For the first time, Wei Xieyang gave a direct answer to this question.
His eyes were filled with indifference, like the night sky, dark and cold, “I can’t.”

The hand holding his hat clenched until the veins protruded, and a terrifying aura burst out of Du Guzhou’s body, as if he did not know them.
The two omega’s were forced back as their faces turned pale.
He was using an alpha’s natural advantage to suppress the omega’s in front of him – the ability to intimidate with pheromones. 

Wei Xieyang let out a furious cry, the angry flames in his heart soaring, he could barely contain the beast in his heart.
Not to be outdone, he confronted Du Guzhou heads on, slowly overcoming his natural disadvantages of being an omega, and becoming on par with the strength of an alpha.

However, he suddenly felt Yue Chu’s body fall against him.
The weak trembling woke him up, and he turned his head over only to see the distressed face of Yue Chu.
Those clear eyes were filled with shock and disappointment, the snow white face was covered in sweat, and his lips had been bitten into a blood red, which was particularly eye catching against his paleness.

The fire within Wei Xieyang slowly calmed down, turning into a mass of ashes before evaporating into smoke.
All that was left was a rational coldness.

Wei Xieyang closed his eyes.
When he opened them again, he was calm again, “Enough, guards, please invite Du Guzhou out.”

Du Guzhou looked at Wei Xieyang in disbelief until he realized that Wei Xieyang was serious.
He slowly took a step back, stood up straight, and put on his hat.

He let out a sigh, “Xieyang, neither of us are calm right now.
If it continues on like this, we’ll find ourselves in an endless cycle of arguements.
I don’t want that to happen.
Why don’t we wait for us to calm down before sitting down and having a good talk, okay?”

Wei Xieyang let out a ‘mhm’ and watched Du Guzhou leave with an indifferent expression.

They were like two mismatched puzzle pieces desperately trying their best to fit against each other, not knowing what was wrong.

Wei Xieyang gently let Yue Chu, who was coughing, lean on his shoulder as he[7] handed him[8] a glass of water.
Looking at Yue Chu’s helpless and bewildered eyes, Wei Xieyang’s heart couldn’t help trembling, and he gently smoothed the wet hair stuck to his forehead.

Yue Chu slowly recovered and looked up at Wei Xieyang, inexplicably asking, “Why? I thought Du Guzhou liked strong omegas?”

Wei Xieyang mockingly curled the corner of his mouth, “A strong omega?”

He finally understood what kind of an omega Du Guzhou wanted.
The so-called ‘strong’ omega was nothing but one that would obediently stay at home, not cause any trouble, and not drag him down, instead of someone that would walk side by side with him.

He felt a pang in his heart, but it was less intense than the pain that he had felt two years ago when he had been stopped by Du Guzhou.
And, especially after seeing Yue Chu’s stunned appearance, his grief slowly turned to sympathy. 

He had seen how hard Yue Chu tried to get close to Du Guzhou, but when victory had been clearly in front of him,[9] he[10] had found that the person he had been chasing had long since been changed beyond recognition.
That sort of despair was true pain.

Wei Xieyang comforted him, “Du Guzhou isn’t that bad, he just can’t understand us.”

Yue Chu: “Why can’t he understand?”

Wei Xieyang pondered for a while, “Because he’s an alpha.”

Yue Chu let out an ‘oh’ and sullenly said, “Then I won’t like alphas anymore.”

He could finally take back the confession, he didn’t want to continue being so infamous.[11]

Wei Xieyang almost laughed, why did he[12] sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum? He[13] quickly pulled back his expression as to not hurt the child’s fragile heart.

Wei Xieyang couldn’t hold himself back and teased Yue Chu, “You really won’t like them anymore?”

Yue Chu looked at Wei Xieyang and seriously said, “Why should I like a someone who can’t understand or support me? I don’t ask for much, I just need to feel secure.”

Wei Xieyang wanted to say that Yue Chu was being too naive, but found that he[14] couldn’t bear to mock him.[15] Yue Chu was right, if two people were in love with each other, they would really be like that.
But too many omegas ended up becoming an alpha’s canary under the name of ‘love.’

The translator has something to say:

Changed my update schedule to something more frequent.

However this month is finals month so expect me to be even less frequent than my previous one lol.

Also something funny I noticed in the chinese comment section is that people don’t like the ML being called “big eyed” and “pretty” cuz they think it’s too feminine.
That’s the whole point, he’s the “perfect” omega-



↑1 non-artillery weapons
↑2 he’s saying that even if Xieyang will get better, Yue Chu will also get better, so Xieyang has to work harder to catch up
↑3, ↑8, ↑10, ↑12, ↑15 Yue Chu
↑4 slang to praise someone, similar to calling someone “the goat” or shouting “kobe” whenever you make a 3-pointer
↑5 Du Guzhou
↑6, ↑7, ↑13, ↑14 Wei Xieyang
↑9 Yue Chu made Wei Xieyang think that he was participating in the mecha contest for Du Guzhou
↑11 infamous for liking Du Guzhou

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