Early in the morning, Yue Chu waited outside the school holding a black umbrella.
With a straight back and a lollipop in his mouth, he would’ve been a beauty to behold if he wasn’t always associated with being a crybaby.
Passing alphas would look back at him with interest only to realize that it was Yue Chu before looking away in disappointment.
Alphas undoubtedly liked delicate omegas, but Yue Chu, who was so delicate that he wouldn’t even fight back after being beaten and scolded, was too bland and uninteresting.

He’s here!

With a smile on his face, Yue Chu’s long legs strode over to a rather cool-looking aircraft.
He stood next to the sectioned off area so that he would be in plain view of Wei Xieyang.

His efforts were not in vain.
Wei Xieyang’s face darkened the moment he disembarked the vehicle, that guy actually came to pick him[1] up.

Of course Wei Xieyang wouldn’t think that Yue Chu had come for him.
So did that mean Yue Chu liked Du Guzhou that much? To pick someone up this early in the morning was really too unreserved!

He walked towards the school gate without sparing Yue Chu a glance.
But the unhurried footsteps following behind him ignited his anger. 

Wei Xieyang jerked his head around, “How much longer are you going to follow?!”

Wei Xieyang: “Soon the whole school is going to know that you like Du Guzhou! His fans will tear you into pieces! You idiot!”

Yue Chu sped up his steps upon seeing Wei Xiyang turn his head.
With a face full of innocence he said, “Your Highness, have you forgotten that we’re from the same class?”

Wei Xieyang choked on his words, he’d been so irritated that he really forgot.
Since they were going to the same class, he didn’t need to drive Yue Chu away, but…he really was annoying.

Pretending not to see Wei Xieyang burning with anger, Yue Chu took out an orange-flavored lollipop and handed it over.
“Your Highness, do you want candy? It’s really sweet.”

Wei Sieyang gave a cold refusal, “Sweets make people weak.”

Yue Chu gave a light chuckle, “Sweets don’t make you weak. Only you can make yourself weak.”[2]

Wei Xieyang looked over at Yue Chu.
Yue Chu’s delicate white face strongly contrasted against the black umbrella.
His soft smile always made people unconsciously put their guard down, but upon closer inspection, one would find that while Yue Chu looked relaxed on the outside, he was always ready for action.
However, most people missed this because they saw him through prejudiced eyes.

Wei Xieyang took the sweet and peeled off its wrapper and put the orange-flavored candy into his mouth.
The sweet flavor of oranges spread from the tip of his tongue and slowly spread to his stomach.

It was sweet.

Wei Xieyang didn’t like sweets.
More accurately, he didn’t like the him that loved sweets, just like how he hated his omega identity.
Those two aspects of himself reminded him of his weakness.

Yue Chu took the candy wrapper from Wei Xieyang’s hand and tied it into a knot with his own candy wrapper before tossing them into the bucket of a cleaning robot.

Wei Xieyang softly snorted, how diligent.
Who was he[3] putting on a show for? He said that he would hold an umbrella for him[4] and carry his bag, but all he[5] did was keep the umbrella to himself! He[6] just knew that he couldn’t even trust a single word from this guy!

They walked all the way to the door of the classroom where they happened to meet Du Guzhou.
Du Guzhou frowned upon seeing Yue Chu trailing behind Wei Xieyang.

“Xieyang, let’s talk.”

Du Guzhou called out to Wei Xieyang, making Yue Chu stop in his tracks.

Yue Chu knew that this was a sign that his advances toward Wei Xieyang these past two days had aroused Du Guzhou’s vigilance.
Such a possessive alpha would never let him[7] cling onto his[8] omega.
Du Guzhou would definitely find a way to separate him[9] from Wei Xieyang.

Yue Chu’s smile remained unchanged as he gave a nod to Wei Xieyang and sat down. He[10] would never let that happen, soldiers can always bury water with soil.[11] He wanted to see what tricks Du Guzhou had up his sleeves.

“Whats up?”

Wei Xieyang and Du Guzhou stood in a corner of the corridor.
A flowery fragrance blew in through the open windows.
What should have been a beautiful and romantic scene filled with gunpowder[12] as the conversation continued.

Du Guzhou: “Why are you getting closer to Yue Chu?”

Wei Xieyang: “What made you think we’re getting closer? Is it just because of that piece of candy?”

Du Guzhou: “Yes, you never eat the things that other people give you.”

Wei Xieyang admitted that he had had a ghost in his heart,[13] but not to the point where Du Guzhou could make a problem out of nothing.
But he still gave in, after all, it wasn’t a big deal.
Since Du Guzhou was bothered by it, as his fiance, Wei Xieyang should pay more attention.

Wei Xieyang: “It was just a one time thing, it won’t happen again.”

Du Guzhou let go of his worries, and he slightly relaxed his clenched jaw.

Du Guzhou: “I’m not stopping you from making friends, but Yue Chu isn’t fit to be your friend.
Since you go to the same class, you should already know that he’s always left out because he’s weak.
The other omegas won’t even talk to him, so there’s definitely something wrong with him.
Xieyang, you’re the most accomplished omega I’ve ever seen.
I hope that you’ll keep the excellent qualities that I like about you and not ruin yourself because of an unsightly friend.”

Wei Xieyang let out a cold laugh.
His eyes, which had just softened, instantly turned cold as ice and he looked at Du Guzhou with unfamiliar eyes, as if he had just met him for the first time.

Wei Xieyang: “You’ve already drawn a conclusion about Yue Chu without ever investigating him?”

Du Guzhou frowned, he never thought that Wei Xieyang would unexpectedly stand up for Yue Chu. 

Du Guzhou: “Almost everyone in the class ignores him, isn’t that enough to prove that there’s something wrong with him?”

Wei Xieyang quietly looked into the distance.
Yue Chu was sitting in the classroom with his back straight, diligently studying.
Wei Xieyang suddenly felt that Yue Chu was very pitiful.
The people in the classroom were talking and laughing with one another, but no one was by Yue Chu’s side, it was as if he and the rest of the class were in different dimensions.
And even the person Yue Chu fiercely liked mercilessly left him in the dust.

He had always known that Du Guzhou was an inconsiderate person.
But for the sake of the engagement, he had been willing to lower himself to appease Du Guzhou.
However, all Du Guzhou had brought him was disappointment time and time again.

Wei Xieyang coldly replied, “Just because someone is isolated by a group of people doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with them.
Perhaps the group of people is the one in the wrong.
Without any prior investigation, you judged a person purely based on how other people treated them.
Du Guzhou, I’m really disappointed in you.”

Wei Xieyang didn’t want to continue his conversation with Du Guzhou.
For the first time, he had discovered that the man he used to put up on a pedestal was nothing but an ordinary person.

Du Guzhou pursed his mouth as he watched Wei Xieyang fade into the background.
He suddenly had a bad premonition, as if something was constantly breaking out of his control and developing in an unpredictable direction.
He watched through the window as Yue Chu raised his head and gave a bright smile to Wei Xieyang as he entered the classroom.
The scene stung his eyes, making him extremely irritated.

As an alpha, Du Guzhou certainly would not think that two omegas would develop any sort of romantic entanglements with one another, but Yue Chu’s influence over Wei Xieyang troubled him.[14]

Investigate? He wanted to see what made Yue Chu so special that Wei Xieyang would resolutely defend him.

Yue Chu lightly tapped the paper with his pen, his thoughts drifting away.
Wei Xieyang and Du Guzhou had finished their talk and come back one after the other.
Both of them had ugly expressions on their faces, and it was obvious that they had parted on bad terms.
He was a little curious, what exactly did Du Guzhou say to make the always reasonable Wei Xieyang so angry? He wondered if stepping forward and saying, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you two argue because of me.” would give him any extra tea art points.

Yue Chu smiled as he spun the pen around in his hand. It was really green tea,[15] so green tea that he’d almost made himself angry.

Zhao Heng and the others had been expelled from school.
The official reason had been that they’d bullied their classmates, but most people looked at this with critical eyes.
They all knew that Yue Chu was a crybaby who couldn’t even kill an ant.
Zhou Heng and the others only needed to say a few words before Yue Chu burst into tears.
It would be an exaggeration to call this bullying.
However, the school had already concluded the matter.
Zhou Heng and the others did not speak up, and the matter eventually calmed down.
However, most people sympathetically[16] thought that Yue Chu’s overprotective family must’ve forced Zhao Heng and the others to drop out of school.

Yue Chu stirred his honey water, the silver spoon gently collided with the ceramic cup, making a pleasant sound.
He was very leisurely, completely indifferent to the increasing exclusion from the people around him.

Suddenly, a beta ran in, both cheeks stained red with excitement as he shouted, “Guys, hurry over to the gym! The top omegas, His Highness Wei Xieyang and Young Master Zhou Ran are fighting each other over Du Guzhou!!!”

There was a stunned silence before everyone suddenly swarmed out, as if they were afraid to miss the good show.

The spoon in Yue Chu’s hand stopped, and he swept his eyes over his excited classmates.
The news must’ve been blown out of proportions, as an elegant and cold person like Wei Xieyang would never fight another omega no matter what.

Still…he should go over and take a look.

Little bear was overly excited and flew around Yue Chu’s body.
Its eyes had turned into two red lasers and it jabbered as it excitedly waved its magic wand around, urging Yue Chu to hurry up.

[The Green Tea System has been activated.

Task 2: Please use the phrase, “He didn’t do it on purpose, don’t blame him.” during a conversation, there is no word limit and no required style of speech.
The subject of the conversation should be closely related to the given phrase.
The system will give you a score upon completion, the score is based on the amount of impact you have on the world.
Don’t be tactless, you can do it!]

As soon as the little bear heard the prompt, it immediately latched onto Yue Chu’s finger and cried out, [Brother, can I call you brother? You have to do it to the right person this time, don’t scare me like last time!]

Yue Chu chuckled lightly, “What’s the use of calling me brother? Call me dad.” 

Little bear’s jaw dropped in shock, what a shameless guy!

Yue Chu ran quickly, he looked weak, as if a gust of wind would blow him away.
But the panting betas soon found that this omega could overtake them from behind almost as fast as an alpha could.

The betas faces were covered with confusion: When did such a heaven defying omega appear? Can’t you leave a way out for us betas?![17]

The translator has something to say:

Yes, the author reused the previous task message word for word, the only thing that changed was the task phrase lol.

Sorry to the readers who got confused with my previous blank upload.
I was testing out the scheduled update feature and forgot to turn it off so an empty chapter 4 got posted a week ago.
I’ve already taken that one down and removed it from NovelUpdates.



↑1, ↑8, ↑14 Du Guzhou
↑2 he is saying that its the lollipop isn’t the issue here, its the internalized disgust that Wei Xieyang has for himself that makes him weak
↑3, ↑5, ↑7, ↑9, ↑10 Yue Chu
↑4, ↑6 Wei Xieyang
↑11 兵来将挡,水来土掩 chinese idiom meaning to adapt to different circumstances
↑12 became aggresive/hostile
↑13 鬼迷心窍 idiom meaning that you feel fascinated/obsessed for a while, as if a ghost had possessed you
↑15 if this doesn’t make sense to you grammatically, just replace green tea with “bitchy,” “It was really bitchy, so bitchy that he’d almost made himself angry.”
↑16 they’re sympathizing with the bullies, not Yue Chu
↑17 meaning that the omega is so strong, there’s no use for betas.
so they’re begging the omega to cut them some slack

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