Extensive Training (2)



Only 15 minutes had passed since the first slash.
However, the size was bigger than before, and the density of the mana in it grew thicker.

“Oh, okay.
It’s great.”

 When he saw the first slash that Kim Bongpal fired earlier, Tearing Wind Sword had no choice but to ask – how the hell did you do that? And how did Sword Phantom respond?

‘Huh? I just went humph around my elbow like you told me, then it swooshed out.’

 What? Humph? Swoosh? What kind of bullshit was that?!

 ‘Well, you certainly do have some teaching skill.
It was easy to understand.’

As Kim Bongpal said so, a thought occurred to Tearing Wind Sword.
Did the Frail Night Sect and Sword Phantom do this to make fun of him? Otherwise, it was incomprehensible.


 Tearing Wind Sword sighed and looked at Kim Bongpal as he continued to fire slashes.

 ‘I don’t understand.
I don’t understand.’

Tearing Wind Sword had a very good talent for martial arts and based on that, he went far despite starting later on in his life.
However, he didn’t consider himself a genius, and a genius should be recognized well.
Considering that most people usually are generous in evaluating themselves, Tearing Wind Sword’s objective self-evaluation was quite surprising.

But he didn’t consider himself a genius because he had seen a real genius.
A little gift.

‘…A genius? No, not like that.’

However, the sight Tearing Wind Sword now saw was different from what such geniuses used to show.
Something like that…it wasn’t like what geniuses usually did, reading the verses of the technique books and realizing their inner meaning.

He was just recklessly swinging his blade without understanding the principle.
It was instinct, letting his mana flow according to the vague feeling he sensed.
And as he worked at it, it improved.

 Yeah, that wasn’t a genius.
What kind of genius in this world could show such a figure?

It was then.


 There was a roar incomparable to anything before.
Tearing Wind Sword had no choice but to doubt his own eyes.
What he just saw wasn’t as poor as it had been.

He was reminded of the duel between the Leader of Evil Alliance and the Celestial Demon that he saw from afar 10 years ago.
This attack was similar to those they were throwing back then.
No, was it right to say it was the same? Was it possible to use the skills of a Transcendent without reaching that point?

A few questions crossed the Tearing Wind Sword’s head.
But there was no answer.
Of course, Kim Bongpal didn’t care what his mentor was thinking, nor was he aware of how absurd his actions were.

“Oh, Fuck.
Did I just lose the feeling?”

He continued to adjust his sword.


* * *


One week passed.
In the meantime, Tearing Wind Sword gave up a lot.
The first thing he gave up on was understanding Kim Bongpal.

“Hey, look at this.
Is this the Sword Trail you mentioned yesterday?”

“…That’s right.”

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t understand.

“Well, as expected, I went out to cut some monsters with this last night, and it worked well.
The Moorim technique is definitely good.”

Has Sword Trail become a mere Moorim technique…?’

Tearing Wind Sword watched Kim Bongpal train with his face blank.
At first, Kim Bongpal couldn’t use Sword Force, let alone Sword Trail.
Of course, he did use something similar to Sword Force by wrapping mana around his blade.
However, it was a different technique from what the Moorim people usually used.

But now, Kim Bongpal was no longer ignorant of martial arts to the point where he couldn’t produce a simple Sword Force, and his way of dealing with Inner Qigong was developing quickly.

Too quickly.
Kim Bongpal could now easily use techniques normally reserved for masters.



“Ah, Fuck.
Why is it not working?”

“Did you just try to fire the Black Shot Energy with Sword Trail?”

It seemed like it was going to work, but it didn’t.
When I was about to, it went paats! It suddenly feels blocked.
Why is that happening?”

That would be difficult with the Black Shot Energy Technique.
Actually, I’ve never seen something like that with Sword Trail, even in the battles between Transcendents…no one handles it like that unless it is some kind of Transcendental God Technique.”

“Is that so? Transcendental God Technique?”

Like the Celestial Demon’s powers, or the Dark Heavenly Demon Technique mastered by the Leader of Evil Alliance…martial arts designed for Transcendents.”

However, come to think of it, it wasn’t surprising that he tried to pull it out with Sword Trail.
Rather, the Black Shot Energy technique was above the Sword Trail, and it existed in a realm beyond normal people.

Tearing Wind Sword had given up trying to understand Kim Bongpal.

“Hey…Sword Phantom.
Can I check your pulse?”

“Pulse? Do as you like.”

Tearing Wind Sword asked out of unbearable curiosity, thinking that this super expert named Sword Phantom had already reached Transcendence and was making fun of him.
But there was nothing he could tell from checking his pulse.
Rather, he only gained confidence that Kim Bongpal was not Transcendent, and it would have been the same even without Maya’s spell.

The peculiarity of Kim Bongpal’s body wasn’t a characteristic that could be recognized so simply.

Anyway…another thing that Tearing Wind Sword gave up over the past week was his own systematic method of teaching martial arts to Otherworlders he developed over decades.
There was no need to explain each acupressure point in detail, the principle of its operation, and how exactly the internal Qigong should be divided to Kim Bongpal, as he did with other Otherworlders.
Kim Bongpal imitated the most basic explanation.

“Hey! Tearing Kind!”

“…It’s Tearing Wind Sword.”

“Oh, yes! Tearing Mind! How did you do that backstep then jump forward thing?”

“Do you mean the Bow Shooting Shadow? Start from the Gate of Life, no, I mean from the point around here.
Then the distribution between inner Qigong to the upper and lower body should be different.
Focus on the point in the soles of the feet that will hit the air.
But, as I said before, you need to use your inner Qigong at the right time and have precise control of your body….”

 As he continued, Tearing Wind Sword asked, ‘Is it possible?’

How long had it been since he learned about the Lightening Technique and Body-Lightening Method? And he was learning Bow Shooting Shadow already? The moment Tearing Wind Sword thought that.

“Oh, right! Like this!”


Kim Bongpal performed it.


Now Tearing Wind Sword didn’t look as shocked as before.
He just…

What a fucking talent gap….”

…spat out the curses he learned from Kim Bongpal.


* * *


Another week passed, and it was enough time for Kim Bongpal to learn the Black Shot Energy technique.
Kim Bongpal had mastered most of it, though he hadn’t quite reached the real version of the technique.
It was a profound martial art that required decades of study, after all.
But he still figured out a method of using the power written in the book in his own way.

In a way, Kim Bongpal had achieved something greater than his accomplishments with the Black Shot Energy Technique.
And during that time, he and Tearing Wind Sword became a little closer.

Tearing Wind Sword found out that Kim Bongpal was several decades older than him, and because of that, he started treating Kim Bongpal as if he were his great senior.
There were plenty of senior masters that looked young thanks to elixirs, so it was easy for him to accept.

Tearing Wind Sword, who had become a little closer with Kim Bongpal…

No, but I didn’t do that on purpose, right?”

“…I know.”

…now had a little bit of a grudge against him.

 It was inevitable.
Even though Tearing Wind Sword had a genuine personality, or rather because just that, he felt this way.

 Although he was now treated as someone from Evil Fraction, he was once a Master from the Justice Faction.
His school wasn’t a place as prestigious as the Nine Sect and One School or the Five Noble Families, but it was a distinguished place that produced famous masters every generation.
Therefore, even though he was expelled from the school now, Tearing Wind Sword was proud of his school, and the martial arts learned from there.
Especially in the Eight Directions Sword Technique which was said to match even those of the Five Noble Families.

 Hence, Tearing Wind Sword’s attitude was natural.
After all, the essence of the Eight Directions Sword Technique that he was proud of…

“I didn’t think it would work, though.
Hitting all eight directions seemed useful, so I just copied it once….”

…was completely taken away by Kim Bongpal.

I also know that you had no other intention.
It’s my fault for showing the essence of the Eight Directions Sword Technique in front of Sword Phantom, who uses the Black Shot Energy Technique just by listening to a simple explanation.”

Of course, as Tearing Wind Sword said, it wasn’t Kim Bongpal’s fault.
Rather, it was his mistake.

The training with Tearing Wind Sword finished yesterday.
He passed everything he understood about the Black Shot Energy Technique to Kim Bongpal.
He also finished teaching several other martial arts techniques, such as Sword Force, Sword Trail, and Bow Shooting Shadow, yesterday.
In other words, today was closer to a type of self-study.

Kim Bongpal checked his knowledge, and Tearing Wind Sword advised him.
Of course, he had nothing to advise Kim Bongpal about since a few days ago.
In any case, Kim Bongpal trained by swinging his Sword Trail freely today.

And when Tearing Wind Sword saw Kim Bongpal like that, he wanted to show his best performance due to his jealous heart.
Just as he intended, Kim Bongpal was impressed by the Eight Directions Sword Technique as it unfolded in a dazzling display.

‘Oh! It’s kind of cool.’

However, Tearing Wind Sword did not expect Kim Bongpal to say, ‘Let’s see.
Are you doing it like this?’ as he wielded his sword and reproduced the Eight Directions Sword Technique.

That’s why Tearing Wind Sword wasn’t angry with Kim Bongpal either.
If anything, it was strange that he could copy it immediately after seeing it only once.

“It’s really okay.
Haven’t I also seen the Black Shot Energy Technique?”

“Oh, right.
Black Shot Energy Technique.
You don’t have to forget it like you said last time.
Just use it whenever you need it.”

‘…If I could reproduce it just because I saw it once, I wouldn’t be teaching now, man.’

It was just that Tearing Wind Sword was a little annoyed.
It wasn’t even that he felt inferior; it was genuine annoyance at this monster of a man.

“Hey, by the way, I feel like it, so I’ll treat you.
Isn’t a good pub that doesn’t have to be a brothel? Show me around and let me know if you think of some awesome places.
I will buy you everything.”

“…If you insist, I will not refuse.”

Tearing Wind Sword pretended to be reluctant and nodded.


* * *


The place where Tearing Wind Sword guided Kim Bongpal was the fanciest pub in the city of Purple Clouds.
It was a pricey enough spot that he’d never been there before, but he wanted to mess with Kim Bongpal a little.
He had liked Kim Bongpal quite a bit over the last two weeks, but he still annoyed him.

 If Kim Bongpal showed reluctance when he saw the price list at the pub, he would guide him to a cheaper place.
However, there were a few things Tearing Wind Sword misunderstood.

“What, is this the best place here? Hmm, it’s not as good as I thought it would be.”

Even though it was the most luxurious bar in the City of Purple Clouds…compared to those on Earth, there was nothing to see.
And Kim Bongpal came from the most splendid city in the three worlds.

“Golden Honor? Red Girl? What’s with the names? For now, give me three bottles of each.”

“Hey, man! The price….”

Kim Bongpal was probably better at spending money than swinging a sword.

“Price? Hey, I don’t really care about that when I’m drinking, Dude.”

Kim Bongpal looked around and said.

I like the vibes, though.”

Compared to El Plades, it was a place with its own taste.
In the distance, musicians played music that seemed to belong to Moorim.
The boat they now sat on also held a distinctive charm from those on Earth.
There were several other boats on the lake, and occasionally they could hear laughter from those passing by.


Tearing Wind Sword glanced at them and drooled.

“What, someone you know?”

It’s just a famous person in the Purple Clouds.”

“Really? Who is it?”

“Do you know Wargen?”

“I heard that name from Maya.
A Lycanthrope? Something like that?”

“Actually, he’s a Werewolf of mixed race, but…in any case, he is the Wargen’s first son, his successor.
It is said that he will become the next to lead….”

It was then.


Uninvited guests came over to Kim Bongpal and Tearing Wind Sword’s boat.

“The two humans there.
Are you talking about Maya the Sorcerer?”



Kim Bongpal frowned, and Tearing Wind Sword felt his breath caught when he recognized the uninvited guest.
The person who crashed into Kim Bongpal’s boat was the subject of their conversation, the werewolf successor of Wargen.

 “Young man there.
Answer me.
The Maya you mentioned, is it that Maya?”

What the hell are you doing?”

Kim Bongpal asked the werewolf out of pure curiosity.

“Hey, where did you get that bracelet?”

The werewolf wore something on his wrist that was quite familiar to Kim Bongpal.
Young-no would see it and call it an interesting magic tool but in the Earth’s language…

“Aren’t you going to answer? You bastard.”

It was a smartwatch.

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