Chapter 1: 26 to 36

Yang Zhulan stared blankly at the beam, but in fact, she couldn’t see anything, and it was still dark outside.
If she hadn’t received the memory, she would have screamed aloud.
In the dark, she twisted the quilt on her body with both hands to vent.
She tried to save a man but ended up killing both of them.

Thinking of saving people, Yang Zhulan gritted her back teeth fiercely.
In 2019, affected by the El Niño phenomenon, strong winds, frequent rainstorms and hail, and several strong winds blew in the capital, she went out and was coming back to her residence.
She saw that the roof tiles were swaying wildly in the wind, about to fall down, and a man happened to come out.
She didn’t even think twice before sprinting forward into the building and took the man to hide on the side.
However, she couldn’t save him or herself, and the pain was the only last thing she remembered before she fell into a coma.
Zhulan thought of this, she transmigrated, and the man whom she tried to save also couldn’t escape.
Thinking of this, she felt a little sad.
There was a muffled groan next to her, and Zhulan didn’t dare to move.
The person beside her was none other than the husband of this original body, and she once again scolded the man responsible for her being in this situation.
It was not until he was breathing steadily again that Zhulan breathed a sigh of relief.
She was someone who had read a lot of novels and especially loved ancient farming texts, but she never thought that she would have the opportunity to play one.

The most resentful thing is that she didn’t expect to become a high-level character, nor did she want to be a rich character, or to become an eye-catching daughter, but never in her wild imagination, she thought she could become a mother and that too someone who was ten years older than her! Not only a mother, what is even more exaggerated was that she became a grandmother at the age of thirty-six.
Yes, she is a grandmother, and she has more than one grandson.
In the wicked ancient society, she got married when she was a teenager, how could she be a single dog for a lifetime!
Zhulan sighed and thought of her parents.
Although the two divorced and remarried, they both had children of their own, but they were good to her.
Grandparents were afraid that she would be wronged so they loved her all the more.
And now thinking of her grandparents, they will not be able to bear the news.
She couldn’t help but reddened her eyes.
She wondered more than once if she could go back if she died here, but when she thought about it, how could it be possible to survive when a large piece of concrete fell from the sky.
The more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t hold back her tears and started crying.

She was tired from crying and didn’t know when she fell asleep again.
When she was woken up by a chicken in the morning, she could see the general situation in the bedroom.
There were two wooden boxes side by side on the kang, and there were useless quilts on the boxes.
In the corner stood a kang table and a basket with needles and thread.
When she looked down, there was nothing there.
Even if she received the memory, Zhulan was shocked.
In her memory, this family lived a good life in the village, but apart from being clean, everything else was tattered, and they were no different from other poor families.
Seeing how rough the grey-black quilt was, she disliked it.
No, but it’s hard for ordinary people to find a bed without patches.
Zhulan recalled the modern silk quilt, she fell asleep yesterday, she must be tired from crying.
There was the sound of chickens being fed outside, and there were people talking.

Zhulan, “…”
The buildings in the ancient countryside were not soundproof at all.
She was like hearing a live broadcast in the house.
Zhulan sighed, she didn’t want to get up, to be precise, she didn’t want to face the original body’s children and family members, even if she came across the top of the food chain, even if the original owner’s name was the same as hers, she was not happy at all, and her eyes were a little straight looking at the dark beams.
The man beside her moved and groaned as if he was about to wake up.
Zhulan’s mind went blank, how could she ignore her original husband, she realized that he was about to wake up, and hurriedly closed her eyes.

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