When Two Shou’s Meet, One Must be the Gong (1)

The golden laser beam shot through the meteor shower, accurately hitting the large silver warship, its light blue protective shield had long run out of energy and could only occasionally light up, it could no longer withstand the fierce enemy fire.
The swarm of warships closed in on Yue Chu’s fleet, their roars blending together into the sound of death.


Yue Chu put all of his concentration on flying the light warship, its silver wings flapped like butterfly wings as it dexterously maneuvered through the enemy fire.
The blue electronic screen lit up his face as it continuously issued red beeping alarms.
The dashboard continued to emotionlessly record everything.
The red lights symbolized his constantly fallen comrades who had sacrificed themselves. 

“Yue Chu, retreat.”

A familiar voice transmitted from the communicator, it was still as low and gentle as before, but under the calmness was a hint of despair. 

Yue Chu’s eyes felt sore and his tears almost fell.
Too many people had died, he had thought that he had already grown numb to the pain, but in his final moments, he could no longer hold back his unending amounts of sorrow and grief.

The Lunar Empire had been defeated.
They had already known that this would be the outcome three months ago, but as soldiers of the Lunar Empire, they couldn’t retreat because the moment they retreated they would be utterly overwhelmed by the Queen Bee Empire

“General, I'm a soldier.
I can only face death, not retreat from it.” 

The general lightly chuckled, his magnetic voice traveling through the communicator and into Yue Chu’s eardrums, making him want to cover his tingling ears. 

“Then follow me and fight until the very end.”

“Yes, General!”

Eventually, the silver warship could no longer stay up in the air as the enemy fire knocked off a third of the ship.
The ship broke into two parts, letting out golden sparks as it exploded, scattering into debris.
The Queen Bee Empire’s fleets swept in like a black cloud as they swallowed up the remaining light silver dots. 

Yue Chu didn’t feel any pain, death had come quickly, he felt as if he was weightlessly floating on a light cloud.
He slowly closed his eyes and relaxed into the darkness, it was calm and peaceful.

However, at that very moment, Yue Chu suddenly felt a bright light shine before his eyes, it was so bright that he couldn’t help lifting up an arm to block the light.
What was going on? How could a dead person still see light?

“Ding, the system has detected a suitable host, asking permission to bind.”

What the hell?

Yue Chu struggled to open his watering eyes.
A little flying bear with wings came into his vision, it had a crescent moon on its forehead.
It reminded him of cartoon fairies from his childhood. 

He murmured to himself, “I thought I died? Is that a grim reaper? But it’s a bit too cute to be one.”

The little bear waved the magic wand in its hand and countless sparkles sprinkled down on Yue Chu.

“Hello, I’m the ‘Green Tea System’, if you agree to be my host you can live a new life.
My tasks are very simple, all you need to do is ensure world peace by stopping the protagonists from abusing each other.

Yue Chu thought over it for while, did he want to continue living? All of his comrades in arms had already died and his homeland had been destroyed.
What was the point of staying alive?

He smiled as he shook his head, he felt a sort of relief.
Experiencing death had made many things become clear to him.

“I’m okay, you should find someone else.”

The little bear grew anxious, it had finally found a host that fit all its requirements, it couldn’t let him get away.

“Do you have any wishes? Our ‘Green Tea System’ provides better service than the ‘White Lotus System’, not only do we give you a new life, we can also go back in time, change your ending, get revenge and slap faces, and so on.
We can accommodate all of your wishes.”

Yue Chu looked at the little bear’s twitching ears and couldn’t hold back from squeezing them, they were as soft as he had imagined them. A wish?

The little bear continued to tempt him, “The Lunar Empire was destroyed by the Queen Bee Empire, right? Do you want to know why? It’s because Wei Chu is the protagonist of your world, there’s no way any confrontation would him would bear fruit.
If you agree to cooperate with me, I can take away Wei Chu’s protagonist aura so that you don’t lose.

Yue Chu smiled and lightly flicked the nose of the little bear, what a naughty little devil,1 he wasn’t a fool. 

If the system was truly as powerful as it said it was, why not directly deal with the protagonists of each world to maintain world peace? Obviously, it was because it didn’t have enough energy to do it and had to find people to help it.
He didn’t know what level of strength the system had classified his world with, but he had met Wei Chu before and he was definitely the strongest among the strong.
How could a single system make the tables turn?


Yue Chu sighed inwardly, the war had been started by the Lunar Empire.
They had been the offensive party, killing countless Queen Bee people and destroying their homes.
Their ending had resulted from the counterattack from a stronger opponent.
You reap what you sow. 

“Forget it, if you lose, you lose.”

The little bear froze for a second, not only was it not disappointed, its eyes had actually turned into stars.
The stars glowed as they spun around.

“Ding! The host has passed the evaluation and may now bind with the system.
Congratulations~ Fine, I’ll be honest, I’m no match again Wei Chu’s protagonist halo, but I can let you go back to the beginning of the war and start over again.”

Yue Chu was taken aback, this sort of temptation was bound to make a person’s heart beat faster, start over again, he could start over again…

“What do I have to do to get this opportunity?”


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