ld afford because a walk didn’t cost any money.

So, he left the room with Javier.
When he got to the mansion’s hallway, he ran into a woman who was coming from the other side.
She was a fine middle-aged woman with an aura full of refinement and grace.

‘Don’t tell me?’

Suddenly there was a name that popped into mind.
Marbella Frontera.
The baron’s mistress and Lloyd Frontera’s mother.
She was the only middle-aged woman in this mansion who had that kind of atmosphere.
Lloyd swallowed dryly.

‘I’ve run into you, out of all people.’

Were there any parents who didn’t recognize their children? He might get caught just like this. 

Fortunately, such worries were groundless.
It was because as soon as the baroness saw him, she clicked her tongue.

“Are you going out for another drink?”


The woman gazed at him.
Her expression was filled with sorrow and concern.
Who would look happy if your son only drank and played every day even though the family was falling apart?! I didn’t know anyone like that.

“Enjoy it in moderation.
It’s not good for your health.”


The woman passed by with a small sigh.
Lloyd had to stroke his chest secretly.

‘I didn’t get caught.
Should I say that it’s fortunate?’

Lloyd Frontera was a man who drank every day since he opened his eyes.
Thanks to that, Lloyd’s mother seemed to be concerned about him with such prejudice.

‘It felt a bit bitter though.’

Suddenly, I remembered when I was a freshman at college.
It was a time when my family was still well off.
I was just a freshman who didn’t know anything.
I remembered drinking at OT2OT: Student orientation in Korea, a welcoming event for freshmen. and MT3MT: Membership Training, an event where every student from the same major from freshman to senior spent time at the same place. everyday, Whenever that happened, my mother made me dried pollack soup without saying anything.
Now, it was already in the past and I couldn’t turn back time.

Lloyd bit hard on his lower lip.
His stride grew by leaps and bounds.
Maybe that’s why as soon as they saw him on the road, the villagers hurriedly retreated to the side of the road.
Everyone lowered their heads to avoid eye contact.
A woman trembled with her hands clenched tightly.
Some farmers even had their complexions turned pale.
Thanks to this, he was able to realize his situation at once.

‘Yes, this is what kind of person Lloyd is.’

The contents of the novel came to mind again.
The son of Baron Frontera was named Lloyd Frontera.
When he was drunk, he often broke or threw things.
Violent assault and verbal abuse against one’s subordinates were the basics.
In short, he was a trashy human being with truly worst qualities.

‘That’s why everyone hated me so much.
It seems that I’m totally hated.’

I laugh bitterly.


I asked Javier who was by my side.

“What’s wrong with everybody? You don’t usually treat your lord’s son like that, do you?”

That was common sense.
The Lord was the most powerful man in the region.
So what if the Lord’s son was a mess? They should just smile and pretend to respect him at least in front of his face.
They had to try to do that.
Just like the owner of a chicken restaurant serving the son of the building owner who stopped by the store, or like a permanent manager who became a ‘yesman’ to the son of the boss who joined the company as an employee.
Wouldn’t that be the case for the people here too?

“In general, yes.”

“In general? Only?”


“Then what about now?”

Javier answered coldly.
“It’s an emergency.”

“An emergency?”

“In general, a territorial emergency refers to a time when there’s a great threat to the people’s livelihood, to the well-being of the people, and to the safety of the people.”

And that’s me?”


“That’s quite straightforward.”

“What’s straightforward?”

“Oh, you hit the bullseye with facts.” (tl/n: Here, the author used 뼈 때린다구, a Korean slang which meant ‘to point out a fact that causes mental suffering; ex: a weakness of another person.)


Javier stared at him with an expression that said ‘what the hell are you talking about?’.
Even so, his appearance was still as cold and elegant as a painting.

‘Yeah, it was this guy.

Javier was a noble and honorable knight.
He was a man who doesn’t compromise with any injustice, a hero who is literally the specimen of knights in the novel.
Javier’s fame later rose throughout the entire Loracian continent.
Of course, his personality wouldn’t change just because he was unpopular right now.

“That’s kind of embarrassing.
I swear I never assaulted Lloyd-nim.”

“Have you?”


“Don’t you know about factual assault?”

“I don’t know.”

“By any chance, have you ever hated me?”

“No, never.”

… no, you looked like you had enough.
Lloyd was able to realize that.

‘He hates me too.’

Javier was a noble knight who valued honor.
So, it was only natural for him to hate rascals like Lloyd.
Nevertheless, it was this guy who stood by Lloyd’s side until he died.
He kept his loyalty to the baron, who was his main master, to the end.

‘What a great guy.’

A swordmaster who would create history in the continent of Loracian.
The Greatest Swordmaster of all time.
That’s the kind of guy my faithful escort would be in the future.

Feeling a little strange, Lloyd kept on walking.
As a result, he ended up standing in front of a shabby building.

“Where are we?”

“It’s a tavern.”

“A tavern?”

This is where Lloyd-nim spent more time than the mansion.”

“Is this my regular pub?”

“Of course.
Unless Lloyd-nim used another tavern behind my back.”


Oh my God.
Lloyd clicked his tongue inward.
He was just walking aimlessly.
After all that, the place he visited was his regular pub.
How many times did he come and go to this place? Even though the soul changed, his body automatically came all the way here.

‘This isn’t some kind of homing instinct.
Are you a puppy? Spawning salmon? Or General Kim Yu-shin?’

He lashed out at the eldest son of the baron who was the original owner of this body and then turned away.

‘I can’t drink during the day, though.’

Lloyd would’ve enjoyed it, but not him.
There was already a lot to think about but he didn’t have the slightest intention to drink alcohol.

“Are you going back like this?”

“Of course.”

I replied to Javier’s question right away.
However, Javier’s reply was unexpected.

“I’m disappointed, then.”

“… What?”

“Just as I said, I’m disappointed in Lloyd-nim.”

“Did you expect me to drink during the day?”



“I thought Lloyd-nim came here to apologize and make amends for what happened last night.”

“So you’re disappointed I just turned around?”

“Yes, It’s the duty of a nobleman to be responsible, befitting of one’s status”


This guy, I’ve felt this for a while but his straightforwardness is no joke.
Even then it hits hard.
In other words, Javier had a strange talent for carefully and painfully inserting advice inside his words.

“The tavern is a home the owner has been building his whole life, even if it’s a shabby place.
Last night, Lloyd-nim caused a riot and damaged the furniture in such a precious space.”


“Besides that, Lloyd-nim, he took care of his old mother alone.”

“His mother?”

She has been in poor health lately.
So the tavern owner was even more worried.”

“So, I’ve been torturing that poor guy?



It’s something I didn’t even commit, but Javier’s straight jabs made of facts kept coming.

“Actually, the owner appealed to me last night.
He said he felt like dying because his mother had suffered so much from the cold and then was faced with this kind of misconduct.”


“You mustn’t run away.
After all, Lloyd-nim is the future owner of this estate…”

“Wait a moment.
That’s it.”

Lloyd cut off Javier.
Is it hard to hear more? No, it wasn’t.
It was because listening to what Javier said made him ponder about something.

“The tavern owner’s mother is having a hard time from the late winter cold?”

“Yes, young master.”

“Then, why don’t you just warm the floor with firewood?”


“The people here… Don’t they know how to heat things up?”


I don’t know.
That’s what he said from the look in his eyes.
The moment I realized that, Lloyd suddenly remembered.

‘Come to think of it, there was nothing like that in my bedroom at the Baron’s mansion.’

He was a civil engineer.
It was his habit to look at the structure of the building wherever he went.
Thanks to this, he was able to quickly grasp the structure of the baron’s mansion.
There were no heating facilities, such as circular heating system or the so-called ondol4Ondol: underfloor heating; a Korean traditional architecture..

Instead, did the fireplace occupy one side of the bedroom? If that’s the case, maybe the tavern owner’s house is similar.

No, unlike an aristocrat’s mansion with fireplaces in each room, one fireplace placed in the kitchen would cover for the entire house.

‘Of course it’s cold.
The fireplace has more heat loss compared to the ondol.’

But obviously, it wasn’t without flaws.

How to implement a good ondol heating system? The building’s floor should be completely replaced or rebuilt.
The insulation of the building should also be reinforced.
We would have to deal with the monstrous consumption of firewood.
But, both of these shortcomings….

‘I can overcome it.
No, rather, I can use that.
It’s possible if it’s me.’

What if I used my major’s knowledge?

While thinking of the grim reality on how to pay off the enormous debt, I came up with a plan to raise a large sum of money.

The plan was already settled, so then I drew the bigger picture.

‘This is it.
It won’t be over with just the tavern owner’s house.
It’s a bigger large-scale construction project.
There are plenty of chances.’

I was determined to make the big picture that came to mind a reality. So, I went straight into the tavern.

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