Brown skin, red hair, and golden eyes glowing with excitement.
The huge man, much larger than her, knelt down on his knees and offered the best gratitude he could.
Jin-hee deliberately did not reply to his thanks, but the Draconian waited until the end.

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Jin-hee sighed and reached out to him.
The Draconian naturally held her hand and kissed it a total of four times, from her wrist to her fingertips.
Four kisses, to symbolize the dragon’s claws, and the four Dragonov’s Mana Core.

“I will repay the grace that saved my life.
Noble person.”

“No need.”


After bowing his head and saying his greetings, he got up from his seat.
The traces of a crow’s beak were evident on his thighs, and his arms and legs had torn mana circuits, so even giving them strength would be painful, but he resolutely stretched his back.

“Let’s go, human child and fairy.”

“W-What?” (Chung-ha)

“…… Are you okay, uncle?” (Min-ha)

“It’s okay, fairy.”

The iron ball was left on the floor and Min-ha walked out of the grate.
She tightly grabbed her brother’s hand as if she was still anxious.

The Draconian glanced at Jin-hee, and placed Chung-ha and Min-ha on his shoulders, respectively.

“I, I can run!”

“It’s a hindrance to the Lady.”

Chung-ha asked to get down, but Yong-in was adamant.
The big man bowed his head once more, at Jin-hee’s beckoning to get out quickly, and immediately walked outside.
After struggling, Chung-ha, who soon sighed, gave up and guided him toward the escape role he found. 

Although disposable, there was a cave in one of the prison’s cells that led to a sewer right in front of the entrance on the first floor. 

“Then I’ll see you later, noble person.”


She beckoned him once more to leave quickly.

“No-Noona, good luck! No, that’s not it, you must escape!” (Chung-ha)

“Unni!” (Min-ha)

“Noisy! Hurry up and go!”

Jin-hee smiled and sent the three of them away.
The moment they went into the burrow to the sewer.

“……Here it comes.”


There was a commotion outside the prison.
Perhaps after the door was cut down, emergency alarms began to sound throughout the underground base.

Jin-hee slowly walked out of the prison.
Similar to her gait, her two eyes were calm and drowsy.

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“There is an intruder……!”

Can you guide me to your boss?”

One strike, One kill.
Jin-hee swung her sword as usual in front of numerous Crow gang members.

It was for only a moment.
It didn’t take even 10 minutes for her to defeat numerous crow fighters and move towards the center.
Had it not been for the terrain characteristics of a narrow alley, she would have ended the fight in a shorter amount of time.

“You punk…… !”

“Shut up.”

An executive also appeared.
The executive, who appeared with a scruffy face as if to show that he was sleeping just a minute ago, run while showing and boasting around.


He was cut with only one strike.
There was not even the slightest hesitation in Jin-hee’s sword.
The mana blade that slipped through his boasting cut off the executive’s neck in one breath.

The gang members took a step back at the ridiculous scene.
Just by looking at her, they could see by far that they were not a match.

“They’re quick to flee.”

She captured one of the crow gang members who was trying to escape.
As the sword was placed around his neck, he nodded his head with a face that was ready to say anything.

“Where is your boss?”

“In-inside! At the end of the alley on the right……!”

“Okay, got it.”

After saying thank you and letting him go, he ran away.
Looking at his back, Jin-hee walked to the place he told her.
After all the fuss she made, Min-ha and Chung-ha have probably ran away well, 

‘…… But where is their nursery?’

I didn’t hear where they ran away. 

The sudden thought made Jin-hee realize she had made a mistake.
She was taken aback by the appearance of the fairy and the Draconian, and forget how she was supposed to act.



While she was clasping her chin and thinking about what to do with this situation, she saw two men running at the same time from inside a crossroad in the hallway.

An obvious surprise attack.
They both appear to be B-Class hunters, so they must be executives of the Crows.
As soon as the battle started, Jin-hee scanned the surroundings with mana, so their arrival was expected.

As if it was not a lie that the executive who used violence against Chung-ha was the weakest among them, these people’s movements were quite fast.

Two swords aimed precisely at her neck and chest.
A two-point breakthrough attack, which is difficult to avoid in a narrow alley.

However, she was not surprised by this kind of attack.

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“Why are you screaming during a surprise attack? I really don’t understand.”

After all, the attack was a stab type of movement.
She used one of her fists to hit the side of the sword that was pointed at her neck.
And the sword, which was aimed at her chest, Jin-hee changed its path with her own sword and deflected it.

At the quick parrying, the two men stiffened for a moment.
She did not dodge, but because Jin-hee counterattacked, their tensed posture abated and she did not miss the gap.

She dug in at once.
The distance between them was two steps, but with just one step, Jin-hee’s sword reached their space.

“…… !”

She received two attacks, but only one counterattack was enough.
When the sword was slashed horizontally, a deep cut appeared on both men’s necks at the same time.


“Grade B is definitely different.” 

Jin-hee murmured, leaving the bodies of the two men helplessly collapsing behind her. 

The skills of the Crows’ executives were not bad.
Jin-hee criticized them for the botched surprise attack, but their speed and sharpness were top-notch.
Aside from their swordsmanship, if only strength was taken into consideration, they could be compared to any other knight.

Then, how strong is the boss? 

As she walked down the hallway, Jin-hee spread her senses widely.


Before long, a large wave of mana was felt in her detection range.
The place is at the end of the hallway.
She strode forward and opened the door to the room.

It was a huge office.
In the theme of a cave, all sides were finished with wooden walls, and luxurious paintings were decorated here and there.
In front of an antique table, a man was sitting on an executive chair and looking this way.

“Welcome, sit down.”


The middle-aged man smiled like a gentleman in a stylish beard and gray suit. 

“Are you the Crow’s boss?”

“The word Boss is violent.
Call me Leader.”

“It’s a funny thing for a gangster to say.”

“……You have a big mouth.”

Likewise, that’s not something you want to hear from a gangster.
Jin-hee looked around.
No hidden people or mana was felt.
There was only the Boss and herself.

Let’s see what he wants to talk about. 

Jin-hee put her sword on the floor, and sat on the chair across from the boss.

“It’s amazing.
It’s not like there hasn’t been an intruder before, but I’ve never seen such an exciting intruder.”

He crossed his legs and clasped his knees.
At that relaxed and natural behavior, Jin-hee held back her snorting.

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He seemed to be enjoying the feeling of being an aristocrat.

And I’m the noble in here.

“By the way, do you mind taking off your mask?”

I hate it because the air here is dirty.”

“Hmm, I see.
I understand why you want to hide your identity.”

He listened to her as if he had misunderstood something.

“I didn’t mean to dig out your organization.
We all know how this business works, everything is more of the same, right? Is it a new syndicate? Or it could be an ‘outsider’.
Geumgang Group and Brion are paying attention to this industry these days right?”

“……Well, think as you please.”

He’s trying to get something from me, Jin-hee thought so with a small smile under her mask.

“Well, as our organization has grown in size, there is a lot of information leakage.
We thought it was possible to hide it for at least half a year, but it seems to be overdoing it.”

“……What do you mean by didn’t hide it well.
You move so openly, didn’t you think that rumors wouldn’t spread?”

Now, that’s what I want to hear, let’s listen to it more.

The boss seemed to think that she was a sender of an external organization or a rival organization, but if you think about it, the situation was mysterious. 

An unidentified hunter suddenly defeated all the executives and captured the Fairy and the Draconian while the Crows were trying to research them.
Common sense would never think of her as a private stand-alone hunter.

Besides, while we were arguing, the Fairy and the Draconian went out through the exit, which he didn’t even know existed. 

It was only natural for him to think like that because, in the eyes of a third party, everything might have been meticulously planned.

“Hmm, I see.
Have you known about that since they were at Garam Orphanage?”

The place where Chung-ha and Min-ha lived was Garam Orphanage.
Now I know the name. 

Jin-hee answered, pretending not to know.

“Since the time you forcefully took over.
Of course, there is no way a gangster like you would do such a bad thing, right?”

“Well, it was an urgent business.
But it’s no big deal because there was a treasure there.”



The boss chuckled.
It wasn’t the relaxed laugh he showed until now, it was an evil laugh that suited this dark corner of the underground.

“There are endless ways to use ‘that’.
If we can figure out how to use it a little bit more, a quick fortune is not even a dream.”


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 “Well, we couldn’t do that because of your little party.”

Aside from saying it was regrettable, his attitude remained firm.
Jin-hee, who wondered what kind of confidence he had inside, asked in a nonchalant tone. 

“So what are you going to do now? Are you going to fight to stop me?” 

“Me? With you? Seems like you are looking down on me…..This place has been made entirely by my own mercy.”

In an instant, the boss’s mana filled the room. 

Did they say that he was a Class A wizard who used magic of earth and water? 

When he let out his energy, the surrounding walls shook relentlessly as if an earthquake had occurred.
Jin-hee quietly bit her lips.
It wasn’t that she was overwhelmed with energy or that her body hardened out of fear. 

She just decided to wait.

‘This kind of guy definitely likes situations where he is seen as a strong man who hides his power.’

And as expected.

When she was silent, the boss immediately dismissed his magical powers and smiled gently.

“Oh my, I made a mistake.
I’m kidding, I didn’t call you to fight.”


He plays the whole charade all by himself. 

Pretending to be calm, she asked so.
She almost burst out laughing, but she managed to hold it in.
Her voice was low as if she had lost some strength due to the energy released before.

“I want to make a deal.” (Boss)



The boss pulled something out of the drawer inside the desk.
He placed the box the size of the palm of his hand on the desk.
It was a jewelry box.

“It contains the highest grade magic crystals and elixir.
It will be worth billions of dollars.”


Even if the level of wealth of the Hunters was ridiculous, a billion was not an easy amount to give out like this.

“Of course, this is an advance payment.
When you make a deal with me, I’ll give more right away.”

“What is this deal about?”

“It’s a contract.”


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