The Heiress Is Back

[3] Tyler Harper!

Having the foreign partners leave her premises with enough anger to burn the sea is what shes looking forward to. Nothing else concerns her right now. Iris would deal with every single person later on, but for now, first things first.

All Iris wants to do is to be in her convertible Ferrari and roll up the roof in order to have enough breeze blowing her hair. Her head needs the breeze to restart her messed-up brain. She could do with that at the moment.

Iris steps out of her inner chamber and hurriedly walks out of her office, but not without firmly locking the door and leaving with the key securely placed in her trouser pocket. She couldn help giving an evil smile, as she knew the alarm systems in the room had been activated according to her wish. Someone is in for a beautiful surprise tonight.

Iris walks in hurried steps towards the entrance of the company, as her driver had the car ready, in wait for his mistress to arrive.

The driver thought he was going home early tonight, only to receive a call from his boss assistant to get the car ready at the entrance of the company. He could only hope that the boss wouldn insist he stays deeper into the night to drive her pompous ass back home.

Seeing her approach, the driver swiftly opened the back door and bent a little, a show of his respect toward her. Iris stepped to the front seat and said to the shock of the driver, ”Ill drive! ”

The driver thought everything was over for him. Did the boss hear his inner thoughts about calling her pompous? Is that why she wants him gone? This can be! He was only letting out his frustrations in his mind. Can he have that at least? Now the boss lady can even read minds?

”Thank you for everything! ” Iris lets out this statement filled with so much emotion, but the driver only heard her thanking him for nothing, while Iris meant something totally different altogether. She was thanking him for all the assistance he rendered her in her past life.

The night was going so well and he was only surprised to see the boss relieving him of his duties. How was he to tell her that the job she offers him is the best he would ever have in his life, and cannot afford to lose it? He really felt like crying right now.

However, her next action got him wondering if he was in further trouble than he thought. ”Boss!…bo..sss! I swear I didn do anything wrong. Ive been right here, just like you requested …I…I… ”

Iris smiles bitterly, pulls out a stack of fifty-dollar bills, and hands it to the driver without bothering to count the amount. The driver didn dare slack the least bit in accepting the money. It may as well be his last paycheck anyway. He stretched both hands forward and hurriedly took the cash from Iris without knowing exactly how to react afterwards.

Iris couldn be bothered by the dumbfounded driver at the moment. She had her own thoughts to clear and definitely didn have the luxury of time to waste on encouraging the middle-aged driver at the moment. She knows for a fact that he will be back to work the next day. The dude would want to hear from Iris own mouth, whether hes fired or not.

”Good night, Uncle Fred ”

That was exactly how her parents used to address him, Uncle Fred. Iris withdrew from the middle-aged man after her parents death, as she didn know whether he was in on the whole conspiracy or not.

After pushing the driver away, a few stray tears fell from Iris eyes as she stood feeling the cold metal of the car keys, as well as the metal body of her beloved car. Her beloved convertible Ferrari. ”How I miss you, babe! ” Of all the names Iris could find for her car, she named it babe.

The driver doesn know, and would never find out either, but he was one of the very few people who showed kindness to Iris in her time of destitution. Oh, how she regretted doubting him all these years.

With the driver leaving reluctantly and finally out of sight, a few stray tears fell from Iris eyes. She still couldn believe that shes been reborn, and that too, to the very moment before her entire life came crumbling down.

She closed her eyes to take in a deep breath after having enough of the moving vehicles and feeling the presence of life around her. Passersby have started turning twice and pointing fingers in her direction, and Iris wasn ready for anyone walking up to her to strike up a conversation. Someone may be bold enough to do that, seeing her all alone and looking all moody.

She takes her sit in the drivers seat and turns on the ignition, ready to zoom off at top speed. At the same time that she started the ignition, Iris had lifted the roof of her car, revealing its lush interior.

Many men would marvel and drool at the sight of a pretty woman with enough beauty for seven people, sitting so carefree behind the wheels of a luxury convertible, while having the wind blow her hair everywhere. Such a beautiful sight to behold.

However, such was not the case for a certain someone. Just before she stepped on the pedal, someone suddenly opened the door and entered without being invited. Iris was startled by the sudden presence of the intruder, knowing fully well that she is still in some semblance of danger tonight.

She was ready to defend herself in any way possible as she abruptly turned to the back seat while saying, ”who sent you…? ” The rest of the words got stuck in her throat when she turned around and finally took in the sight of the specimen of a man she had in her back seat.

Holy moly! This guy is so damn hot! For a moment there, Iris suddenly felt something she couldn explain. She was momentarily forgetful of the things that threatened to drive her insane. The sight before her is enough therapy to have her wishing she never takes her eyes away from him, ever.

Broad chests that are so pronounced that she felt she could be the shirt on his body. ”There must be some pretty impressive muscles hidden behind those, ” Iris thought.

He had a well-chiseled jawline, a pointed nose, and extremely beautiful blue eyes that reminded one of the deep blue seas, or even an ocean, maybe the pacific, to be precise. His eyebrows were so full, with eyelashes so long that they cast a shadow on his cheeks as he looked down to his tummy.

Iris was about to appreciate the beautiful pink lips and tender skin which should originally belong to a woman, but her eyes trailed down to the direction of his sight and she was suddenly greeted by a gory sight. The stranger, or not so much a stranger, was bleeding from his abdomen, with his hand covering or maybe even pressing on the wound.

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