The Heiress Is Back

[5] It\'s Payback Time!

Mina knew that she needed to stir up some trouble if she wished to lure her beloved boss out of wherever she may be. Unknown to her, however, Iris Bowman is not in the position to bother about her or any of her tricks in the slightest. At least not at this very moment.

Within five minutes, the paparazzi released enough details to create a news sensation. Everything was in chaos, and the netizens who are not privy to the full details of the situation could only be led by the nose into believing whatever they see online.

[Bowman princess elopes with lover] Attached was a blurry picture of Iris and a supposed man at the back seat of her car as she zoomed off.

[Iris Bowman prefers alone time with her lover- ditches shareholder meeting in the process]

[Bowman Corporation not what it seems – sinking sand]

[Iris Bowman hides her mystery man]

[Bowman princess seen crying after being left heartbroken by lover]

[Who is the mystery man]

It became a news sensation when everyone wanted to find out what exactly could cause Iris Bowman to stand crying beside her car, in the full glare of the public. Could the rumors be real?

[Could Bowman Corporation be so cash trapped that the ice princess needs to cry over a man? Is he her sponsor?]

As Iris name was being dragged in the mud as a result of Minas manipulations, the mastermind herself was currently in serious trouble. According to the rules of the company, no one is supposed to go near the CEOs office door, else they would be taken as intruders who need to be detained by the police until the CEO declares them otherwise. Every single employee is privy to this information.

Mina has never had any reservations around Iris who considered her a friend. Even though Iris doesn necessarily disclose any secrets to her, she managed to earn her trust. As a result, Mina could freely maneuver her way around Iris without a care for anything in the world.

This only led to Mina feeling extremely comfortable and privileged around Iris. For the next few hours, she would need to spend time in the police cell, so as to await Iris to either declare her innocent or proceed to press charges against her.

Reading the comments online and watching a picture of Iris crying while standing beside her vehicle, Malcolm Miller felt like he could kill someone at the moment. How dare Iris make a cuckold of him when everyone is aware that she is his fiance, and they would be marrying soon?

”What!… How dare you, Iris!… How dare you?… Hahaha!… Mmm… Iris… Oh, Iris Bowman!… I would so deal with you, Iris! ”

Malcolm smashes the glass filled with liquor, but still couldn feel his anger subsiding.

Malcolm Miller, as the man in this relationship with Iris Bowman, has no reservations about changing women as he pleases. However, one thing he never expected was for Iris to get involved with other men also.

She may be a high and mighty princess who doesn even grant him an audience around her easily, but she is absolutely his, and sharing Iris with other men is out of the question.

Malcolm is only biding his time until the day Iris becomes his wife so that he can have all of her without any reservations. When he sees Iris, all he sees in her is a woman who can satisfy him, as well as grant his desires of being richer and more powerful. Which other woman in the whole of Central City can grant him his wish aside from Iris?

Malcolm has learned to school his emotions to accommodate Iris. Its not that he cares for her, but all he wants is to wait for the day she becomes a Miller. After all, its not every day that a powerful woman is betrothed to a man in dire need of extra cash and power.

Malcolm Miller never attempts to force Iris into doing anything against her wish, as he is so understanding towards her that his ill motives have never gone unnoticed by Iris. Not that Malcolm knows anyway. She couldn imagine how her father would ever choose a man of his caliber to be her future husband.

Born to a father who happened to be Chris Bowmans friend, Malcolm became the chosen fiance for Iris after he was unintentionally overheard by Mr Bowman, confessing his love for Iris.

Malcolm was busily telling his father how he felt about Iris, and always wished that Iris would be his woman, so he can happily spend the rest of his life with her. Only that he didn have enough confidence to approach her, even though he had been admiring her from afar all these years.

Christopher Bowman, the father of Iris, has had a favorable impression of Malcolm Miller, since the day he was born in the same hospital, and on the same day as Iris. As a result, mistakenly finding out about Malcolms interest in Iris made him feel that the two families could actually become one, through a marriage alliance.

Iris Bowman could say no to everyone around her, but not Chris Bowman, her father. She wouldn want to get him agitated for any reason. As a result, when her father made the suggestion, Iris just couldn say no.

Knowing that his daughter may only say yes to end the issue, Chris Bowman requested his daughter to give him her word. Many years afterwards, Iris still couldn go back on her word to her father, even when she holds so much anger against him.

However, cutting off the engagement wouldn be a problem anymore, because all Iris needs to do is catch Malcolm in the act. She is not oblivious to Malcolms deeds, which is why she never wanted to give him the least chance to be anywhere close to her. It was better to be safe than sorry. Iris had many things on her plate that Malcolm Millers unfaithfulness didn qualify to make the list.

”I need everything… I need to know everything about the man involved with Iris… Who he is… Where he is… What hes doing… When hes doing it… When he breathes in and out… Even what hes thinking in that crazy head of his. ”

Malcolm took in a deep breath as he lifted the bottle to drink straight from the whiskey bottle before him. After slamming the glass onto the tiled floor, causing it to shatter all over the place, he couldn bother himself with getting another glass. Who cares about a glass when his fiance had just made a cuckold of him?

Malcolms emotions were all over the place as he felt extremely cheated by Iris. Feeling the cold drink travel down his throat, he continues to give orders to the person across from him. ”Patience is one virtue I do not have… Don try to teach me now! ”

With a bow, Malcolm was then excused. Left alone, he mutters in a cold voice, ”Iris!… Oh, Iris… Ill make sure you regret making me a laughing stock… this I promise you! ”

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