s wife was pregnant again and she was three months pregnant.
However, the original text wrote that she had a miscarriage at six months, which was somewhat suspicious.
Wang Zhang’s fourth son guarded his wife very closely, and even Wang Zhang didn’t dare to cause trouble.



Zhulan chuckled lightly, this was interesting.


Xuehan raised her head suspiciously, “Mother, what are you laughing at?”


Zhulan didn’t explain it but kept it in her mind, “It’s nothing.”


Xuehan snorted and suddenly felt that her mother had become mysterious.
Yes, she was mysterious.
The previous mother was easy to see through.
When she was happy, she was happy, and when she was unhappy, she was unhappy.



At the entrance of Wang’s house, Zhulan looked around.
Even though she had memories of the place, seeing it with her own eyes was still different.
Wang’s family had many sons and grandchildren.
Those who did not have a strong financial foundation lived in mud houses.
The whole family had not divided their property, and they had added many extensions to the main house and the houses on both sides.
The entire courtyard was packed tight and did not need any walls.



The chickens in the yard were flying everywhere.
She was used to seeing the cleanliness of the Zhou family.
Zhulan was a little nauseous.
Yes, it was nausea.
There were chicken droppings everywhere, not to mention, she also saw a few human feces as well that were not cleaned up! And there was a boy who was roaming around.



Zhulan almost lost her courage to lift her feet, she looked at her daughter.
Xuehan was very strict about cleanliness, if she could endure this mess and come to Wang’s house, she was really a friend to Sanya.



The naughty boy went to the main room, and Wang Zhang shi came out quickly, “Yo, what wind brought you here today?”


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