Full Moon Stone (2)

The Full Moon Stone was an odd object that contained the moon’s energy.
Of course, whether that would be useful to humans was another matter.
Was it actually useful just because it contained the full moon’s energy? It couldn’t amplify human power just because they consumed it, nor was it possible to make any useful elixir or equipment with it.
But even so, it was treated as precious.

“Eating that makes me stronger.
Not as much as before, but much more than now.”

Among the inhuman races, there were those loved by the moon.
For example, vampires and lycanthropes were to be affected by it.
That was enough for Full Moon Stone to be treated as a precious object.

“Is this supposed to be rechargeable?”

Although we have to wait until the full moon rises.”

“Then you’re going to destroy something that can be recharged and used semi-permanently? Only to increase your power a little?”

“It’s not a little.
I’m recovering a lot more….”

Maya wrung her hands and continued to glance at the Full Moon Stone.
Kim Bongpal, watching her from the side for a moment, moved his hand, holding the Full Moon Stone from side to side.
Left, right.

Maya’s gaze followed.


Maya tightly closed her eyes, then began to search her pockets.

“Hey, is this good enough?”

What Maya took out was a single piece of clothing.

“This thing is great!”

She wasted no time in explaining.
She said that her mother gave it to her as a gift when she became independent.
It was said to be made of the skin of a snake monster who ruled the land long ago, even by her ageless standards.

“It’s snakeskin at best.
Is it that tough?”

“Yes! Look!”

Maya, who had made her fingernails grow longer, concentrated her mana and drew her index finger across the cloth.
But it didn’t leave a mark.
Kim Bongpal also tried his sword on it, wondering if she was tricking him, but he couldn’t scratch it.


“It’s okay if it’s torn! After all, it will restore itself on its own again!”

At her prompting, Kim Bongpal cut the cloth with mana wrapped around his sword this time.
However, the sensation he felt was like cutting down a high-class monster, and its defense was as good as Maya guaranteed.

He could take a naked sword point-blank without worry, and it would repair itself within moments.

“And what’s good about this is….”

From what he heard, it resisted not only physical strength but also magic to an extent.
In addition to its defense and restoration, many miscellaneous functions were attached.
These clothes changed temperature depending on the environment and weren’t easily stained.
Even if it was stained, imbuing it with mana would clean it.
It was a useful feature for Kim Bongpal, who felt like he threw away an outfit every time he fought.

“I like it.”

“Really? Do you really like it?”

Maya rejoiced at Kim Bongpal’s satisfied expression.
In fact, the Full Moon Stone and these clothes were similar in value.
However, the utility couldn’t be compared.
For Maya, who didn’t focus on combat, clothes with great defense were unnecessary.
And in a situation where she lost most of the power she held, this stone was one of the few means to recover it.

Maya was happy to exchange her clothes for the Full Moon Stone.
Of course.

Let’s put this on for now.
Then, what else?”

The problem was that Kim Bongpal noticed.

“Huh? What else?”

Something else, and are you going to exchange it only for this?”


Don’t look like that.
You aren’t without conscience, are you?”

“…O-of course not.”


* * *


It was a fair deal for at least one of them.
If so, how about the other?


It didn’t seem such a bad deal, considering she chewed on the Full Moon Stone with a satisfied expression.

It was three days since they encountered the Vampires.
During that time, Maya divided the Full Moon Stone and absorbed it little by little; now, she was chewing the last piece.
She had absorbed most of its energy, and only a fragment with a tiny amount of energy remained.

She kept chewing on it this entire time.

“Is it that good?”

“Uhm? Uhm-um-hum(What did you say)?”

“Never mind.
Eat a lot.”


In return for the Full Moon Stone, Kim Bongpal took the snakeskin robe and favor from Maya.

It wasn’t much of a favor.
It was just that someday, Maya would listen to Kim Bongpal’s request.
Just as Wizards often swear by their mana, Maya made such an oath on the powers she had built up.
Kim Bongpal had found out through the several books he purchased that, in the case of abilities where words were important such as spells, an oath made with energy boasted an almost absolute effect.

Of course, Kim Bongpal couldn’t make Maya commit suicide under the pretext of the request.
She could refuse if it weighed more than what he offered.

But in the past few days, Kim Bongpal confirmed that sorcery was a power that seemed quite useful, though it was inferior to other abilities in combat power.
But Kim Bongpal didn’t need Maya’s help regarding combat.

What he needed were abilities he didn’t understand.
For example, the power to resist magic and sorcery, and in that respect, Maya’s sorcery was a great help.
She decided to accompany him to the Celestial Demon Cult under the condition of returning the compass, but there might be a need for her sorcery after that.

“Is this the end of the forest?”


Maya answered as she finished the last of the stone.
They had reached the edge of the forest, and what was in front of them now was a well-maintained road.
At the end of it was Purple Clouds, the city at the heart of the Evil Alliance.

“Wait for a moment.
Now I just have to put it on one last time.”

Maya, confirming no one was around, began casting a spell.
Even though the interpretation magic was working, the meaning of her words wasn’t interpreted.
But he knew it was a spell that would erase his presence.
To be precise, it was a spell that made Kim Bongpal’s body not feel unique even when viewed by Masters with special eyes like Maya.

Once the spell finished, he definitely felt that something had changed.
He felt uneasy.

Is this how other hunters feel?’

His mana circulation felt unnatural.
Kim Bongpal also knew how to use Spell Removal, so if he wanted, he could shake off this spell right now, though he knew he shouldn’t.

Now, it’s over! Let’s go.”

Kim Bongpal nodded to Maya, who spoke with a tired look, and continued forward.
Purple Clouds was only a few hours away with the Phantom Horse.

And as they drew closer, Kim Bongpal and Maya noticed other groups heading to the city.
Considering the whole Shire, unlike Dreimoor and the city where Maya stayed, which were on edge, Purple Clouds was a place that engaged in frequent trade with other cities.
If you went from here, you would find the Celestial Demon Cult’s territory, and on the other side of their territory was the center of the Shire.
Those from Moorim and Lupaine gathered here, but only those who fit the Evil Alliance’s values dared to visit.

For example, the enemies pursued by the Justice Faction of Moorim, the Masters who learned the Evil Path, or the Inhumans.
Fortunately, there didn’t appear to be any more vampires.

“So, there are about three people I should be careful about?”

“Yes! The Leader of the Evil Alliance, the Monstrous Immortal, and Wargen.”

The reason why was the last of the three Maya mentioned.
The Wargen with a mixed race of lycanthropes and demon wolves.
Because of their natural hatred of vampires and their dominion over Purple Clouds, vampires didn’t dare set foot inside.

Three, huh…?”

Kim Bongpal wasn’t happy.
She said that there were three things he should be careful about, and all three of them were at least halfway transcendental.
It was annoying.
No, it was beyond annoying.

“It sucks.”

It was an old feeling that took him back to when he was just a struggling orphan.
When he was weaker than other hunters.

“I can’t help it.
No matter how unique or strange you are, even if you were born with that body, it doesn’t mean you can leap beyond the walls of time.
Plus, those three are said to be the youngest ones of their ilk.
And Purple Clouds is especially weird.
It’s actually hard to see a single monster like that in a normal lifetime.”

Perhaps she noticed how Kim Bongpal felt.
Maya tried to comfort him, but Kim Bongpal responded about as expected.

I can’t help it, just like you said.
Some people are so weak even after 300 years.”

“Right! I’ve lived for 300 years…huh? Is that about me?”

Kim Bongpal walked away, ignoring Maya screaming from behind.

His thoughts were all jumbled up.
Since he could not transcend, he must be careful of those who have reached that level.
That didn’t fit his temper.
But somehow, he could endure it.
He had an immediate goal that overrode his emotions.

The only thing that bothered him was the Celestial Demon of the Celestial Demon Cult.
Maya said that they were also a warrior who had reached the point of transcendence.
Kim Bongpal would have no choice but to face them someday.

‘Unity of Mind.
That was definitely not good.
The Black Shot Energy Technique is useful, but….’

Kim Bongpal’s thoughts reached these new martial arts techniques.
It wasn’t a bad technique; Callinan had kept it in his treasury for a reason.
It was clever, too.
But could he reach the point of transcendence with this martial art?

It seemed possible.
And after that, he wouldn’t have to look up at bastards like this.
If others from Moorim heard him, they would have snorted arrogantly.

However, Kim Bongpal had a hunch that he was correct.
It hadn’t been a month since he started learning, but if he kept at it, he would be able to overcome that wall someday.

Still, the question was when he would cross it.
Obviously, there were ways he could shorten that time.


‘Maybe it’s over there.’

Kim Bongpal watched the road ahead as the city loomed closer.

“Are you talking about me?”

While ignoring the cry of the supernatural being behind him.

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