Chapter 16: Mother-in-law




Zhulan picked up the jade pendant.
What she was most concerned about was this.
It was not an ordinary thing.
The thing that the old lady told her not to lose when she was dying was the most precious thing.


Zhou Shuren also looked at the jade pendant and frowned.
This family shouldn’t have jade pendants.
At a glance, the pendant looked like it belonged to a rich family.
“Where did this come from?”


Zhulan’s mouth twitched as she said, “I don’t know either.
The old lady passed away before she could explain her illness.”


“Looking back now, when the old lady died, she must have been unwilling because she couldn’t finish the secrets in her heart.”


Zhou Shuren had memories.
The old lady’s eyes had widened, and she was full of unwillingness.
He analysed, “This thing is either fatal or meaningful.
Didn’t you say this world is a novel world, is there any mention of this?”


Zhulan pondered, “Really not, the story rarely mentions this family, when it mentions the family, it just spends words describing how it is an excellent family, and the old lady is not mentioned in the book.
But it doesn’t matter if this pendant is meaningful or bad, it must be carefully put away.


Zhou Shuren recalled it carefully again.
He really didn’t have much memory of his mother.
Most of the memories of his mother were that she was a very powerful person with great ideas.
During the turbulent times, it was basically the mother who supported him, otherwise, the whole family would not have a lot of money.
It’s a pity that the old lady didn’t enjoy the good fortune.
She died a year before the founding of the new dynasty.


Zhou Shuren sighed in his heart, Zhulan had already counted the silver coins, “There are more than 150 taels of cash in the family.
The old lady bought this jewellery.
They are easy to carry and hide.
You can use them to get emergency money, and you will be safe.
When the time comes, I can also give them to my daughter as a dowry.”


Speaking of which, Zhulan had to admire the original’s mother-in-law, she was really meticulous and thoughtful.


Zhou Shuren didn’t know whether it was because he became Zhou Shuren or the original emotion of this body, but he felt a pain in his heart, “However, don’t look at the money, it’s really not enough to give an imperial examination, and it takes a lot of money to be a scholar.
Needless to say anything else.”


Zhulan looked at Zhou Shuren and thought to herself that they were grasshoppers on a rope.
And if she didn’t explain it now, she understood that sooner or later, there will be an estrangement, and the relationship will not stay reliable.
After observation, this person’s mind was right, eyes can’t deceive people, “There are more.”


Zhou Shuren suspected that his ears had misheard, “I didn’t hear what you said.”


Zhulan said: “I said that the family’s wealth is more than that, and there are other things that can’t be taken out.”


Zhou Shuren raised his head sharply, “In my memory, your family is not a wealthy family, and neither is this family.
My mother has the skills, and the turmoil has cost this family a lot.
It took a long time to save these things.
And you are saying there are more?”


Zhulan coughed and pointed to herself, “You forgot that the original body is good at martial arts, otherwise my mother-in-law wouldn’t like her, and that was the reason she could marry you.”


Zhou Shuren was not a fool either.
After thinking about it, he said, “Eish, war money?”



Zhulan said, “That’s right.
During the war, many rebels and mountain bandits took up arms.
There were also many who took advantage of the chaos to rob others.
Do you remember when we ran out of food at home and we went to my natal house? We happened to encounter a group of bandits and had to hide in the mountains with my father.”



Zhou Shuren remembered that the original body was somewhat frightened and ended up getting a high fever that day, saying “Indeed I remember this incident.”


Zhulan said, “When the husband fell ill and there was no medicine, the original owner was very anxious and begged her father and elder brother to go down the mountain.
Unexpectedly, they encountered a group of bandits.
More than ten bandits faced more than twenty mountain thieves.
In the end, only two mountain thieves were left.
Because they recognized the faces of several people, the original owner’s father decided to kill all the injured ones without hesitation.
Otherwise, if they let them go, it would lead to endless disasters and even the destruction of their family.”


Zhou Shuren understood, “So father-in-law took the money?”


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