Gu Miao Miao, who had just returned to the room, heard a knock on the door.

She guessed who it was, but she didn’t want to pay attention.


The knock on the door was a bit small this time as if she could imagine the careful look of the knocker.

Then Gu Miao Miao heard the door slowly open.

The position of the doorknob was still a little high for You You.
She had a hard time opening the door while standing on her toes. 

She didn’t dare to go in directly, she carefully sneaked in through the crack of the door.

“Gu You You.”

Gu Miao Miao put down her pen and coldly called.

Hearing her name, You You, who thought she was very secretive, was taken aback. 

She was still standing on her toes, holding the doorknob in one hand, and holding something in the other. 

Gu You You was so scared that she couldn’t stand still, and fell.

The door was leisurely opened.

The little girl who fell was lying on the ground, and the thing she was holding in her arms had rolled towards Gu Miao Miao’s feet.

It was a can of strawberry milk.

Gu Miao Miao knew that this was You You’s favorite drink.

But what she didn’t know was that Yu Lan didn’t allow Gu You You to take more, so she had to save her share for today, so that she could share her favorite milk with her sister.

You You had fallen often and she was used to it.

Soon, she skillfully got up by herself, patted the soil that didn’t exist on her body, and quickly ran to Gu Miao Miao’s feet.

She hurriedly picked up the strawberry milk can on the ground and handed it to her sister.

“Sister, drink milk.” The jade-carved little girl had soft cheeks, her smiling eyes curved into crescents, and she looked soft and sweet.

The little hand holding the strawberry milk can was raised high.
The little girl held the corner of the desk and tiptoed while trying to reach her.

Even after seeing the little girl’s movement, Gu Miao Miao still did not move.

You You’s little brows twitched suspiciously, as if asking—

Why don’t you pick it up?? I am tired of lifting it.

The arrogant and domineering younger sister in her memory overlapped and separated from this little dumpling in front of her.

Gu Miao Miao frowned, and said, “I don’t drink it.”

Hearing it, You You’s eyes widened in astonishment, and her mouth opened in an O shape as if she was sighing, how could there be people in this world who didn’t like drinking strawberry milk??

In Gu Miao Miao’s heart, there was a sudden trace of irritability that came for no reason.

“Don’t you have anything else to do?? Don’t bother me again, okay?!”

Gu Miao Miao’s tone was much fiercer this time.
She looked so sullen that she almost wrote “I don’t like you” on her face.

Holding her beloved strawberry milk, You You pitifully looked at Gu Miao Miao with her small face still raised.

In the black grape-like eyes, there was a layer of water mist.

Seeing the innocent eyes, Gu Miao Miao felt disturbed.

…Can’t be fooled, this girl is a little liar.

Gu You You had been a little liar since she was a child.
Hadn’t you been cheated by her innocence often??

After being reborn, how could you be fooled by this brat again?

“Sister, are you in a bad mood?” The little girl’s soft and milky voice cautiously probed.

Hearing it, Gu Miao Miao felt more irritated, so she deliberately answered, “Yes, I am in a bad mood.”

It turned out, because of the bad mood.
You You breathed a sigh of relief.

She put herself in her sister’s shoes and thought about it.
If she suddenly moved to a new home, where unfamiliar people live, she would feel very sad and uncomfortable.

“Okay.” The sweet and sensible You You decided not to disturb her elder sister.

Seeing that Gu You You had turned around and was about to leave, Gu Miao Miao breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly You You turned her head and kissed her on the cheek.

Soft…with a bit of saliva.

“Good night, Sister.”

You You, who was secretly delighted, covered her mouth, quickly turned, and trotted away.

After Gu You You left, Gu Miao Miao was dazed.
It took her a long time to realize what had just happened.


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Who just kissed me?! Why am I being kissed again??

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