“You have no idea how noisy it is outside, Young Lady.
Even though it’s night, it’s as noisy as during the day.”

Amy, the maid, combed Adeline’s hair and chattered.

“Because it’s His Highness the Crown Prince’s birthday festival.
There is even a ball tomorrow.”
“A ball in the Imperial Palace! It’s been a while since we had an imperial ball, right? And it’s even a masquerade ball! I can’t wait to see how spectacular it will be.
The Young Lady will stand out the most.
We put so much effort into it!”

Unlike Amy, who was resolute, Adeline was infinitely calm.
She just gave a pale smile and didn’t show the slightest anticipation for the imperial ball that was happening again after five years.

‘The day of the ball has come at last.’

Of course it did.
Adeline knew the ending of all events.
It’s already been eight years since she opened her eyes and possessed ‘Adeline Tien’ in the book.
Adeline’s role, which she was now accustomed to, was none other than that of the ‘villainess’.

And she was a terrible villainess who was killed at the hands of the male protagonist while plotting to poison the female protagonist.
And tomorrow’s ball was the day that the male and female protagonists first met and fell in love with each other at first sight.

‘That’s right, if I can hold out for just three months from tomorrow…’

That meant that if she could endure it for three months from tomorrow, she would be able to die at the hands of the male protagonist and end this tiresome possession.

Others would be surprised by what was so good about dying, but being trapped in a life that didn’t change no matter how hard she tried was more despairing than what she thought.
One small corsage, one big saving someone’s life.

Even if Adeline eagerly wanted it, if it went against the contents of the original work, it would never happen as she wished.
So, a spectacular imperial ball? A secret masquerade ball? It was none of Adeline’s business.

‘Please let the two of them meet safely tomorrow and fall in love at first sight.

She had only one wish.
For the male and female protagonists to fall for each other without complications.
That way, she would be able to say goodbye to Adeline Tien.




“Oh my, Young Lady, you are so beautiful.”
“That’s right.
You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”
“How can you be so pretty… It’s a shame you have to cover your face with a mask, Young Lady.”

The maids were in awe, expressing their admiration.
It wasn’t lip service or an overreaction.
Adeline, who was decorated and dressed for the ball, was really beautiful.

Even her beautiful, wavy, blonde hair, which had been put up and adorned with jewels, her pale green eyes that shone brightly as if they were embedded with emeralds, and her red lips, which contrasted with her exceptionally white skin.
Everything was dazzling.
On top of that, the sky-blue dress, which exposed her shoulders, also enhanced the elegant and graceful atmosphere that was unique to Adeline.

The problem was that Adeline wasn’t at all impressed, whether she was beautiful or not.

“Young Lady, are you sure you don’t want a flower decoration on your hair? Just two of these…”
“The jewelry right now is enough.
This too is too much for me.”
“How can it be too much! The other ladies also have all kinds of flowers and jewels!”
“That’s enough.
This much is enough.”

Adeline was very adamant.
The main character of today’s ball was the female protagonist ‘Vanessa’ anyway, not Adeline.
No matter what the other ladies did, including Adeline, Vanessa’s role was to get all the attention.
That was the predetermined development.

‘It has never been different from the book…’

Her spectacular debutante, which was regarded as one of the best in the history of the empire, the process of becoming a social butterfly, and even the lining up of prospective marriage partners before the ball were all the same.
For a long time of eight years, there was nothing that went against it.

“Young Lady.
The Marquis is waiting for you.”
I’ll go right away.”

Adeline looked at her appearance for the last time, and then slowly stepped out into the hallway.
She went down the white marble staircase calmly, and at the end, her brother, Marquis Enoch Tien, stood with a smile on his face.

“Dear heavens.
It’s a pity that it’s a masquerade ball today, Adeline.
You’re too beautiful.”
“Please don’t make a big deal out of it too, Brother.
Rather, it will be more comfortable wearing a mask, so that’s a relief.”
“What do you mean, a big deal! As I see it…”
“Let’s go, Brother.”

Enoch looked at Adeline as if it was unfair, but she didn’t pay him attention and climbed onto the carriage with a calm face, not feeling any excitement for the ball.




“It looks like all the nobles of the empire are gathered.”

Enoch’s words were not exaggerated.
The huge hall of the imperial palace where the party was being held was filled with nobles who had already arrived.
As he was greeted by other nobles and moved away for a conversation, Adeline, who was left alone, naturally mingled with the madams and young ladies.

“Ah, it’s the daughter of Marquis Tien.”
“It’s been a long time, Duchess Flora.”
“Even with a mask, you can’t hide your beauty.”
“You flatter me.”

Even Duchess Flora, who was famous for being stingy with her compliments, was impressed by Adeline’s beauty, but Adeline was still consistent.

“Five years after the Empress’ death, and there’s another ball happening in this hall.”
“It took them a long time.
His Imperial Majesty is pitiful too.
He sent his wife away first, who he loved so much.”
“Still, the living should live.
Isn’t that why he’s moving slowly now? Even His Highness’ national marriage can’t be postponed anymore.”
“That’s right.
Probably today’s ball too… Ho ho.
Old women like us don’t have a chance anymore, but the young ladies are really excited.
Isn’t that right, Lady Tien?”

The other women that were next to the duchess laughed and spoke to Adeline.
However, Adeline just looked at them with a light smile.
Nothing came into Adeline’s mind right now.
Behind the half mask adorned with deep-blue feathers, her big, pale green eyes were busy looking

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