Two days have passed since Orn was expelled from the party.

 Acting as Orn’s successor, she will be joining our party from today. 

 With her, we can constantly taste that feeling of omnipotence. 

 Philly is an explorer who was active in the Western Great Labyrinth until three months ago. 

 A different explorer had cleared the Western Great Labyrinth, and the demonic beasts no longer appear. 

 It sounds like that was why she had come to this city with the Southern Great Labyrinth which people say is more challenging.

 On the continent, there exist four Great Labyrinths, but they all differ in difficulty. 

 All four seem to be composed of 100 Floors, but the Western and Eastern labyrinths have no deep layers. 

 That’s why they say that the challenge difficulty is higher in the Southern and Northern Labyrinths where there are deep layers.

“Although you weren’t able to clear the Western Great Labyrinth, Philly, you’re the only Enchanter who reached the 100th Floor, right? With such an Enchanter entering our party, the honour is all ours.”

“That’s right! Now we can progress even farther in our capture of the Southern Great Labyrinth!” 

“To accomplish that if even just a day faster, I will become part of everyone’s strength, and do all I can for everyone!”

 For today’s first meeting, the Defender Derrick, Magician Aneri, Philly, and I are gathered in the living room of the mansion. 

 Luna mentioned she had something to do back at her parents’ place, and she hasn’t been back since our labyrinth exploration finished two days ago.
―― or so I was thinking, when the door to the living room opened, and Luna entered. 

“I have returned….
Are you a guest? It’s rare for you people to receive guests.”

 Until now, handling guests had been something done by Orn. 

 Luna’s reaction, not knowing that Orn had already left the party, is natural.

 Not a guest, a comrade.

“Well, that’s fine.
My apologies for saying this to a guest, but I have something urgent to verify.
Could you give us a bit of time?”

“Ah, it’s alright.
Carry on speaking.”

“Eh, however…”

 It’s probably something she doesn’t want to talk about with outsiders present. 

 However, Philly is a party member, so it doesn’t matter even if she does hear it.

 I need to find a good time to inform Luna about Orn leaving. 

“No problem.”

“…Is that, so.
Then, this morning, information reached my ears about Orn diving into the Great Labyrinth with members of ‘Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit’, but why is he doing something like that? I haven’t heard anything about this.”

 Orn and “Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit”?

 Did you transfer to “Night Sky’s Silver Rabbit” so quickly?

“Even though I told you to act in a way befitting your stature, why did you immediately run off to that rabbit place…!”

 As my thoughts drift, Aneri sitting next to me mutters. 

 Apparently she’s quite angry.

Still thinks he can pass off as an S Rank!” 

 In a mocking tone, Derrick agrees with Aneri.

 I didn’t want you two to say that here. 

 I haven’t told Luna yet about the Orn matter. 

 Of course, I had made known to her previously about wanting to expel Orn, but she was opposed. 

 To force the decision through when she was absent, I won’t be able to escape her criticism. 

 That’s why I had been thinking of finding a good time to talk…

 As expected, Luna looks suspicious.

 It might be better if I speak before it gets complicated.

“I think Luna, you didn’t know this but that jack–, Orn left the party yesterday.”

 As I am about to try explaining, Aneri ends up talking first. 

“Huh? Orn left the party? Does that mean he finally ended up seeing us as useless and gave up on us?”

 Luna can’t hide her confusion, and her voice trembles as she mutters. 

 Her remarks possibly touch a nerve, Derrick raises his voice. 

“Oi! Why’re you saying it like we’re the ones abandoned? It’s the other way round! Use some common sense! We! Kicked! That jack-of-all-trades! Out!”

 After hearing that, Luna’s expression becomes blank, and she turns to me,

“Is that true?”

 I am being questioned. 

 Her tone is imbued with coldness from the bottom of her heart, I feel my spine will freeze. 

“Ah, aah.
It’s true.
Because of that, this woman is joining as our new Enchanter member.” 

 There’s already nothing I can do! Getting desperate, I could only just introduce Philly to Luna. 

“Nice, nice to meet you.
My name is Philly.
I’m looking forward to working with you!”

“…I remember being opposed to it, why did it end up like this while I was away?”

 Luna ignores Philly’s self-introduction and continues questioning me.

“Oi! Our new comrade is greeting you, don’t ignore it!”

 Derrick scolds Luna for her attitude.

 In response to that, Luna only shoots a glance at Derrick, before quickly returning her gaze to me.

“Stop ignoring! Hey!”

 Derrick, unable to accept her attitude, attempts to stand up from his seat and grab Luna, I promptly press his shoulders down. 

“Calm down, Derrick! You can’t do that!”

 Derrick clicks his tongue because I hold him back, though he stays seated. 

“Luna, you know very well, don’t you? With Orn’s abilities, he won’t be useful beyond this point.” 

 I try to persuade Luna. 

“…………I don’t know.
The core of this party is Orn.
We could come this far because of Orn’s presence.
What’s more, regarding abilities, there should be nothing to criticise about him.
Rather, if Orn isn’t here, we can’t progress any further!”

 She simply has the tendency to overestimate Orn. 

 ……Love is blind they do say, maybe it can’t be helped. 

 Even so, exactly what’s so good about Orn?

“You’ve been noisy since a while ago! With your rose-tinted glasses, that jack-of-all-trades might look excellent to you, but the rest of the world doesn’t evaluate him highly! Besides, it’s already done you know? It’s too late for you to shout, nothing will change! Please swallow your words even if you don’t like this!”

 Finally Aneri explodes.

 Aneri has a personal grudge with Orn and should be satisfied with the outcome.

 However, because Luna is denying this outcome, it’s understandable why Aneri is getting angry.

 Certainly, I also think that Orn is too meddlesome. 

“…………You’re right, it might already be too late……”

 Luna mutters in a spiritless voice and tries to leave the room.

“Luna, there’s going to be an interview later on.
I’ll be troubled if you leave.”

 After this, I will be speaking to reporters about Philly joining. 

 Until now, Orn had been handling the media responses.

 That was the only thing that guy was useful for, but he’s no longer around. 

 With that, it falls onto me to provide answers, but I’m not used to it, so I want Luna to be there. 

 Derrick and Aneri have difficulties with communicating…

 Having heard my words, Luna turned cold-eyes towards me.

“Interview, is it? In any case it’s going to be about Philly, right? If so, for me who hasn’t been informed of a single thing, nothing changes whether I’m there or not.
Please let me be alone now.” 

 With that announcement, Luna leaves the living room.

 I hear footsteps climbing stairs, so it sounds like she’s going back to her own room. 

“What was that! That attitude! Disgusting!”

“Absolutely! That person’s ‘I like Orn’ feeling in everything she does makes me sick!”

 These guys say the things that come to their minds too often. 

 I want you two to pay a little more attention to your surroundings.

“Ah, umm… Luna was it? Will I be able to get along well with Luna?”

 It seems that from listening to our conversation, Philly thinks of Luna as someone difficult.

“I think it will be alright.
She just lost her composure, she’s a good person, so you should definitely be able to get along.”

“I see.
I’m relieved to hear that.”

 Due to that guy leaving, there’s a bit of turmoil, but after some time, Luna will probably also be back to her normal self, and then this party will have no more reason to worry. 

 I’m a Hero.

 Even if only a single day earlier, I have an obligation to clear the Great Labyrinth. 

 And to make my name ring out all across the continent!

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