Zhao Heng[1]in c1, this guy locked og body in the restroom & in c2, MC took this guy’s seat and his group of good-for-nothing friends didn’t arrive until the start of the second class.
Yue Chu calmly browsed through his class notes, not bothering to pay them any of his attention.

Zhao Heng was momentarily stunned when he saw Yue Chu and then revealed a proud smirk.
He meaningfully glanced over at Yue Chu with unspoken malice, before looking back at his companions and smiling.
However, his expression changed when he saw his desk.
He cursed in an uncouth manner before glaring sharply at Yue Chu.
In the end, he didn’t say anything and sat down with a pursed mouth.

Yue Chu quietly gloated, he knew those guys wouldn’t dare to blatantly bully him.
He looked at the time, there were two more hours left before school ended.
That was enough time for Zhao Heng to blow up with nowhere to vent his anger.

He gently flipped a page, his white jade-like fingers slowly slid across the pale yellow paper like a piece of exquisite artwork, however, the places his finger slid over weren’t as artistic.
His finger first landed on the word “kill” before sliding onto the word “comparison.” Yue Chu let out a meaningful chuckle.

The little bear finally recovered from its fit and furiously flapped its wings in front of Yue Chu’s face.
All the hair on its body exploded, making it look like a little lion instead of a little bear.

Yue Chu pretended to fix his hair and surreptitiously flicked the little bear away, just in time to save his face.

Little Bear: Have you gone mad? Don’t even think about getting a single point if you continue doing your task this way! And if we don’t get any points, we can’t save the world! And then we’ll die!

Yue Chu: Oh? We?

The little bear immediately covered its mouth, and its eyes shifted around nervously, wishing that it could go back in time.
Its seniors had told it to never ever ever ever let its host know that a system’s life was bound to its host life because there would be serious consequences.
It had been too agitated earlier and accidentally let it slip. What should I do? Is he going to threaten me? AHHH I don’t want to die, why’d I meet such a scary host on my first mission?

Yue Chu: You should look at it from my perspective.
My wish won’t come true if I don’t complete the task.
Even and idiot wouldn’t do something as stupid as destroying their own interests.
So as long as you don’t make me angry, we’ll be comrades in arms.

Yue Chu turned his head and smiled as he spun a pen in his hand.
Sunlight shone through the large window and into the large, clean classroom, making him look like an angel.

It was a pity that neither the little bear nor Zhao Heng appreciated such a beautiful smile.

The little bear silently shuddered, thinking to itself that its host’s smile was clearly full of warnings. don’t BB[2]slang for “don’t talk nonsense”, if you BB again I won’t cooperate.

The little bear put a furry hand into its mouth, wanting to cry: I’m just a little cabbage~ That no one loves~[3]chinese folk song called “Cabbage” about a lonely countryside girl who lost her mom

As for Zhou Heng? He took the smile as provocation and gritted his teeth in anger. 

Yue Chu: Take a look at my task completion rate.

Oh oh, the little bear nodded its head and quickly pulled up a screen.
It couldn’t help but let out a long sigh as it waited for the calculation results.
It felt that there was a 99% chance of the task failing.
It only hoped that it was lucky enough not to get a goose egg.[4]old saying meaning failure because 0 looks like an egg

[The task has been completed.
The conversation was strongly related to the given phrase, and the emotions were well conveyed. 

Plot change value: 0

Protagonist favorability: negative value

Final score: 6.5 (passing)

Reward: 3 tea art points

Keep up the good work!]

The little bear’s jaw dropped, and it smacked the screen a couple of times before unwillingly withdrawing its paw after a red warning popped up. Is there a problem with the calculations? How in the world did they pass?!

Yue Chu pondered for a while.
The system’s calculations were composed of four conditions:

One, he had to be green tea

Two, he had to convey his emotions

Three, he had to change the plot

Four, he had to change the values of the protagonist favorability.

Supposing that each condition was worth 25 points, he had gotten at least 20 points for the first two conditions, which was around 40 points in total.
That meant he had 20 points left over.
The plot changing value had been 0 so that hadn’t been counted towards his score.
That left the protagonist favorability. [5]≥20 (green tea) + ≥20 (emotions) + 0 (plot change) + ≥20 (favorability) ≈ 65/100

He obviously hadn’t increased Wei Xieyang’s favorability during their first encounter, and had even gotten a negative score.
But a negative score was still a score, and a pretty high one at that.
Yue Chu gently bit his finger, since it was like this, he had a lot more to work with.

After school.

Yue Chu didn’t continue to pester Wei Xieyang.
After all, the two weren’t really close to each other to begin with, and any attempt from his side to lessen the distance would result in an opposite effect.
Thus, he packed up his things, threw a smile in Wei Xieyang’s direction, and left without turning back.

Wei Xieyang couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Yue Chu’s brain and was too lazy to give him a response.
He didn’t eat lunch at school, so he didn’t need to rush to the cafeteria and compete for food.
Instead, he took his time and leisurely packed up his things.

But right at that moment, he saw Zhou Heng grimly  following Yue Chu out with a group of people.
His hand stagnated and he immediately realized that these were the omegas who had locked Yue Chu up overnight.

Wei Xieyang became angry, his big cat-like eyes shifted from being arrogant to cold, making his handsome face appear sharp and aggressive.
Most omega’s in the empire did not have good living conditions.
Many alphas and betas thought that omegas were lucky, they didn’t need to go into the battlefield, and they didn’t need to provide for their families; all they needed to do was randomly take a few classes at school and find an alpha to marry after they graduated.
But the truth was that omega’s were deprived of their right to work.
They didn’t have the resources to survive on their own and were treated by alphas like decorational objects.
If they were lucky, they could live a good life, if they were unlucky…then they would be stuck in an eternal hell with no way out.

Even he, a prince, was no exception.

Wei Xieyang hated Zhao Heng’s behavior, bullying Yue Chu was something only a coward would do.


Du Gushou was preparing to leave with Wei Xieyang when he saw the other party leaving the classroom in the opposite direction with his schoolbag.
He couldn’t help but furrow his brows as he looked down at his watch.
There were still twenty minutes left before lunch ended and he didn’t want to waste his time on miscellaneous tasks.

Wei Xieyang was still mad at him and waved his hand without pausing his steps, “Go eat by yourself, I have something else to do.”

Du Guzhou tightened his lips and stared at him silently for a while, but he still didn’t say anything and turned around and left.

Yue Chu leaned against the telephone pole and placed a few disposable plastic boxes by his feet.
The boxes contained a few leftovers he had brought out of the cafeteria.
It wasn’t anything fancy, but the leftovers and white rice were enough to feed the stray kittens.
The orange fatty was the friendliest of the bunch, after eating, it rubbed back and forth on Yue Chu’s legs with its tail raised up high.
It cried out, making Yue Chu squat down and pet its soft orange fur a few times. 

“Yue Chu, you have courage!”

The appearance of Zhao Heng frightened away the kittens.
They hid close by and vigilantly observed the humans.

Yue Chu stood up, took a tissue from his pocket, and wiped his fingers before slowly saying: “I don’t understand, what are you talking about?”

Zhao Heng sneered: “It seems that being locked up last night wasn’t enough for you, why don’t you go and have another nice experience today.”

Yue Chu paused, he hadn’t actually thought much about these irrelevant people, but since he had borrowed someone else’s body, the least he could do was collect some debts.

“Alright, I look forward to seeing how you’ll bring me there.”

Yue Chu smiled sweetly, but this smile was different from that of the previous Yue Chu’s.
The gentleness was just a mask, and the underlying meaning of the smile depended on the person who saw it.
To Zhao Heng, the smile could only mean one thing, a provocation.

Zhao Heng: “Tie up the Yue family’s young master for me!”

Wei Xieyang had been hiding nearby and watching the scene unfold.
Just as he was about to step forward and stop them, he saw a surprising spectacle.
Without a trace of politeness, Yue Chu moved as elegantly as a cheetah, and fought as powerfully as a tiger.
The most tragic person was Zhao Heng, who was punched so hard in the face that he spit out a couple of his teeth.
The teeth, mixed with blood, fell onto the gray concrete, terrifying the group of people. 

Yue Chu didn’t even have time to sweat before the battle was over.
The people on the ground were a sign of his victory.
Yue Chu dusted off his hands and sorted out his clothes with the help of his light brain.

“Apologies, I’m afraid you won’t be able to bring me there today.”

After he spoke, he glanced over at the place Wei Xieyang had been hiding and lightly asked: “The comrade over there, you’ve been watching in hiding for so long, aren’t you going to come out?”

Wei Xieyang walked out, looking at Yue Chu with complicated eyes.
Surprise, mixed with curiosity frantically brewed in his heart, he had underestimated Yue Chu.

Wei Xieyang was upset when he saw the look of surprise on Yue Chu’s face upon seeing him.
It was true that the act of peeping at someone was not something a member of the dignified royal family would do, but just as he was about to say something, he saw Yue Chu’s eyes light up like the rising sun, growing brighter and brother.
The icy corners of his mouth curved up into a splendid smile and he walked forward, stepping over Zhao Heng’s back.

Yue Chu: “Is Your Royal Highness here to look for me?”

Wei Xieyang felt the urge to laugh and had to tighten the corners of his mouth.
He glanced over at the ugly image of Zhao Heng crying and quickly turned away so as to not accidentally ruin his image.

Wei Xieyang: “No.”

Wei Xieyang: Even if it was true, I would never admit I was looking for you.

Yue Chu: “Your Royal Highness is so gentle, I must’ve used up three lifetimes of luck to meet you.”

The corners of Wei Xieyang’s mouth twitched: Does this guy understand human words? I said that I wasn’t looking for you, stop being so sentimental!

Wei Xiyang was too lazy to pay attention to Yue Chu, whose brain had fallen ill again, and walked towards Zhao Heng. He[6]Wei Xieyang looked down at him[7]Zhao Heng condescendingly, like a god looking down at ants.
A piece of trash like Zhao Heng was simply an insult to the word “omega”, he was simply disgusting.

“Zhao Heng, you are a student in the imperial academy, yet you still want to bully your classmates? I will investigate you in the name of the student union, if the results are unfavorable, you will be punished.”

Zhao Heng was stunned, who was Wei Xieyang? There was nothing he[8]Wei Xieyang couldn’t investigate.
It was an undeniable fact that he[9]Zhao Heng had bullied Yue Chu.
Once it was put out to the public, he[10]Zhao Heng would be finished.

Zhao Heng: “Your Royal Highness, Your Royal Highness…I didn’t mean to, its all Yue Chu’s fault, he was so annoying that I couldn’t hold myself back…Your Royal Highness, you already have so much to deal with, please just let me go…”

Zhao Heng kowtowed so hard that his entire head turned bloody.
He looked even more pitiful than the actual victim, Yue Chu.

Yue Chu quietly watched this scene, he was curious about Wei Xieyang’s final decision.

Wei Xieyang coldly stepped away, not even sparing Zhao Heng a single glance.
He was very clear on the fact that people like Zhao Heng always sounded pitiful on the surface, but would never truly repent.

Wei Xieyang: “I will never wrong a good person, and I will never spare an evil person.”

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