The Heiress Is Back

[3] Tyler Harper!

ular night, and Iris felt nothing but apprehension towards the mafia prince. She had just woken up a year back in time and was trying to get a handle on the whole situation, only for Tyler Harper to request she keep him in her own car, instead of taking his bleeding ass to the nearest hospital.

She wouldn want a person of Tyler Harpers caliber to die in the back of her car, on the very night she got a chance to rewrite the story of her life. There was no way she was buying herself trouble in place of a second chance at life. ”Whoever is out there…please keep Tyler safe ”

Iris then asks with obvious haste in her voice, ”please tell me, where should I take you then? ” She was filled with the thought of how a hospital was the most appropriate place to take him, however, Iris knew that a person like him should have a personal doctor. One he would be willing to trust with his life.

As a result, she was waiting for him to just tell her where to take him as a doctor could already be waiting for their arrival. ”the Mau… ” Iris waited for the sentence to be completed, but her wish never got fulfilled.

Tyler Harper had just passed out in her car, with such a garish wound in his abdomen. ”Oh! What a headache! ”

”What if he doesn make it out alive? What would Iris do if a dead man was seen in the back of my car seat? How would she explain to the Harper family that the only son of the family head had died in my car, but I wasn the one who killed him? Aaaahhhh! ”

Itis could swear she knows nothing about what happened to Tyler, but it wouldn stop the Harpers from having her head on a stake. They would literally tear her to shreds.

She thought she was unfortunate in her first life, but Iris knows that this is a whole new level of crazy.

”Rachel, I need your help… ” Iris couldn be bothered to exchange any pleasantries with her sister whom she had not seen or heard from in a month. She could only respond to her sisters query in a shaky voice, ”Im currently around Junction Avenue… Rachel, Please hurry! ”

Iris could think of no one else to save her from her current situation other than the genius doctor who is currently doing her residency.

This goes without saying that one wrong move could cost her whole medical career, as she could lose her license even before she gets it.

However, if its not her little sister, Iris would not entrust the current situation to any other person at the moment. Call her paranoid, but as the popular saying goes, once bitten, twice shy.

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