‘Interstellar Mecha’ was a story that took place during the era of the interstellar war.
Qin Shaohui was a child from an ordinary family who was admitted into the First Military Academy of the empire and was devoted to the first legion.
During the universal war between humans and zerg for their homeland, the army he led pushed back the zerg legions time and time again, defending their homeland.
In the end, he became the world’s youngest general and became the hero of all mankind.

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This theme was the most realistic for the current times, and the people loved it a lot.
Although many directors had already made this type of films before, the amazing writing skills of this screenwriter allowed them to portray the ups and downs of the story, making others feel the cruelty of war, joys and sorrows of life, as well as the final victor and happiness of protecting the homeland along with the characters in the movie.

One had to say that this was indeed a very attractive script.
If it was filmed, it would definitely receive a lot of attention, especially since it was being directed by Director Qian.
A lot of celebrities were scrambling for this part, so the pressure of competition during the audition was huge.

“I’ve finished reading it,” Luo Lingxing put away the script and said to Chen Hongliang.

“Well? Do you like the role?” Chen Hongliang expectantly asked.

Luo Lingxing looked at Chen Hongliang, not answering the question.
He asked instead, “Can I choose the role I want?”

Chen Hongliang choked a bit.
In fact, the other party had given him a proposal, but if he had said it earlier, Luo Lingxing would place more importance on that character in the story and neglect the rest of the story.
That was why he didn’t tell him earlier.

“There’s actually a role we have in mind for you to audition for, but I want to hear your thoughts first.
The male lead has already been chosen,” Chen Hongliang said, but he actually didn’t know who exactly the main lead was.

“The roles in the script are all very good.
Besides the male lead, several of his subordinates and villain, Lin Xiujie, are very brilliant as well, and they also have a lot of scenes.
However, I am more interested in the role of Du Zixuan,” Luo Lingxing slowly said.

“Why?” Chen Hongliang dazedly asked.
“The male lead’s subordinates and Lin Xiujie clearly have more scenes, so why do you choose Du Zixuan, who has less scenes?” If one was able to choose the role they auditioned for, artists will usually pick roles that had more scenes since this way, they could increase their rate of exposure.

“Although his subordinates and Lin Xiujie have more scenes, his subordinates have more mecha scenes.
Moreover, their roles are definitely those burly power-type characters that are unsuitable with my appearance so I would have a lower chance of passing the audition.
As for Lin Xiujie, although my appearance matches his character, his role is the villain.
If I don’t act it well, I could easily be disliked by the audience.
Meanwhile, Du Zixuan is more suitable.
The number of scenes he has is only second to these people and his character matches my appearance a bit more.
And since he’s the military advisor as well as the military doctor, I won’t have to fight in the mecha.
Plus, his character is more likable,” Luo Lingxing explained it one by one.

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Listening to Luo Lingxing’s analysis, Chen Hongliang’s eyes grew wider and wider, the admiration in his heart growing as well.

Although Luo Lingxing was young, he grew up as a child star and was able to precisely analyze character roles.
Moreover, the role Director Qian Xuewen wanted for him was actually Du Zixuan.

Numerous artists focused on pursuing their exposure and didn’t pay attention to if the role suited them or not, thus losing a lot of chances.
If an artist was able to see their strengths and weaknesses, then they would be able to choose a role according to their circumstances.
This was more important than anything else.
“Then you should go audition for Du Zixuan.
In fact, the role Director Qian suggested for you was Du Zixuan.
Study the script and I’ll have someone give you the AI script,” Chen Hongliang said.

Although there were only a few artists who liked to read text scripts these days, the person in front of him was one of those few.
That was why he expended a lot of effort to find a text script.
As for the AI script, that was another headache.

The company was hopeless, so he could only look for help from his previous connections.

The news of Qian Xuewen directing ‘Interstellar Mecha’ was soon reported, and Qian Xuewen also held a press conference stating that besides the main lead, Qian Shaohui, already confirmed, the other roles were opened for audition.
If someone felt that they were suited for a particular role, they were welcome to come audition.

As soon as the press conference started, it attracted  countless questions from reporters.
A majority of the questions were still focused on who the main lead would be.

However, Qian Xuewen didn’t directly reply to the question, instead replying to them with a profound laugh, leaving them to let their imagination go run with… guesses.

No one received an answer, but they had a guess in their hearts.
Some thought it was the celebrity who recently obtained the title of film king, others believed that it was someone who had occupied the title of the international superstar, and some also guessed that it was the little emperor who was currently gaining momentum in the entertainment industry.
In any case, there were all sorts of guesses, and there were even some fans who started posts on clearly and logically analyzing these celebrities.

“Let’s first talk about Li so-and-so who had just recently obtained the title of film king.
Li Moumou’s acting skills have indeed been recognized by everything or else he wouldn’t have won the title of film king.
Moreover, the films he participated in the past were mostly interstellar films.
His appearance is robust with a firm temperament which really matches the character of the male lead in ‘Interstellar Mecha.’

“There’s another international superstar, Zhang so-and-so.
He has a high rank, but most importantly, he’s mostly developing in  countries.
I heard he’s currently participating in director so-and-so’s science fiction film, so there’s a small chance that he’ll join Director Qian’s interstellar film.”

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“And finally is the currently very popular and who is  in the limelight, the little emperor, Liu so-and-so.
I can’t help but admit that Liu so-and-so has been in the limelight in recent years, and he’s

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