essage he sent with his gaze, the man noticed it.


‘If you don’t sign a contract here, your future in the territory will be in jeopardy.
You’ll feel so anxious.”


Lloyd swallowed his bitter smile.
It was a bit mean to exploit the anxiety and fear of the people.
But for now, this was also the best way.


‘If I’m hated for being a trash anyway, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use that image.
It’s not like I will just take the down payment and not build it.’


The beginning is important.
If I could just win a contract, somehow (?).
Then I was confident I would make a good word of mouth.
So, even if it’s a bit low now, I thought that I should just make proper use of Lloyd’s notoriety.


Oh, I see.”


A rational determination to not be deceived.
A fear of the impending misfortune.
The man who had been at odds between the two of them finally made up his mind.
With a reluctant expression, he signed the contract.
The same was true for the next resident, and so was for the next resident.
Of course, Lloyd was confident he could change that expression on their face in the future.


‘That’s just how efficient the ondol is.’


It was a conclusion he had come to after some investigation over the past few days.
This was due to the fireplace’s limitations, the territory’s own heating method.


‘The fireplace is less heat efficient than it looks.
It’s only warm around the fireplace.
The air heats up and cools down quickly.
The heat doesn’t stay indoors for too long.
Plus the ashes, smoke, and soot were making eyes feel like burning during winter.
It’s tricky to manage because you can’t just use any type of firewood.
Not just that, the person who guards the fire from going out should stay awake and watch the fire all night long.’


Ondol, on the other hand? It can counterbalance most of these shortcomings.
Lloyd was sure about that, so he threatened the residents with confidence.
Thanks to this, his business was able to win better-than-expected pre-sale contracts before the end of the afternoon.
There were 32 contracts for type A and 57 contracts for type B.
The heavy down payment was a bonus.


‘This is amazing.’


Of course, it wasn’t a lot of money.
It was far from enough to settle the Baron’s debt right away.
But, what was important was what will happen after this.


‘Even though they’ve been forced a little bit to sign a contract, if I could finish the construction of the ondol well within the territory, there will definitely be good rumors.
We can even reach the other lands from this area.’


Branding the ondol construction as well as running a heating room business around this territory.
That was Lloyd’s primary plan and goal. 




When I finished calculating my future plans, I sighed.
Suddenly, I turned back to look behind me.
It was sunset with the sky tinged red.
Javier was following me with the sunset behind him.


“Hey, you.
You’re strong, aren’t you?”




“Then, how about being a human forklift or crane?”




“You said you are strong.
Can’t you use that strength to dig the ground or heave logs away?”


It was an honest wish.
Javier had an enormous level of strength and talent.
Naturally, he had the power to go beyond human limitations.
What if Javier was playing the role of a heavy equipment in the field? Construction would be simpler and faster in the future.
In other words, the efficiency of the construction would increase.
More constructions would be possible to be carried out in the same time period.
With this, the income will come pouring faster.
However, Javier shook his head without even thinking twice.


“I refuse.”




“The duty the Lord gave me is to protect Lloyd-nim’s personal safety at all times.”


“So you can’t be a construction worker?”


“That’s correct.”


“But you have helped me so far, haven’t you?”


“I think it was to help the tavern owner’s mother.”


“Was it to protect the weak?”


“Yes, but Lloyd-nim’s request just now was different.”


“You’re not going to help me on my personal business?”


“That’s right.”


“You’re firm.”


“You’re welcome.”


I knew it, he was a person who would flatly refuse1.
Lloyd smacked his lips.


‘But we still need heavy equipment.’


The difference with and without construction equipment was really big.
In severe cases, the construction period might take more than 10 times longer.
No, the type of the construction which can be attempted also depends on the presence or absence of construction equipment.
The range of the options available would change.


‘If you want to make a lot of money, you have to get a big construction job.’


Now, I was satisfied with the ondol room.
However, I couldn’t stay on this level forever.
There would be a limit to the money earned only from the ondol construction project.


‘I don’t want to have to repay the debt until I’m old.’


Then this would be difficult.
In Korea, I was a mess because of money.
It was truly a no-no for me to experience the same thing until the rest of my life here.


‘So, in order to start a proper construction project and pay all of the debts, I have to solve the construction equipment problem.’


While on the way to the mansion, his worries continued to deepen.
That was why Lloyd didn’t realize that Javier’s icy eyes were watching him.
The temperature of the gaze was slightly different than before.


‘I can’t figure him out.’


Javier felt a little confused.
His gaze turned to look at Lloyd’s back.


The eldest son of Baron Frontera, Lloyd Frontera.
He was the son of the Lord whom he served.
He had also been the subject of his escort for the past few months.
That was why it was even more confusing.


‘Was this drunkard originally like this?’


Lloyd was a total mess.
It wasn’t only in his own eyes that were strict in every way, but also in the eyes of ordinary people.
He had no patience.
There were no expectations in him regarding manners or decency.
He was just a rascal who drank alcohol every day and lived for nothing.
Even on the day when the family’s properties were seized.


‘Honestly, I hated him.
No, I still am.’


The more I knew him, the less I liked him.
Had he not been the Lord’s son, I might’ve cut him.
A mortal who was inwardly an abhorrent being inside.
Literally a human garbage.
At least until a few days ago, he certainly was.


‘But he has changed.
All of a sudden.’


Maybe it was from a few days ago, after he made a ruckus at his regular pub.
It was probably when he woke up the next morning.
Javier was still able to remember when Lloyd woke up that morning. 


‘I only called him twice, and he woke up.’


It was an unimaginable feat before.
That human-speaking son of a bitch even remembered my name for the first time.
And these were just the beginning.


‘He visited the tavern owner and comforted him.
He promised to make an ondol room for him instead of paying for the compensation.’


Until then, I thought he was scheming something new.
But I was wrong.
He really built an ondol room.
He kept his word with the tavern owner.
It didn’t stop there.
He also signed a contract to build an ondol room for the gathered residents.


‘To make money? No.
Money is just an excuse.’


Somehow, I had that feeling.
There seemed to be a bigger goal.
Of course, I couldn’t guess what the goal was.
However, what was certain was that the actions didn’t seem for personal gains. 


‘It’s as if you’ve become someone else overnight.’


His tone changed.
His expression and attitude had also changed.
He displayed an ability he had never learned.
He designed a new building and introduced a new heating system.
I became even more confused.


Did you really become someone else? But, no matter how much I look at him or how long I keep observing him, the man who was walking a step ahead of me was clearly the lout Lloyd Frontera.


‘So you’ve been hiding something like this until now?’


In fact, that was the only way to explain this.
It would make sense if this was the case.


‘The baron lived a peaceful life.
But when crisis struck the family, he showed his real self?’


It occurred to me that maybe it was the truth.
Of course, it’s still too early to conclude.


‘Let’s stick to my duties for now.’


And if possible, let’s keep an eye on this scumbag.
Javier Asrahan vowed to do so.
Once again, he engraved Lloyd’s back, who walked ahead, to his retina.
At that moment, Lloyd, who was walking ahead, came face to face with an unexpected message that popped into his mind.


Ding dong!


[Javier Asrahan’s favorability towards you has increased by +2!]

[Your current relationship with Javier Asrahan: -29]

[A slight improvement in your relationship with a key character earned you 36 RP]

[Current RP: 36]

[You can develop your skills by investing the acquired RP.]


‘What the hell is this?’


A string of messages appeared in the air in front of him.
Lloyd’s eyes widened as he read them.


Here, Lloyd said that Javier was like a 단호박 (danhobak).
Danhobak is a Korean slang used to refer to someone who usually refuses instantly without considering it for a second.

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