quest, oink.”


Arosh really meant it.
That human named Lloyd, saved him–a stranger.
Lloyd was the benefactor who saved him from the dark ant nest when he almost ended up as the ant beasts’ meal.
Arosh wanted to repay this kindness somehow.
He wanted to do everything the human requested. 


In repaying every goodwill and settling every grudge, you must not spare even your life.
That was the pride and honor of the orc warriors who lived in the wilderness.


Very regrettable, it was.
Lloyd requested something Arosh genuinely wanted to grant, but couldn’t.


“In conclusion, I can’t command and employ orc warriors as workers because I don’t have the qualifications to do so?”


“That’s correct, oink.”


“What do I have to do to qualify?”


“You have to complete the coming-of-age ceremony in the same way as us.
And also, your achievement must be acknowledged by the chief, oink.”


“Oh reallyyy?” The corners of Lloyd’s mouth lifted and a grin stealthily formed on his lips.
Lloyd then raised his chin and asked back, “In that case, I think I already passed, though?” 


“What, oink?”


“That’s right, you said I have to complete the coming-of-age ceremony like you.
That means I have to catch those ant beasts.”


“That’s correct, oink.”


“Then, let’s start with that first, okay?”  Lloyd lifted his hand.
He raised his thumb and then pointed it to one side of the bedroom.
Arosh’s gaze followed Lloyd’s finger.
Over Lloyd’s shoulder, on the bedroom walls, something was hung there.


“It’s the head of the queen ant.
I hung it as a trophy to commemorate my recent catch, what do you think?”


“Oink….?” Arosh’s mouth was agape.
Indeed, there really was the head of the queen ant.
Not a counterfeit nor a fake.
Who was Arosh? He was the son of a tribe that spent their entire life fighting against ant beasts.
It would’ve been impossible for him to not recognize the head of an ant beast, especially the ant queen’s!


“How did you do that, oink?”


“How did I do it, huh.
I simply caught it and hung it,” said Lloyd with a grin on his face.
It was half true and half false.
He did catch the queen ant by using a methane gas explosion, but he didn’t catch it by personally fighting it.


Lloyd’s face became brazen and thick as if made of iron plate and he licked his lips all over.
“By the way, there was something interesting when I caught the queen ant.
Do you know what that is?”


“Wha-what is it, oink?”


“Somehow, the ant queen was way too weak.” Lloyd’s voice became even softer, “It was tired, as if it had fought very hard with someone else.
We found this sword nearby, right, Javier?” Lloyd turned to look back.
Javier, who was standing silently behind him, lifted a sword.
It was the iron sword made by an orc that was found when they were exploring the ant nest. 


Seeing that, Arosh’s eyes widened.
“Oink? That’s my sword, oink?”


“Is that so? I knew it,” Lloyd smiled meaningfully.
“Now I understand who the queen was fighting with until it got exhausted.” 


“Could it be me, oink?”


“Yes, exactly.
You’re smart.” Lloyd’s smile got even brighter.
Obviously, it was all a lie.
Arosh’s iron sword was found in a place that had no correlation with the queen ant.
However, that fact wasn’t important.


‘What’s really important is for the other party to believe what I said as the truth,’ thought Llpyd


That was how you close a deal.
It was all that mattered to Lloyd.
Of course, Javier’s judging gaze that seemed to say ‘this scammer’, the one that was pricking the back of his head right now, still stung a little.
However, it was of no importance.


“Think about it, wasn’t there a very big ant when you fought inside the ant nest?”


“Oink… umm.”


“You were too busy fighting to notice, right?”


“That’s right, oink.”


“However, we have the evidence here, haven’t we?” Lloyd received the iron sword from Javier and gave it to Arosh.
“Here, your iron sword itself is the evidence.
The queen ant’s energy was depleted because of you.”


“So, what are you trying to say, human, oink?”


“I’m saying that the achievement of catching the queen ant isn’t solely my own.”


“Could it be, oink?”


“What you’re speculating about is the truth, isn’t it? We caught it, the queen ant, together as the result of our collaboration.
You and me.
In other words, it’s ours.”




Joint copyright.
Sigh, what beautiful words! Isn’t that right?”


“Then… oink.”


“Let’s just say that we caught it together,” Lloyd said sharply, not giving Arosh time to think.
“Technically, you failed to complete your coming-of-age ceremony.
You failed to safely return to your tribe’s village.
I mean, if you go back right now just like that, you’ll be treated as a loser, you know?”




“Here’s the thing, imagine returning while carrying the queen ant’s head.
How does that feel?”




“Amazing, isn’t it?”


Arosh’s adam’s apple bobbed enthusiastically.
The mere imagination of it was fantastic.
So far, countless warriors have completed their coming-of-age ceremony.
Nevertheless, not even one had ever caught a queen ant.
However, he couldn’t believe he would be the first one who accomplished such a feat.
He would receive heated looks from all orc maidens in the village.
Not only that, he would also be respected by all orc warriors. 


Lloyd’s voice could be heard, it was gently scratching the young orc’s itch.
“Think about it, you have nothing to lose.
Besides, this is not a scam, it’s an unchangeable fact.
If it weren’t because of you, I wouldn’t have been able to catch the queen ant, don’t you think so?”


“If-if that’s the case… oink.”


“That’s right.
Straighten your shoulders with pride.
You totally are a really cool orc.”




“Good, very good.
So, you’ll do me a favor, won’t you?”


“A favor, oink?”


“We joined forces and caught the queen ant together.
Take me to your village so I can get acknowledged by the chief.
If I qualify as a warrior, send 120 orc warriors to our territory as workers.”


“In that case, I… oink….”


“You’ll be the warrior who has the best coming-of-age ceremony, you can even return my favor with it, plus everyone will be so happy.
What do you think?”


“….” Arosh looked at Lloyd.
The human being looked back at him and beamed a smile.
This human whom he was grateful to for saving him from the clutches of death.
This benefactor’s eyes were shining with kindness.
He even gave him a plethora of generous offers.


Arosh finally decided, “Good human! I, Arosh, am an orc warrior who doesn’t take repaying goodwills for granted.
I’ll do everything within my power to help you qualify as a warrior, oink!”


The young and innocent orc warrior held out his hand that was as wide as a pot lid.
Lloyd shook Arosh’s hand energetically.


Of course, there was something Arosh didn’t even know nor even dreamed of.
The fact that at this moment, Javier was sending him a pitying gaze while Lloyd was smiling warmly like a swindler who had caught the jackpot. 


Just like this, Lloyd’s big plan of employing the best miners in the newly built coal mine for free had started being drawn.


Author’s note : I am the one who made it, but Lloyd, you’re really–good at speaking even in front of a dragon  -人-) *scratch head

Tl/n : Sorry for disappearing so suddenly, life has been so hectic >

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