“I’ll settle the account with you later, a little white-eyed wolf!” 

Yu Lan had a strong will to win, and she was very hosti le to Gu Miao Miao. 

No matter what You You said, she believed that Gu Miao Miao was demonstrating her skills.

After threatening, she picked up You You in one hand and the expensive violin in the other.

Before leaving, she gave Gu Miao Miao a vicious look and said, “Wait and see!”

You You was lying on Yu Lan’s shoulder, and her soft little face was full of tears.
She looked pitifully and called in an aggrieved voice “sister”.

The fleshy little hand hung in the air stretching out in the direction of Gu Miao Miao.

The door slammed shut, the room was suddenly quiet.

Gu Miao Miao seemed to have lost all her strength and tiredly fell on the bed.

After a long time, she muttered to herself, “…too cunning.”

Gu You You, that little liar, was too cunning.

You You, who was taken away by Yu Lan, sat on her small bed and seriously listened to Yu Lan’s brainwashing words.

The content of brainwashing was nothing more than “your sister has a bad heart and she doesn’t like you”, “she comes back here to fight with you for family property” and so on.

You You, who had just stopped crying, had wet eyelashes, tilted her head, and slowly asked, “…What is the family property? Why does my sister fight for it??”

“…It’s your dad’s money.”

“Mom, didn’t you tell me that good children should learn to share with others?”

Hearing this, Yu Lan was so angry that she could barely breathe.
She poked her in the forehead and said, “I taught many things, but you only remembered this clearly!”

You You obediently replied, “I remember everything that Mom has said.”

You remember shit!

“Then let me tell you again, stay away from Gu Miao Miao, and don’t play with her, remember it!”

Seeing her mother’s lingering anger, Gu You You stared at her for a while, then raised her small lips and smiled sweetly, and reached out to her.

“Mom hug!”

The little dumpling had just finished crying, her little face was red and puffy, her eyes were looking like black grapes, and she was so cute.

Yu Lan was angry with her, but her anger was no match for little dumpling’s coquettish offensive.

It didn’t take long for her to lose her anger, and after a few kisses, she let You You paint by herself, and then went out to the beauty salon.

You You was happy after coaxing her mother and sending her away. 

Her mother was so fierce just now, she must have frightened her sister, maybe she was crying secretly by herself in her room now.

You You wanted to coax her sister, but after thinking for a while, You You still couldn’t think of how to coax her.

…What does my sister like??

Holding her little face, You You thought hard for a long time, and finally thought of it!

Her sister must love this!

You You is so smart!

Feeling Excited, You You moved the chair to the front of the cabinet, took out her piggy bank, and put it in her school bag.

She climbed up on the table again, tore a small piece of paper, slowly drew something stroke by stroke, and held it in the palm of her hand.

After pushing open the door, You You saw that Aunt Zhang was preparing lunch in the kitchen, and her sister was still in her room.

So, no one saw that You You, who was carrying a small school bag, shoved the note into Gu Miao Miao’s door and left.

She slipped out of the house with her head held high as if she was about to do some earth-shattering thing.

It wasn’t until lunchtime when Aunt Zhang searched around the house and couldn’t find You You, only then she found out that You You was gone.

“…Yes, I’ve searched everywhere, even in the backyard at home, but I haven’t seen her…”

“…Her school bag and piggy bank are gone too.
I’m wondering if she was running away from home…”

“…The one staying upstairs? Miss Miao Miao? She has been in the room…”

“…Okay, I’ll contact the security right now, and also check the community monitoring…”

“Yes, and also call the police right away…”

The whole Gu family was in chaos.

It was too dangerous for a three-year-old child to go out alone, and thinking about it everyone was panicking.    

After hanging up the phone, Aunt Zhang took off her apron and ran out, completely forgetting about Gu Miao Miao who was staying upstairs.

Gu Miao Miao was also surprised by You You’s disappearance.

But she didn’t think that You You would run away from home.

Just as she opened the door and was about to go out to have a look, she suddenly stepped on something.

It was a folded piece of paper.

When she opened it, she saw a violin and a little girl with a piggy bank drawn on it.

Suddenly, Gu Miao Miao had an incredible thought in her heart—

…Gu You You shouldn’t have gone to buy a violin for her, right?

(Translated by Beauty Brute.)

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