The Heiress Is Back

[6] How dare you, Iris!

After drawing enough blood from an already exhausted Iris, Rachel watched her drift to sleep. She was then left with the responsibility of caring for her sister and the stranger she came with.

In her dream, Iris could only see pictures of her sister lying in a pool of blood. Everything that happened to Rachel in her previous life kept playing in her head. The dream finally drew her to where it all happened, the very place they were currently standing.

Rachel Bowman had this place she always comes to cool off. With a dedicated cleaner who comes to clean once every week, the house has no spec of dust or any trace of being abandoned.

Iris was shocked to realize that her sister was abused and murdered in her own home, by a group of people she might have invited there by herself. This is a luxury property in a renowned location in the country. There must have been a CCTV camera here somewhere.

The shocking realization would later make her aware once again that she really failed her sister in her past life.

This goes to emphasize only one thing, which is that Rachels killers are people who are very close to her. Iris never knew about her sister being the owner of this villa in her past life. She only thought her sister followed the wrong crowd or was lured here by some vile men who only wanted to ruin her. However, reality proved her wrong.

With a start, she wakes up crying her sisters name, ”Rachel!!! ”

Bowman Corporation

”What the heck is wrong with this stupid fool?… Why is she not picking up my calls?… The damn creature even chose today of all days to go radio silent on me…Shit!!! ”

Mina felt like smashing her phone against the wall. Plans had been set in motion, awaiting the arrival of the star of the occasion, only for her to stand them up. Everything was going exactly how she planned it until the stupid girl supposedly run out of her office. Where could she even run off to?

Mina could swear that she knew all the possible places Iris could be. However, none came to mind at this crucial moment, besides, she didn give her any hints anyway.

As she looked around the meeting room, she realized that the foreign business partners were beginning to give her some strange and funny looks. They were fuming, but couldn speak up because of the presence of the shareholders who have no prior knowledge of their shady arrangements.

Mina was so frustrated that she regretted not making Iris sign the documents earlier than this. She could have saved herself all this trouble if she had foresight.

Come to think of it, how did Iris run off without telling her anything? Who was the man she even zoomed off with?

The shareholders were filled with various questions in their minds, but none of them dared to speak a word. Mina excused herself from the meeting room and decided to authenticate the guards report by herself. What if Iris is still sleeping under the influence of the anesthetic drug she placed in her water earlier in the afternoon? She would have been running around on a wild goose chase then.

Mina could think of many reasons that could compel Iris to do what she did, however, she would never consider the fact that her cover had been blown. Not even in her wildest dreams would she accept the fact that her boss is aware of her two-faced nature.

At this moment, Mina is just like a hen hiding in a room, with its tail unknowingly lying outside.

A person in Iris situation shouldn be stable enough to walk a long distance without feeling fatigued, much less walking briskly, and even going as far as driving off with a man. ”There is no man in Iris Bowmans boring life for crying out loud ” Mina is well aware of how Iris treats her fiance like hes the most insignificant person in this world.

She knows that if she doesn do everything today, she would have a lot to lose. As a matter of fact, she has everything to lose. The thought of things going wrong has never crossed her mind in the slightest.

How was she to ever forgive herself if she loses the one thing she swore to have at all cost? After everything she has been through, there is no way Mina would take this lying down. The Bowman princess must be found at all costs. When shes finally found, compelling her to sign the documents is a giving. ”These documents must have your signature, Iris… Delay it as long as you want… but you must sign them! ”

The Bowman Corporation must belong to her, no matter the cost. She owes it to her deceased parents and herself. She would have a lot of difficulty facing them in the afterlife if she allows them to die in vain. Mina must have Bowman Corporation, even if its the last thing she does on earth. Such were the thoughts that filled her head.

Reaching Iris office, Mina expected to see the door opened down for her to enter freely as usual. Iris always leaves the office door open when she knows Mina is around, especially when shes taking a nap. Her office is out of bounds to many, so much that even most of the high-ranking executives have never stepped into her office before.

Everyone except Mina was supposed to stay away from her office unless they are summoned. This was how much Iris trusted Mina Austin, her personal assistant.

Mina on the other hand was in for revenge. Revenge for every hardship she went through in the absence of her parents. Revenge for every single tear her parents shed due to their bankruptcy. Revenge for ending up as an orphan when she was only but a child.

She wanted everything the Bowmans had for herself. According to Mina Austin, its payback time, and the Bowmans must be paid back with interest.

Mina spent a whole year studying everything noteworthy about Iris Bowman and discovered that behind her cold facade, she was a very warm person through and through. Such knowledge was used to her advantage, as she created the right opportunities for Iris to feel pressured into helping her.

Mina planned everything so perfectly that helping her was the only option that Iris had. The cold-faced but warm-hearted princess could never say no to her friend. As a result, she drew her nearer and tried to make her as comfortable as she could get, but all that was what earned her an extremely free pass to the land of misery.

Noticing that Iris office door was securely locked, Mina didn stop to think that the alarm system could also be activated. She was so agitated that she started committing errors and ignoring important red flags that wouldn have escaped her notice on a regular day.

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