This head was about to crack!

His entire body was weak!

A faint cry could be heard by her cars. This made her

frown, crying like this? Could it be that he was crying? Even if she was beaten with a stick, she wouldn have died, right? Fck! If you cry again. Ill slap you! ” Shi Xiaoxiao instantly sat up from the bed, his face full of displeasure, but under his sleepy eyes, he instantly became spirited. Ouch! How could there be such a barren land in my lovely twenty-first century ”Wife, you re awake? 1 The mans face was filled with joy. He hurriedly put down the item in his hand and approached the skinny woman with a bulging stomach. fle hadn slept for two nights, and every single one of

them was expecting his wife to wake up. Fortunately, Huang Tian had no regrets! Im beating your lungs! This girl didn even have a boyfriend, yet she actually became someone elses wife!! Shi Xiaoxiaos expression turned cold. When he saw the sharp and angular man in front of him, he instantly withdrew his expression, and he grabbed the back of his head and smiled awkwardly. ” I say handsome men, even though the proportion between men and women is seriously unbalanced, we shouldn call him that casually, ” She had an illness. She had a good temper when she saw a handsome guy! ”Wife, whats wrong with you? LI Wuji frowned, then stretched out his calloused hand, wanting to see if there was any heat Shi Xiaoxiao.. Shi Xiaoxiao stretched out his hand to block it, and his eyes widened. Although my temper is good. don provoke me! ” A dog would jump into a wall if it was anxious! thigh and lowered his head slightly, like a child who had done something wrong. Shi Xiaoxian was completely speechless. This handsome man, Elder Bai, was so handsome. He was actually a fool, and he had delusions! Taking advantage of the fact that Shi Xiaoxiao wanted to use this opportunity to sneak off, the man who suddenly raised his head jumped in fright. Due to the extent of his actions, his head swayed. Before she could recover from her shock, a large cluster of memories that did not belong to fragmented swept over. In an instant, these memories took root in Shi Xiaoxiao mind and merged with cach other! Dog Blood! Too damn dog blood! Shi Xiaoxiao could be considered as wanting to cry without tears. She had actually transmigrated into the body of a woman

Not to mention that she was still a beautiful woman. Seeing the man withdraw his arm, Shi Xiaoxiao secretly heaved a sigh of relief. ”Wife, are you blaming me? Li Wuji placed his hand on his

who had the same name as her, and was still a big belly.

F*ck, she hadn even tasted it before. Why was she


”Wife! You ”Stop! Stop! ” Shi Xiaoxiao was currently in a very complicated mood. She could not help but interrupt this so called husband. She needed to digest the scene before her. Everyone else would cat well and drink well. There was an official and rich husband who could eat, drink, and sleep without a problem. He would beat anyone who was unhappy. He was stubborn! But she? He was probably the most unlucky one among the

transmigrators. Not to mention being poor, he was still a

pregnant woman.

”Wife, this definitely wasn done by mother. Is there any misunderstanding Li Wuji saw Shi Xiaoxiao expression of melancholy, thinking that Shi Xiaoxiao was blaming his mother. Mother? In her memory, that fierce woman had never treated her like a human. She had always been extremely harsh on Shi Xiaoxiao before. If it were not for her pregnancy and LI Wuji begging, that woman would not have allowed her to nothing at not an

home. This time he fell into the water…. It was definitely

accident! A trace of coldness Hashed across his face. Shi Xiaoxiao sudden change had frightened Li Wuji. Just as he was about to say something, he heard loud footsteps coming from outside!

She was so anxious to see if she was dead or not?

Shi Xiaoxiao eyes shivered inwardly. Even though he was in

this barren land, he would be safe if he came. Who would make

her unhappy? He would definitely beat her up!

At first, the woman who came in was her mother Lee.

When she saw Shi Xiaoxiao sitting up, she was stunned for a

moment, then she began to cry, Aiyol Mothers heart, you ve

finally woken up. I didn know that I was worried to death

these few days.

How much did he wish for her to die? Are you crying when

you come in?!

Shi Xiaoxiao withdrew his superfluous expression and indifferently looked at the three women ”Sister-in-law, you re awake. Are you alright? ” This girl, who looked rather pleasing to the eye, was her little sister-in

law. Li Xiangxiu didn think that she was usually obedient and

clever. It was just that she loved to blow Lee pillow. Otherwise. how could Lee hate her so much? A white lotus flower came out alive! Shi Xiaoxiao originally wanted to give her a slap, but now that she had no choice but to lower her head under the caves of

the house, she could only pretend that she was weak before and shook her head slightly indicating that she was fine. Mother! Xiao Xiao had just woken up, so I went to buy her some meat and medicine to replenish her body. ” Li Wuji really cared about Shi Xiaoxiao, so he stood up and said. ”No! ” Without waiting for Lee to say anything, Li Xiangxiu stood up and rejected it. The money was all her future dowry. How could she buy this meat and medicine? That was white silver! When Li Xiangxiu realized what was going on, he laughed

awkwardly and fiddled with his hair. Its not that I don want

to, its that you know that your familys oil rice is already at its

bottom. Sister-in-law is already fine, so theres no need to spend

this wrong money, right? ” Hmph! Wronged money Buy you a coffin or not!

If possible, Shi Xiaoxiao really wanted to kick this woman into the coffin. ”Thats right! I said Fearless! If we re all fine, then we won t waste our money. After receiving the Li Xiangxius gaze, Lee agreed. His tone also softened a bit because he was speaking to her son

”Mother, I originally didn need this. However, I was thinking about the child in my stomach. Right now, its the time to grow up. Im afraid something might happen, so I still need this nourishment. Shi Xiaoxiao really couldn t bear it anymore. The more reluctant you were, the more she wanted flowers to see how long they would be able to perform. ”Sister-in-law, thats a waste of silver. If I buy those for you. our entire family will have to tighten their belts. Li Xiangxiu instantly became anxious, and seeing the displeasure on his elder brothers face, he lowered his head and looked like he was about to cry.

Lee loved her, this precious daughter. They all said that in the ancient times, men were more important than women. It seemed like it was all nonsense. ”Thats right! Xiao Xiao, if you don have anything to do,

you won have much money at home. Lee because his son was

here, it was not easy to flare up.

Not much silver?

The amount of money Li Wujl had been hard for years was in her hands. They usually didn eat very well, so they still had some savings. When Li Xiangxiu wanted to cat something, they were n stingy. When they said that they didn have enough

money, did n they deliberately not help her? ”Mother, could it be that Xiang Xiu is about to marry? ” Shi Xiaoxiao asked, Lee and Li Xiangxiu were at a loss as to why Shi Xiaoxiao would ask. ”Looks like I was overthinking things. Seeing you give Xiang Xin five taels of silver that day, I thought it was a dowry! ”

Shi Xiaoxiao said embarrassedly, how many things Li Wuji need

to sell to get fifty taels, and buying those for her only required a

few dozen copper coins.

Since you re unwilling, then don blame me for causing


After Shi Xiaoxiao words, Lee and Li Xiangxius expressions

immediately changed.

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