Chapter 14: Counting money




In this ancient times, the original owner’s family had less than three meals a day, and most people had two meals a day.
Especially since the new dynasty was not established long ago, the only ones who could fill their stomachs were the rich families.


The original body didn’t want to be so high-profile, but the situation was special.
There was a pregnancy in the family, and the original body was not in good health.
The barefoot doctor in the village saw her a few times and said she needed tonic supplements.
But she was reluctant to buy supplements and meat.
She thought that she would make up for the deficiency with three meals when she was not hungry, and since her grandson was young, she changed to three meals instead of two because she loved her grandson.


In fact, it has only been less than a month since this change, but unfortunately, the original body could not recover from the deficiencies, so she came.


For dinner, the men at the table can only see the chopsticks moving quickly, and the women don’t give in when they have children.
Sweet and delicious.


Zhulan was very happy with the meal.
In modern times, it is difficult to eat pure natural and pollution-free food.
In ancient times, it was easy.
Sweet and delicious.


After all, the staple food was rationed.
Although three meals a day were not enough, it can guarantee 70% full, but tonight everyone ate till they were 90% full.
Li’s cabbage was really not less, and the remaining rice porridge was given to grandchildren, adults will eat more.


Zhulan wanted to save some space in her stomach for drinking medicine, so she put down her chopstick.
Zhulan liked children very much.
She had been here for a day, and she didn’t dare to come forward in the morning.
Now that she has Zhou Shuren, she felt at ease and carefully observed her several grandchildren.


The eldest grandson Zhou Mingyun was just the age of a dog, and he is not honest when eating.
The second grandson Zhou Ming was a tiger, and the eldest granddaughter Zhou Yushuang was so docile.
But she was a very clean child.


“Yushuang came to Grandma.”


Zhao Shi was so frightened that she grabbed her daughter, “Mother, is there something wrong that you are calling Yushuang?”


Yushuang was infected by her mother’s tone, and the little girl was trembling with fear.


Zhulan, “…”


She really wanted to scold people, what did she say? She just wanted to get close to her granddaughter, and she scared the two of them.
She felt a little depressed.


Li shi picked up the last dish and pushed her younger son over, “Mother, Ming Teng has been talking about you today!”


The second grandson Zhou Mingteng, the child knew that grandma was kind to him, and he didn’t see grandma for the whole day, so he rushed over, ” naǐ nai.”(1)

Zhulan couldn’t resist the sound of naǐ nai, the call was so cute, she hugged Ming Teng, “Let naǐ nai kiss you.”


The child disliked the itch, so he giggled.
Zhulan listened to the child’s laughter, and her depressed mood improved.


Li shi looked at her younger siblings proudly, her eyes were full of disgust, she really looked down on the second brother’s family.
But she was also happy, the more the second family was like this, the more mother disliked them and the more she favoured the elder brother.


Zhao shi bit the corner of her mouth and lowered her head, her eyes were red.


Zhulan saw it from the corner of her light, she was completely speechless to this second daughter-in-law, and when she saw Yushuang’s tears falling, she recited the Three Character Classic in her heart, all the good children have been abandoned by the Zhao family.
And she said to Li shi: “Hurry up.
Clear the table.”


With that said, Zhulan put down her grandson and moved Zhao Shi’s hand away, and hugged Yushuang, “It’s alright, don’t cry anymore.”


Li Shi was surprised.
This is the first time that my mother-in-law hugged this girl this year, and she didn’t dare to think too much, “Okay mother.”


Zhulan looked at everyone in the room despite her attention being on Yushuang.
Fortunately, she was just surprised and didn’t think too much about it.
It’s good to think about the top of the food chain.
Yes, at least you don’t have to look at people’s faces, and no one dared to say anything if you want to do something.


After coaxing the child, Zhulan put her down.
It was unrealistic to think that she can change her family in one day all at once.



After she drank the decoction and several sons went back to their respective houses, she went back to the bedroom.



Zhou Shuren woke up a long time ago and saw the oil lamp.
Although the light was not good, he could see Zhulan holding the money box, and he became more and more energetic, “Are you counting how much money the family has?”



Zhu Lan had a smile on her face, “Well, but you have to wait until I find out.”



Counting money was a joy!


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