Gu Miao Miao, who had been tossing and turning all night, was awakened by the harsh sound of a violin.

Like the sound of sawing wood.

Gu Miao Miao got up and angrily left the room.

At a glance, she saw a poor student who was learning the violin under the supervision of the teacher and an angry Yu Lan sitting downstairs.

“…She has been learning this for half a year, why does it still sound the same as sawing wood? Can’t she even play out a few lines??”

The violin teacher patiently explained, “This violin is different from instruments like the piano.
It takes a long time to lay the foundation…”

“And You You is too young, and her fingers are very small.
At this age, cultivating interest is more important…”

Yu Lan didn’t care much, she just wanted her to immediately learn so she couldn’t be worse than other children.

While the two were arguing, You You, who was tired from standing, sneaked to the sofa and sat like a salted fish.

Then she saw Gu Miao Miao who was watching her from the second floor.

She immediately waved to her, and with an innocent smirk said, “Sister, you are awake!”

Greeting her smiling face full of trust, Gu Miao Miao instantly recalled the wet good night kiss from the last night.

Last night, she tossed and turned.
She couldn’t sleep, thinking over and over about the kiss in her mind.

She was not a fool.

From the first sight of their reunion, Gu You You’s actions and reactions have subverted all the scenes of their first meeting in the last life.

Initially, she thought maybe Gu You You was also reborn like her, but recalling all of Gu You You’s words and deeds from last night, she really couldn’t convince herself that “All of this was just her pretense”.

After thinking for a long time, Gu Miao Miao could only think of one explanation.

Parallel world.

Gu Miao Miao viciously thought, maybe Gu You You did too many bad things in the past, so she was punished in this parallel world. 

She had become so stupid that she easily believed her.

Gu Miao Miao looked at Gu You You who waved at her, turned around, and went back to the bedroom.

Seeing this, You You, who waved her hand halfway, was a little dazed.

Why did my sister run away??

When she saw that her mother was still busy arguing with the teacher, and had no time to control her, so she carried her violin and ran upstairs to find Gu Miao Miao.

“…Elder sister?”

From the crack of the door, a small head secretly observed, and Gu Miao Miao, who had just woken up, looked quite cold.


The child’s senses were very keen.
From only one simple word, she could feel that her elder sister was a little less hostile to her.

She didn’t know that it was because Gu Miao Miao was sympathizing with her.


The little girl holding her violin took another small step and courageously leaned halfway in.

“Sister, you haven’t heard me play the violin, right? I will play it for you?”

In fact, she had heard it, just this morning.

Very inspiring…the kind that could kill.

However, You You didn’t give her the time to refuse.
Seeing that Gu Miao Miao didn’t scold her like yesterday, she directly stepped into the room.

She placed her little violin on her shoulder, held her head high, and raised her elbows—

A harsh sound like a fingernail scraping across a blackboard came.

“The teacher taught me this tune last week!”

Although she could only pull a short paragraph, You You still held her chest up and was very proud.

“You You have only studied this for three months, isn’t it amazing!!”

Gu Miao Miao was almost killed by this piece of music, but she endured and didn’t scold Gu You You.

She still couldn’t stand such a good violin being ruined by You You.

“That’s not how it is pulled.”

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You You didn’t know why, but after thinking about it, she handed the violin to Gu Miao Miao.

“Can my sister play the violin?”

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