Chapter 9: Talk About The Life You Owe



Zhulan’s medicine was ready.
She poured out the medicine and put in another bowl of rice porridge.
After washing the only spoon in the house, she had a guess in her heart and returned to the main room with the medicine and porridge.

Zhulan went in and noticed the shoes on the ground.
He got up and went out, probably to the toilet.
Thinking of the toilet, Zhulan felt a little sick.
She had never been to a rural toilet, even public toilets were rarely used.
When she went to the toilet, there was a big pit next to it.
It had just passed summer, and the smell was so strong that it rushed to her nose.
She felt disgusted even just thinking about it.

“Are you awake?”

Unfortunately, no one responded, and the man on the kang still had his eyes closed.

Zhulan didn’t take it to heart, instead, she became more and more sure of her suspicions and slowly blew the rice porridge in the bowl until it was cold before opening her mouth, “You haven’t eaten for nearly a day, get up and eat something to pad your stomach.
After that, you need to drink the medicine I have boiled.”

The eyes on the kang moved, and he didn’t make a sound or open his eyes, but the sound of his stomach growling was too loud.

Seeing her husband’s ears turning red, Zhulan hooked the corner of her mouth and put the spoon to her husband’s mouth, “Drink it before it gets cold!”

The person on the kang couldn’t hold it anymore, so he opened his eyes, pursed his lips and looked at the spoon, then looked at the bowl, Zhulan said lightly, “It has been washed with hot water.”


Zhou Shuren’s eyes flickered, he drank the porridge from the spoon with a sigh, and then said, “I’ll drink it myself.”

Zhu Lan didn’t have to wait for anyone, so she handed the bowl over.
Now she was in a really good mood.
This person probably travelled with her.
As for who it is, it must be the man who cheated her.

She guessed that this one also guessed that she was not the original owner.
She must have exposed it when she was happily humming a song.
So, she felt relaxed and was still in the mood to watch the other party drink porridge.

Li shi shouted from outside the door, “Mother after the lard is cooked, what am I going to cook for dinner?”

Zhulan thought about it, because it was a novel, and it was an alternate dynasty.
There was a wide variety of vegetables available, and there were even peppers that were only available in the late Ming Dynasty.
Fortunately, this was a fictional world.
Otherwise, she would have just died! But it was a pity she can’t eat it now, she wants to nourish her body.

“Let’s stew the cabbage, put more oil and water, and put some oil residue in the cake at night.”

Li Shi happily responded, “Got it, mother.”

Zhulan felt that since the original body had a good mother-in-law, so she also wanted to be a good mother-in-law.
She had never tried to dominate her daughters-in-law.
Although she was in charge of the household, she did not pay attention to it at all.
Thinking of the original mother-in-law, Zhulan blinked her eyes.

The hoarse voice became smoother, “Is there any more?”

Zhulan looked at the bottomed bowl, “Yes, wait.”

When the porridge was being filled, Zhulan glanced at the oil tank and the oil residue and nodded with satisfaction.
Li shi was also a good one.
When she returned to the bedroom, the medicine in the bowl was gone.

Zhu Lan raised her eyebrows and handed over the bowl, “There is still porridge in the pot, enough to eat.”


Zhulan looked at the person who lowered his head to drink porridge, and laughed lightly, “You are not afraid that I will drug you through the medicine, you are so happy to drink it.”

Zhou Shuren froze.
He really didn’t think about it.
After going out and coming in, he knew that he couldn’t hide it from the woman, his secret must be exposed.
Since both of them were in the same boat, why will she drug him?

So, he felt at ease again and continued to drink the porridge.
After he finished drinking, his stomach felt full, and he felt strength in his body.
So he raised his head and said, “You won’t.”

Zhulan raised her eyebrows.
She did it on purpose.
They were strangers who transmigrated here.
Before not knowing who they were, they had to test each other.
She can still trust him if he was not angry.
She felt more at ease, “Now, can we talk about it? Don’t you owe me my life?”


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