The stinky werewolf bastard opened his mouth.

“I asked you first, Human.
The Maya you were talking about, is that the Sorcerer…?”

There was no need to listen anymore.
Kim Bongpal stood from his seat and faced the werewolf.
His face was contorted into a grimace.

“Doggy, I’m not very patient.
Answer quickly, you fucking bastard.”

He spat out the words.
However, werewolves weren’t inferior to any other species regarding their wild nature.
The werewolf shouted.

“Arrogant human! I tried to hold back because you seemed to be an acquaintance of my Maya!”

His words keep getting longer.
Kim Bongpal tried to follow one lesson from his long experience: anyone would eventually answer if he beat them, no matter what kind of bastard they were.


Even before the Werewolf finished, Kim Bongpal stepped forward.
He used the Bow Shooting Shadow technique he recently learned.

“How dare you!”

The werewolf quickly reacted, befitting a master at their peak.
He wasn’t an easy opponent to deal with.


The werewolf boosted his mana at Kim Bongpal’s charge.
His unique mana as an Inhuman, the mana he inherited from his father’s blood, could intimidate his foe just by revealing it.
However, the werewolf’s plan wouldn’t work on this foe.

Kim Bongpal hadn’t drawn his sword.
There was something he had to hear from his opponent, so he rushed in with mana focused on his fist.
His answer was to beat any bastard who didn’t listen.

The mana contained in Kim Bongpal’s fist, in terms of the amount, seemed inferior to the werewolf’s.
But considering its density…


It was no wonder that the moment it hit the werewolf’s abdomen, not only the ship they were in but the surrounding lake shook.


The werewolf gasped.
He was prepared for the blow, but it arrived faster than he expected.
The sudden shock caused the werewolf to bow his head.

But no matter how great the pain, he had to somehow get hold of himself and prepare for the next move.
Or he could step back right away and prepare to beastify.


Werewolves were the strongest among the Werebeasts, even if they didn’t beastify.
Their bodies were incomparable to that of an ordinary human.
Besides, the level of martial arts he had learned could match a master, so Warg, the son of Wargen, had skin as strong as steel.

But now, his strength was no use in front of Kim Bongpal.


A strange sound escaped the werewolf’s mouth.
This time, the blow hit his ribs.
It hurt.
It was the first pain of its kind that Warg had felt in a long time.

When was the last time he felt this way? Was it five years ago? When he reached his peak, the very first time he faced his father.
It was a fight between parent and child, but that day was a life-and-death decision for Warg.
It must have been the last day he was beaten like a dog by his father.

Why did he remember that day now?


This time, he blocked Kim Bongpal’s fist.
And then, only by concentrating mana into both his arms to stop it.
However, the shock still pierced his mana shield and reached his insides.

It was so painful that he couldn’t even groan.
Warg’s balance started to collapse.
He pulled a foot back to steady himself, but Kim Bongpal was ready for him.


When Kim Bongpal kicked Warg’s left thigh, there was a loud popping sound.
His werewolf’s skin, which was actually famous for being as hard as most monsters’ hide, burst.
Warg couldn’t keep his balance and had no choice but to kneel.

I like the eye level now.”

A werewolf became a monster nearly 3m tall after beastification, but even before that, they were taller than ordinary humans.
Warg was one of those werewolves who boasted an exceptionally large body, standing about 2m 20cm tall in his human form.
But kneeling down, his head was just the right height to grab.

Kim Bongpal tangled a hand into Warg’s mane-like hair.


Warg felt his face tighten.
Pain, anger, and the sheer absurdity of the situation warred inside him.

‘Am I being held down by a human right now?’

“I’ll ask you one last time.
Where the hell did you get that?”

…However, the anger quickly disappeared.
The pain and absurdity remained, but other emotions quickly eroded his anger.
Fear is the strongest of them.
The fear that this unknown opponent might hit him again.

That’s right.
Now Warg was terrified by Kim Bongpal.


* * *


“…I do not know.”

Kim Bongpal stared at Warg as he answered.
At the same time, he gathered mana in his fist.
Noticing the veins bulging up his forearm, Warg hurriedly spoke.

“I-it’s true! One of my father’s bodyguards was wearing it, so I took it because it looked cool! That’s it! Really!”

From how he waved his hands after looking at Kim Bongpal’s fist, it seemed that Kim Bongpal’s experience was again correct.
In the end, whoever they were, they would answer after he beat them up.
However, despite Warg’s subservient attitude, Kim Bongpal didn’t relax.

“Hey, how old are you?”

“I don’t know why you ask, but this year, I am forty-nine….”

Kim Bongpal let go of his hair and raised his other hand.


He smacked Warg’s head with the side of his fist.
Something similar to the sound of metal clanging rang out.

“You cheeky bastard.
How dare a young bastard like you speak casually like that to me?”


Warg bit his tongue because he was hit while talking.
Of course, the werewolf’s strong vitality quickly regenerated the minor wound.

Warg, swallowing the taste of iron lingering on the tip of his tongue, carefully asked.

“…Sir, were you blessed with Half-Turn Aging by any chance?”


But without a reply, Warg was hit again.

“Where did this bastard learn how to ask questions instead of answering?”


‘Fuck! You didn’t even ask me a question! I answered them all!’

Warg thought so but couldn’t bring himself to say it aloud.
His opponent’s fist made him dizzy every time it hit.
What kind of fist gave such a shock even though it was swung without any mana? It felt like his brain was shaking.

Still, Warg was quick-witted.

“I-if you want, I can call that bodyguard and confront him about it.”

While werewolves usually took human forms, their wildness surpassed reason.
Therefore, they thoroughly followed the laws of the wild.
Survival of the fittest.
It wasn’t for nothing that Wargen’s pack had settled in the territory of the Evil Alliance.

Anyway, that’s why Warg didn’t feel any shame in showing such a servile appearance to a stronger opponent.

“Shall I call him now? I’ll call him and ask where he got this bracelet! Just tell me!”

No, maybe it felt a little…

“Let’s do that later.
What’s your name?

“My name is Warg!”

“Warg? Okay? Hey, Tearing Mind! Come over here and have a look.”

Kim Bongpal called the Tearing Wind Sword, who was hunkered down on the other side.

“…It is Tearing Wind Sword.”

Tearing Mind.”


He timidly protested against Kim Bongpal, who still couldn’t get his name right.
Of course, Kim Bongpal knew it was Tearing Wind, but he found Tearing Mind easier to pronounce.

“Anyway, I’m going to ask this bastard something, but if there’s anything I get wrong, you tell me.”


Tearing Wind Sword glanced at Warg while replying to Kim Bongpal.
He couldn’t believe he was seeing Warg, the son of Wargen, like this here in the Purple Clouds.
But it was a drop in the bucket of the many shock sights he’d seen the last two weeks.

“Good, all right.
Then Warg? I’m going to ask you some questions.
If I get an answer I don’t like, I will hit you just like before.
Got it?”


He would hit him not if he didn’t answer but if he didn’t like the answer.
What the hell was that…?

“Don’t you understand?”

“I understand!”

…Warg answered Kim Bongpal’s question without hesitation.
At the same time, he made a face that looked as harmless as possible to Kim Bongpal.

I hear you are well.
First of all, that bodyguard.
Can you call him now?”

“Yes! I need to contact him, and he will pop right out!”

With those words, Warg pulled a magic tool from his pocket.
Tearing Wind Sword, watching the exchange, showed Kim Bongpal that it was a magic tool for long-distance communication.

Then call him right away.
Ah! If you felt it was unfair that I hit you, you also can call more of your friends.
It’s annoying if you come back later, so if you’re going to call them, just call them right now.”

“Oh, no! That won’t happen!”

“It’s true.
Although the Werewolves live in packs, each has a strong sense of independence.
Nothing will happen if he doesn’t die.”

“Is that so? I like it.”

“That’s right! There’s no way my father or friends will seek revenge just because I’ve been beaten!”

If he called the other werewolves because he was hit a few times, Warg, the next successor to the pack, would be treated as a lesser werewolf.
That was many times more terrible for Warg than the pain he suffered from being beaten by Kim Bongpal.

Therefore, Warg only called his bodyguard.
He was planning to call in the bodyguard, confront him, and…escape from this place.
And as a bonus, he was going to torture the bodyguard who gave him this damn thing—or, to be more precise, whom he took the smartwatch away from.

“And what did you say about Maya? Do you know Maya?

I saw her a few times when I was a kid.”

Really? She used to live in Purple Clouds, so I guess she knows some werewolves.
She’s the Maya you’re talking about, right? A 300-year-old supernatural being who calls herself an Arch Sorcerer?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

Maya was a Sorcerer, still only a wolf cub, but he remembered her well.
Warg’s first love was Maya.
So when he heard Maya’s name, he looked for the boat where Kim Bongpal was.

Warg looked into Kim Bongpal’s eyes.
In his view, this tremendous opponent was quite close to Maya.
So Warg tried to loosen up his opponent’s ominous mood by referring to the old image of Maya he remembered.

“I can still remember Lady Maya’s appearance.
Her flower-like beauty and mature charm….”



Warg bit his tongue again, tasting the iron stronger than before.
Kim Bongpal had hit him.

“What? Flower-like beauty? Mature charm? How dare this bastard lie?”

‘No, why did he hit me?!’

This time Warg felt it was really unfair. 

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