Chapter 12: God-level teammate




Zhou Shuren saw that Zhulan was annoyed and hummed in confusion.
He didn’t open his mouth to press the discomfort in his throat, and his eyes indicated, “What’s wrong?”

Zhulan quietly explained the background of the world they were in.
Now that she had a God-level teammate (1), it would be easier for her to stay away from the transmigrated heroine and change her fate.
Although she didn’t read it, she had enough information to have prophetic visions now and then.
This information was also very important.

The corner of Zhou Shuren’s mouth twitched.
He also read novels, but they are all Xianxia (2).
It’s trouble, these are the laws!

He really didn’t expect that his little girl was the original heroine, and the whole family was cannon fodder.
He pondered for a while and said: “When I get better, I will study at home with peace of mind, pick up all the books, and strive to be admitted as a Xiucai (3) as soon as possible.
You can only take the Township examination if you are a xiucai.”

Zhulan smiled, “I hear what you are saying, but I’m not sure if you can pass it on the first try.”

Zhou Shuren rolled his eyes, “You think it’s easy to take the exam? Do you know that the exam is twice in three years, and the average number of people who qualify each time is only four or five places in each county? How many people are stuck in Tongsheng for a lifetime?!”

Zhulan was surprised, “Is it really such a difficult exam?”

Zhou Shuren nodded, “It’s more than difficult.
There are three exams for xiucai in the county government.
Each exam has four to five subjects.
The content is fixed; poems, policy theory, etc.
There are hundreds of thousands of words for those with bare memorization.
Now you know how difficult it is?”

Zhulan let out a hiss and took a deep breath.
Hundreds of thousands of words of pure ancient prose.
For her, classical Chinese exams are all memorized by rote.
She hadn’t understood or mastered any of it.
It turned out that it was so difficult to be a xiucai.
When you watch TV shows, it seems that it is easy to become a xiucai.
Not a difficult process at all!

Zhulan lost her confidence in an instant, and couldn’t help but ask, “Have you studied all the content of the test? Do you remember?”

Zhou Shuren’s face was tensed, and naturally, he wouldn’t say it, it was impossible to remember everything, and his brain was not a computer, “So I have to work hard to read, didn’t Kangxi (4) have to memorize a set of books a hundred and twenty times? It feels good, and it suits me right now.”

Zhulan couldn’t help shivering, let alone one hundred and twenty times, she would become impatient if she has to read it once, and suddenly felt that Zhou Shuren became more pleasing to the eye, this person was also fighting for her.

“I’ll give you my full support for your studies.
If you want to buy any book, I’ll give you money.”

When it came to money, Zhulan’s waist was even straighter.
She held the economic power of the family!

The original husband of this economic power didn’t know the basics.
The original husband had a good character, but he was not flexible enough, and sometimes he was a little brainless.
After his mother died, the family was directly handed over to Zhulan.

Zhulan recalled the family background of her original memory, and she became more confident.

Zhou Shuren saw that Zhulan’s expression changed, and he couldn’t help recalling the memories of the original body.
The original body really didn’t know his family background.
He only knew that life in the village was better, but not that much better.
The bottom line was not what you saw on the surface.

Zhou Shuren flashed his eyes, “It takes a lot of money to buy books.
It is said that a poor xiucai, the root cause is that it costs a lot to pay for a xiucai.
Pen, ink, paper and inkstone are not counted, books are big money, and there are exam fees and hotel expenses.
It’s all money, I don’t know much about the family background in the original’s memory, so you also tell me the truth.
I am not the only one in my family to take the exam, I should also know if I have to find a way to make some money first.”

Zhulan was satisfied that Zhou Shuren asked directly without probing, at least there was some trust in each other.
She cleared her throat and was about to talk about her family background, when Li Shi came over, “Mom, dinner is ready.”



The term is from the gaming industry.
It basically means a teammate who is like a professional gamer and can carry other teammates to victory. 2.
A cultivation novel in Chinese literature 3.
Scholar which was one step above Tongsheng. 4.
The longest-reigning Chinese emperor from the Qing dynasty, the last dynasty to rule China.
He is considered to be one of the best Chinese emperor of all times.
On a side note, if you have seen the series Scarlet Heart (the Chinese one not the Korean one), it was set during the rule of Kangxi emperor.


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