ed to break my leg!!

— Miao Miao, you are an elder sister, how could you treat your younger sister like this??!

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— You have let me down too much…

The sad memory of the previous life encircled Gu Miao Miao’s mind, and her eyes were like a cold pool.
Her body exudes a dangerous atmosphere full of coldness and alienation.

Gu Miao Miao stared at the little dumpling lying near her feet.

She swears that if this little girl dared to wrong her again, or tried to frame her by confusing black and white with that innocent face, she would definitely…

“Sister, you have suffered…”

The milky voice with a crying tone sounded childish and wronged as if it was not someone else who suffered, but she herself had suffered

Hearing it, Gu Miao Miao was stunned on the spot.

Seeing her sister whose hair was still dripping with water, You You felt so distressed that she couldn’t do anything but opened her small arms to hug Gu Miao Miao, who was soaked all over her body.

“…You You…!” Aunt Zhang on the side hurriedly pulled You You away from Gu Miao Miao, and took a piece of tissue paper to wipe the child’s wet cheeks.

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“Sister is full of water, so she should use it too.
What should I do if she catches a cold?”

Gu Miao Miao, who was soaked all over, stood aside and looked coldly at the little girl with a light expression.

You You let Auntie Zhang wipe her, after that she held her head up to remind Aunt Zhang, “Sister is going to take a bath and change clothes.”

Aunt Zhang looked at Gu Miao Miao and smiled politely, “Miss Miao Miao, I am Aunt Zhang, who works at Gu’s house.
Let me take you to take a bath first…”

In a distant tone, Gu Miao Miao replied, “Please point out the direction of the bathroom, I can take a bath by myself.” 

The words were rude and blunt, too precocious for a five-year-old teenager.

Hearing those words, Aunt Zhang’s smile froze and after a while, she replied, “…Okay.”

Aunt Zhang turned around but thought to herself that the child was indeed a girl who grew up in the countryside, with no manners and an eccentric temper. 

Gu and Mrs.
Yu would not like her weird temper.

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