Chapter 13: Little trick



Zhulan was startled, she sat up straight, imitating her original’s appearance, and spoke with anger, “It’s not that we can’t hear you if you don’t shout.”

Li shi hurriedly bowed her head but thought in her heart, the relationship between the old couple was really good.
Just now, they almost faced each other, and their face suddenly turned red.
She couldn’t help but keep talking about the old couple in her heart, but she said in a low voice: “Mother, I was wrong.”

Zhulan, “…”

It’s as if she didn’t see the twinkling eyes! Don’t know what drama was playing in her mind!

Zhou Shuren coughed, “Is lǎodà and lǎoèr back?”

Li shi raised her head in surprise.
Father-in-law interjected for the first time.
Father-in-law never talked to them before, so she was a little nervous, ” Xiānggōng (1) and the others just came back.”

Zhou Shuren was less vigilant when he was ill, so he asked.
And he knew he was wrong the moment he opened his mouth.
Most of the time, the original body was silent, let alone talk to his daughters-in-law.
He closed his eyes and said, “En.”

Li shi became more and more uneasy.
Why was father-in-law looking for Xiānggōng? Why is he not lying down and not talking? I just came to see my mother-in-law.

Zhulan felt as if she had regained her original body and landed on the ground.
She tucked the quilt on Zhou Shuren and said to him, ” After taking the medicine and porridge, you go to sleep for a while.
I’ll be back after dinner.”

Zhou Shuren understood, let him rest for a while, and talk about everything in the evening, “Okay.”

Zhu Lan held the bowl with a sullen face, ” Why don’t you go out and set the meal?”

Li shi laughed at the familiar tone, it was all right, “Eh.”

Zhulan didn’t close the door to keep the room well-ventilated.
When she got to the lobby, her two sons who were studying in the neighboring village had just returned.
Zhulan really couldn’t imitate the enthusiasm of the original owner, but in the end, she asked, ” Did you study hard today?”


The shrewdest one in the family, Changlian, asked anxiously, “Mother, what did the doctor say? Is he alright?”


Even if he was shrewd, he was afraid of his father’s illness.
He will not get married until he became a scholar.
If his father was gone, how would he study? The elder brothers above have their own families, will they be willing to provide for his studies? Even if the family was not separated, it will become difficult for his mother to be in charge.
As soon as he entered the village and heard the news, he was really anxious.

Zhulan was silent.
She could see the anxiety of her two sons, and she could hear it from their breathing.
They came home as soon as they entered the village but after all, she had seen different people in her workplace, people have their own thoughts.
Even if she didn’t want to think about it maliciously, the fourth child’s anxiety was only for himself, as for the fifth child, he was young, he doesn’t think as much as the fourth child, and was really anxious about his father.

Zhou Changlian stared at her, and his heart skipped a beat, “Mother, why don’t you talk?”

The old fifth Zhou Changzhi relaxed and observed the house carefully, “Brother, our father is fine.”

Zhou Changlian was stunned, “How do you know? We came back together.”

Zhou Changzhi raised his chin proudly, “If something really happened to father, the family won’t be cooking meat, and my mother won’t be so calm.”

He smelled the aroma of meat and couldn’t help but salivate.

Zhulan glanced at the younger son, this boy was smart, “Okay, your father took his medicine and is now sleeping.
You two should wash your hands and eat quickly.”

Zhou Changlian had a smile on his face, “If it’s ok, then ok.”

Zhou Changzhi, “I’ll take a look at father first.”

Zhou Changlian was stunned for a moment, his face changed, and he secretly scolded the fifth child as a traitor, “Mother, I also don’t feel relieved if I don’t see him with my own eyes.
After seeing him, I will wash my hands and eat.”

Zhulan rolled her eyes in her heart.
This was enough to cheat the original owner, but not her.
This little trick was really not enough to watch, so she waved her hand and said, “Go ahead.”

When the two children entered the house, Zhulan was silent.
The old man was forty-four years old, and their fourth child could start a family in ancient times.
In addition, the five fingers have their own lengths.
The fourth and the second were in the same situation.
If it weren’t for the fourth shrewdly planning for himself, he would have little sense of existence in this family like the second.





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