The Heiress Is Back

[5] It\'s Payback Time!

After giving details of the situation to Rachel Bowman, Iris Bowman did exactly as her sister said, and began speaking to the seemingly unconscious Tyler Harper while putting just the right amount of pressure on the wound.

Between the time she stepped out of the car to scream her lungs out, then to call her sister and back, only a minute had passed. Iris could only hope that everything goes as Rachel says.

Rachel had advised her sister to speak with Tyler without treating him as an unconscious person, as he is still aware of everything happening around him at the moment.

According to her, Tyler Harper is still conscious, but just can do anything, even open his eyes, because hes just too weak to do so. In short, he is aware of everything going on around him but just can contribute to it.

The only problem with the situation is that Iris cannot think of any conversation at the moment. She couldn even begin to imagine the fate that would befall her and her little sister, should anything go wrong. She just hopes that her sister would work her magic once more and save them both from this situation that threatened to swallow them whole.

Iris wouldn mind dying a second time. After all, she had already died once, however, her little sisters fate wasn the best in her previous life. She wouldn want her sister tied to anything that has nothing to do with her.

Be that as it may, they only have each other at the moment. Rachel may not be privy to her sisters inner dilemma, but Iris knows pretty well what a terrible way her sister ended up in her previous life. It must not be allowed to happen again.

She could only resign herself to her fate and do as she was instructed. Maybe this was all part of a grand plan for Iris, but all she wants is good news.

”Tyler… Tyler… Don be surprised that I know who you are…Tyler…I mean no harm… Please, I need you to calm down and wait for a little while… ok… Just don die on me, Tyler… I beg you… Please spare my sister and I… We cannot stand the wrath of the Harper clan if anything were to happen to you. ”

As if waiting for a response from him in futility, Iris takes a hold of Tylers bloody hand with hers, then leans closer to speak directly into his ears, all the while, putting pressure on the wound, ”please don die on me… I need you to stay alive, Tyler Harper… I need you to stay alive ”

Iris was so emotional that she began trembling once again, however, this time is not as violent as before. She couldn control her tears anymore, and she let them flow freely down her cheeks. She knew full well that the place wasn safe for both of them. However, she didn want to risk moving away from Tylers body. Rachel is also on her way anyway.

She could only hope that deep down somewhere, Tyler could hear her speak and fight for his life. It would be like killing three birds with one stone because her life and that of her sister depend on Tylers recovery.

As Iris spoke to the seemingly unconscious Tyler, she would never imagine that her words spoken from the depths of her heart were what gave him the urge to fight and stay alive. He tried tightening his grip on her hands but failed woefully.

He could only hope the doctor gets here in time. The warm tears that fell from Iris cheeks touched Tylers cold hands and provided him a certain level of warmth he has never felt from anyone, not even from his family.

Tyler could feel the emotions in Iris voice as she spoke. Even in his groggy state, he couldn quite understand why the lady who seemed so fearless while checking him out earlier, would be so scared to have him unconscious in her car.

Every word that came out of her mouth weighed so heavily on his heart that he could tell she was in great pain. Tyler has been there before, feeling extremely scared and uncertain about what the future holds. He could really connect with Iris on this note

If Tyler could wish for anything in this world, it would be to wipe the tears of the lady who was towering over him at the moment. He only wished to see her smile, even though he knew absolutely nothing about her, nor did he have the luxury of merely seeing her face.

Iris continued to speak to Tyler as they both waited for the arrival of Rachel Bowman. After about fifteen minutes of waiting impatiently, Rachels car was seen pulling over. The two sisters looked into each others eyes briefly before Rachel began to check on Tyler.

Iris stood to the side and allowed her sister to do everything possible to save the person in the back seat. She doesn know what to expect, but Iris could only hope and pray that her sister performs her magic once again. Being one of the youngest doctors to be described as a genius, Iris couldn be more proud of her sister.

Rachel hurriedly performs a quick first aid on Tyler and asks her sister to drive behind her. The two were at Rachels villa in ten minutes, a journey that should have originally taken forty minutes. There was no long talk, but Rachel went to work immediately and had her sister assist whenever she was needed.

The whole process went smoothly, much to the joy and relief of Iris, who couldn help admiring her sister more and more. Rachel operated on Tyler and transfused blood that she had already arrived with, as Iris had already given her the blood group of Tyler. Coincidentally, all three of them had the same blood group, a B+.

Along the way, however, Tyler exhausted the pounds of blood that Rachel brought, and needed an extra. It was not advisable for Rachel to donate blood, as she was the one treating the patient. However, to her surprise, her sister didn even think twice about opting to donate her blood to the stranger before her.

Iris did everything so willingly that Rachel felt for the first time that she didn know her sister well enough. Her dejected look, however hard she tried to hide it, did not go unnoticed by Iris, who remained silent, as though she was oblivious to it all.

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