Even though Lee and Li Xiangxiu wanted to tear the

Shi Xiaoxiao apart, due to the fact that on Li Wuji face, the

two of them left in a daze. In their hearts, this Liang Zi was

tied up.

Li Wuji walked to Shi Xiaoxiao face, wanting to say

something but stopping!

Speak ” Her husband had the ability to survive. He

was simply too cowardly. No matter what the truth was, he

was able to understand everything.

Why did he encounter such a weak man!

Thinking of this. Shi Xiaoxiao clenched his fist again.

He really wanted to beat up the person who arranged this


LI Wuji carefully studied his wife. It was strange to say

that she had changed her character after falling into the

water this time. He even felt that he did not know her.

”Wife, mother won t be biased! Li Wuji originally

wanted to ask Shi Xiaoxiao what was wrong, but the last

thing he said was this.

It really was a tendon!

Now that things were so obvious, he was actually still

speaking for his mother.

Shi Xiaoxiao originally wanted to curse, but seeing Li

Wuji honest and honest appearance, she endured it. ”

Fearless, think about it yourself. Will I go to the river for no

reason? T m already so big!

With a single sentence. Shi Xiaoxiao was already

unwilling to say too much. Whether or not he could

comprehend it depended on Li Wuji comprehension.

When he lay down, Shi Xiaoxiao felt a burst of pain in

his stomach. This was not about to give birth, but… He had


After that, she couldn get out of bed at all.

Fortunately, Li Wuji saw her support!

Do you want me to accompany you? ” Li Wuji was

afraid that something might happen, so he said worriedly.

Going to the bathroom and asking for company?

She Shi Xiaoxiao not be so incompetent.

Mother, do you think that eldest sister-in-law is evil? ”

When she finished her plan to return to the room, she

faintly heard a voice from Lee room.

Because Li Wuji father was dead, they were divided

into a room. Previously, they were all squeezed together, but

because she married over Li Wuji went to borrow some

money to build a thatched cottage that could barely cover

the wind and rain.

Li Xiangxiu slept with Lee,

This dead son has indeed changed too much. Change

to Ming er to find someone to drive away the evil! As Lee

thought about it, it was strange that the Shi Xiaoxiao that

had fallen into the water had become smarter. There was no

sign of cowardice at all!

Would she remember what happened before she fell

into the water?

Thinking of this, Lee felt a little nervous!

”Mother, in the end, its still the childs fault. When we

change the time for Ming er to exorcise evil, let the Daoist

Priest prepare some talisman water. Then… Then…

Shi Xiaoxiao stood outside the door, his hands tightly

gripping his skirt. This was truly vicious!

Since this child was already in her stomach, no one

had the right to move. And the life of that Shi Xiaoxiao

before… She would also take it back!

The next day, there was a lot of noise outside early in

the morning. Shi Xiaoxiao had already gotten used to

sleeping in. In addition, she could hardly sleep during the

night when she was pregnant. Only then did she slowly fall


Crackle Bang, bang, bang, bang! ” MD! Are you doing a funeral early in the morning? ” Shi Xiaoxiao stood up while cursing. When he opened the door and saw the outside, it was really lively. The seven great sisters and eight old ladies had probably arrived, and the noise was from this Daoist priest in gossipy clothes! At this moment, Li Xiangxlu was looking at Shi Xiaoxiao with a malicious gaze. Look you re still alive this


Oh, right!

Shi Xiaoxiao suddenly recalled the plans Li Xiangxiu

and Lee had made last night. The corners of his mouth

curled up slightly, so he would play with you guys!

Mother, grandmother, what are you doing? She

pretended to be confused, and her voice was soft and timid.

Wang looked at these things with a displeased

expression. She was very dissatisfied with Lee method. She

had never seen anything evil in her family before. This was

Lee good. She was knocking with great fanfare, afraid that

others would not know.

Mother, what are you doing? Not far away Li Wuji

ran back with a hoe. As soon as he got out of the field, he

heard people say that he had something to do with his

family. He saw this scene the moment he returned.

Your wife is in trouble. I can watch my family be

destroyed in her hands. Daoist. Ill have to trouble you. Lee

didn t give anyone a chance to speak and looked at the

Daoist priest in tears.

The Daoist priests gaze fell on Shi Xiaoxiao. For some

unknown reason. Shi Xiaoxiao was actually afraid that he

would be seen through. He should be just a jianghu

Warlock, so he definitely wouldn t be able to tell what his

soul was wearing.

The Daoist priest surrounded Shi Xiaoxiao and opened

his mouth and muttered something, then fiddled with the

sword in his hand.

Xiaoxiao, don be afraid. Its fine. ” Li Wuji was imprisoned by his little sister, so he could only comfort Shi Xiaoxiao, hoping that the other party wasn afraid.

After the Daoist priest finished. Li Xiangxiu went to the

room and took out a bowl. The Daoist priest burned a

talisman paper into talisman water and handed it to Shi


”What will happen if we eat this? Shi Xiaoxiao asked.


One had to know the effect of this thing.

Its just exorcism. The rest are fine! Although the

Daoist priest was puzzled Shi Xiaoxiao why he asked that.

he still spoke.

”In other words. It won affect the child or my body? ”

Shi Xiaoxiao continued to ask. From the corner of his eyes.

he could already see Li Xiangxiu and Lee gradually changing


The Daoist priest nodded firmly. ” These will not have

any effect! ”

Second Granny, come and take a look for me! The

second granny was the only midwife in this village. She

should be very sensitive to the pregnancy medicine because

she knew that the second granny was a person who loved to

be lively. She was certain that the other party would arrive

today, or else Shi Xiaoxiao would not be so calm and


The second granny was naturally very happy to get

involved in other peoples family matters. She then walked

out eagerly, Lee stepped forward to stop her.

”No one is to intertere in my familys matters.

Moreover that is only Talisman Water. Even the Daoist

Priest said that it will not have any effect.

Other people did not know about the medicine inside.

This second wife was very clear. Lee would not allow her

plan to be broken.

”Mother, I also have a Lee Family child in my stomach.

Even though the Daoist Priest said that he didn hurt her.

Second Granny is a well-known midwife in the village.

Wouldn t she be more at case if she came to take a look? ”

Shi Xiaoxiao would never let them get what they wanted!

The second womans figure was enormous. She pushed

the Lee away and arrogantly walked up to Shi Xiaoxiao. This girl was the most discerning person in the village. Although the Daoist priest was puzzled, he still passed the talisman water to the second granny. The second granny licked it and her expression immediately changed. Theres Five Elements Grass inside! ” As soon as the second woman finished speaking. everyone in the surroundings sighed. Lee, you poisonous woman, no wonder you
e a young widow. Its just that youve done too many immoral things. Not only will the Five Elements Grass here harm

your childs life, even Dawn will be in danger! ”

The second woman immediately pointed her spear at

Lee. It had been seven or eight months since the Shi

Xiaoxiao. At this moment, a corpse and two lives would

most likely appear in a miscarriage.

The second grannys expression turned cold. She was

the most secretive about this matter.

Lee widened his eyes and stared at her in disbelief. He

then glared at her. You don want to spout nonsense. How

could I do such a thing! The Daoist priest gave this talisman


Lee had been thinking of putting the blame on the Daoist priest from the beginning. In any case, she Shi Xiaoxiao that the reason for the accident was because she had drunk the talisman water. No matter what, she couldn t blame it on her. Who would have thought that a second wife would appear halfway there. ”Since thats the case, why did you stop me? ”What are you so nervous about now? Previously Lee she didn give her second wife face, but now she had to be aggressivel

In her heart, however, she felt pity for Shi Xiaoxiao. A

wave of sorrow flowed through her eyes.

Seeing Lee like this, it would be strange if there were

no ghosts in his heart!

Everyone instantly understood what was going on

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