The Heiress Is Back

[1] A Soft Bed


Onlooker A: ”Oh my God!!! Is she dead? ”

Onlooker B: ”Call 911… Somebody call 911! ”

Onlooker C: ”I think shes already dead… no need to rush the ambulance. ”

Onlooker A: I guess shes going straight to the morgue… tsk! tsk! Such a horrible way to die ”

Onlookers continued to discuss the accident among themselves, as some even brought out their smartphones for videos. Different people had different feelings towards the victim.

Some felt pathetic, some were scared, and others were confused as to what actually happened, as no one saw this coming. They all couldn help wondering what the identity of the victim was.

[Ring!] [Ring!] [Ring!!!]

”Speak! ”

”Boss, its done ”


”Whats going on?… Where am I?… H..ow come I can feel my body?… I don even feel pain anywhere… Even the darkness is gone… Iris… Iris… Calm down… Calm down… calm down… just breathe… breathe…breathe ”

Iris Bowman wakes up with a start and begins sweating profusely, unknown to her, her pillow and bed sheets had been thoroughly soaked by nothing else but her sweat. She took a while to understand what was happening to her, and around her. She needed to really take things coolly, so she kept reminding herself.

However, taking things coolly was not as easy as it sounds. Finally taking the environment into view, Iris jumps from the bed and starts pacing up and down in the room.

”Lights! A soft bed! Cars! Sounds from other people! ” [Sigh] ”Could this be a joke? Is someone out there playing a prank on me? This isn funny, you know ”

She couldn understand what was happening here. The feeling of being in such a warm bed is so foreign to her that she couldn understand she just slept on one. Wait, the bed is not the issue. She could actually feel her body and move her arms at will. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, Iris mouths the words, ”when was the last time I felt this way? ”

The last time she checked, she was cold and shattered through and through, and couldn even move a finger. How is she suddenly able to do these things that only living humans could do? Do dead people also have dreams? Wait! Whats even todays date?

She only had a fleeting thought, not knowing that her whole world had changed already.

Iris moves robotically to her phone which was lying on the bed, and what she sees threatens to drive her insane. She then lifts her head to the bedside table and sees her cute foldable calendar on it. She really loves this gift from her younger sister, Rachel, who painstakingly designed it for her sister to feel her presence wherever she went. Undoubtedly, Iris was always on the move.

Well, that was five years ago, when the seventeen-year-old Rachel loved art very much, her parents were alive, and she was also very close to her dear sister, Iris. Now, they only liv

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