an be surveyed at once: 1.600 m²]

[Skill-Only Option ①: Land Price Appraisal – Appraise the unit price of the surveyed terrain at present time.
(Error rate +/-5%)]

[Skill-Only Option ②: GPR Scanning – Automatically scan the surveyed terrain up to 5 meters underground.
Identifies all elements within range, including ground composition, soil, bedrock, groundwater, buried resources, and many more.]

[RP required for next level-up: 100]


[Basic Design Skill’s rank has been upgraded to ]

[Optional Skills have been unlocked due to skill rank up.]

[Intermediate Design: Lv 1]

[Volume of the structure that can be designed at once: 64.000 m³]

[Skill-Only Option ①: Architectural Printing – Print the drawn design accurately (on designated paper, etc.).]

[Skill-Only Option ②: Floor Plan Display (2D) – Displays the design as a 2D floor plan on the actual land.
(Note: Only visible to myself)]

[RP required for next level-up: 100]


[Current RP: 119]


‘Oh my, a jackpot.’


The changes in the skills’ description made my eyes wide open.
I wasn’t even bothered at the RP which had been consumed tremendously.


‘The skills’ limitations on survey’s area and design’s volume have increased immensely.
However, there was something even more amazing than that.’


Lloyd gazed upon the Intermediate Survey’s optional skills.
These optional skills were added when the skill rose above Beginner Lv 10 and ranked up to Intermediate.
The contents of these optional skills were truly amazing.


‘Land appraisal? It’s just like a complete real estate application because you can literally appraise the land’s current market price.
In addition, it can also scan the underground.’


Let’s try it for now.
Lloyd cast his gaze into the distance and activated the Intermediate Survey skill.






Lloyd’s eyes faintly glowed blue.
At the same time, the landscape he was looking at changed. 


Within the range of a square-shaped area 40 m² wide and 40 m² long that was designated by his gaze, several pieces of information have been added and displayed.
The first information was the estimated price of the land. 


‘Oh my God….
Our territory, how could it be so cheap?’


Currently, the place he scanned could be called as the center of the territory.
Just like the yolk of an egg, with bars and several shops huddled together.
However, the estimated selling price per pyeong31 pyeong: 3.3058 m2 was less than one gold!


I need to work harder.’


Once again, I realized the condition of Baron Frontera’s wealth.
However, it was the story just for now.
The price of the land will go up naturally when I cultivate the land. 


Lloyd then focused on other information that appeared from the survey skill.
The information he noticed this time was the result of GPR scanning.


‘This is a lot better than I thought.’


Just like how the optional skill was described, the underground within the survey’s range was visible clearly up to 5 meters deep.
I could see how tree roots are intertwined inside the ground, how the groundwater flows, and even rabbit caves which were made in several places.
Lloyd gulped unconsciously.


‘This is awesome.


So far, only information of the surface could be available when using the survey skill.
In other words, there was no way to know what was underground except for digging the ground himself.
However, that problem was resolved at once.


‘This would be very useful especially when it comes to constructing the ground foundation.’


Constructing a ground foundation is an absolute must.
In particular, the bigger the building is, the more important the foundation construction is. 


What if the underground is messy when you are building a large bridge or dam? What if you didn’t do the proper foundation construction?


In a few moments, the building will soon reveal its problems.
Tilted, cracked, or sunk.
Eventually, it’ll crumble and fall apart.


Before that, there may be a situation where demolition has to be carried out with tearful eyes.
It will be a catastrophe.
Because you have paid so much money to build something just to pour more money into its demolition to prevent further damage.


‘But if the GPR scanning is done automatically, it’ll be much less likely to happen.
The time used on constructing the foundation will be greatly reduced.’


I can check the foundation construction in real time.
The construction period will also be much shorter.
This means I can save more money from the construction.


‘The Intermediate Design’s optional skills are also formidable.’


This time, Lloyd paid attention and gazed at the two optional skills in the design skill. 


‘Architectural Printing and Floor Plan Display.’


I wanted to use it right away.
However, Javier was still by my side.
If I print a lot of drawings using design skill, I could be misunderstood as a human printer.


‘Let’s use the design skill when I’m alone.’


Let’s start with the survey. 




From that day onwards, Lloyd began to survey during the day.
The path was surveyed by calculating the area for the road.
All of the information collected over the past few days was converted into data.
Then the data was transferred to the design skill. 


If daytime was the survey’s stage, then night time was when design became the main character. 

When night came, he put Javier to sleep first.


“Plastic Limit (PL) is defined as the percentage of water content when fine-grained soil is remolded by rolling a soil sample into a thread shape with a diameter of 3,2 mm (1/8″) and crumbles.
The plastic limit of the soil….
As for determining the Liquid Limit… thoroughly…using an analogous cone with a weight of 240g…d=20mm for cone penetration test and the water content ratio in correspondence… blah-blah…”


“… Zzzzz.”


When Javier was completely knocked out, he began to use his design skill.
Road routes and cross-sectional views of the road were designed based on the information obtained from the survey.
And then, he quietly printed out the design’s blueprints so it wouldn’t wake Javier up.




As a test, I tried to print the blueprint on a paper.
Then, the blueprint he designed was really printed by the skill. 


‘Oh, it’s working.
It’s really working.’


Up until now, he had to hand-draw the blueprints he designed with the design skill.
It was a difficult and uncomfortable labor.
The accuracy was also slightly reduced.


Then, now that the drawings are printed out like a printer, it became extremely pleasant and comfortable.


But that wasn’t the optional skill’s only power.


“Hey, Javier.
Can you see that?”


“Yes? What is it?”


In the morning a few days later, Lloyd tried his optional skill on Javier at the site where the road was planned to be built.
He pointed to that place.


There are lines all over the ground, aren’t there?”


“I don’t see that.




“I’m a little concerned about Lloyd-nim’s eye health or mental health.”


“Do you think I’m seeing things?”


“That’s right.”


“Hohoho, I understand.”




Lloyd chuckled slyly.



As expected.


It was the result of last night’s design skill.
Therefore, there were 2D floor plans engraved throughout the site.
It was only visible to himself.


I can do this.’


The survey skill and design skill had become much more powerful than expected.
Thanks to this, the construction’s preparations were done quickly.


It was time to jump into the real work, the full-scale construction.


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1Let’s Go! Dream Team is a Korean variety show where top celebrities compete against viewer contestants in fierce challenges.2Via Appia or Appian Way: is one of the earliest and strategically most important Roman roads of the ancient republic.
The road began as a leveled dirt road, on which small stones and mortar were laid.
Gravel was laid above and finally topped with tight-fitting, interlocking stones to provide a flat surface.
The road was cambered in the middle (for water runoff) and had ditches on either side of the road that were protected by retaining walls.31 pyeong: 3.3058 m2

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