Javier was surprised.
Lloyd grinned.


Javier had already reached the High Level SWord Expert.
At first, I thought he wasn’t fully aware of his level.
I had no choice but to.
Because that’s how it was portrayed in the [Iron-Blooded Knight] novel.


‘But, when I actually saw it from the sidelines, it was a little different.
It’s different from reading novels.’


Javier and I quarreled every day.
As I learned swordsmanship from Javier, I could look at him closely and realize.
Javier has an accurate understanding of his own level.
He’s just been hiding his skills.


Why? I didn’t know yet.
I could only guess.


‘The youngest knight is on the verge of becoming a Sword Master.
The mere discovery of his existence will cause chaos.’


For instance, getting scolded by superiors such as Sir Neumann because of jealousy is a small consequence.
As for the big consequence, it could be in the form of endless and constant recruitment attempts by nearby Lords.
Because of such disturbance, it is certain that Baron Frontera would’ve to put up with it.


‘He didn’t want to cause trouble like that.
It’s also an effort to keep his loyalty to the baron.


He is a typical great man.
He’s talented and his personality is impeccable.


“Anyway, let’s go out.
The sun will set at this rate.”


I stood up from my seat.
As expected, Javier looked a little bit relieved.
He didn’t want to continue this topic right now.
In fact, I was the same.


‘I’m keeping your secrets.
So don’t mention your questions about my shoveling.’


I repeat, he’s a genius in swordsmanship.
There’s no way such a man could fail to grasp the true nature of bayonet technique which has a long history. 


‘At least, you would’ve noticed that for a beginner like me, that technique wasn’t something created from me fooling around.’


Martial arts and sports can be comprehended as deep as your knowledge about it.
When I think about boxing mixed with martial arts, I’m certain of this.
When I didn’t know about boxing, watching boxing matches was so boring.
Throughout the match, mixed martial arts were applied.


Nevertheless, what about after I actually learned boxing in high school? After I learned jujitsu in a club at university? Everything changed.


The boxing match, which was like a sleeping pill, became so much fun.


The ground fight in a martial art scene, which was seen only as a public battle on the floor, became an exciting jackpot. 


All of this was because what I can see increased as much as my knowledge.


Then, what about Javier, the genius and the greatest swordsman of all time in history? Naturally, he would understand most of the bayonet’s characteristics which I used. 


‘Yes, I can’t avoid that.
Nonetheless, I’m still trying to figure him out.
I’ll keep his secret if he keeps his mouth shut.’


I looked at Javier meaningfully.
Did he realize my intentions? Javier gently stood up alongside me. 


“… Let’s go.
I’ll escort you.”


So, I left the bedroom with Javier. 


Outside the mansion, I often encountered the fief residents as I walked.
However, their reactions were quite different from before.


In the past, they used to rush to the side of the road as soon as we ran into each other.
They bowed their heads in fear of making eye contact. 


But, not anymore.


A woman greeted me with a friendly smile.
It was the same woman who was terrified until her hands were trembling on the first day I possessed Lloyd’s body.


It wasn’t just her.
A farmer openly smiled and inquired, “Excuse me, Young Master? When will the construction of my ondol room be possible?”




Lloyd could clearly remember.
This farmer, who was in front of him, had his complexion turned pale when I encountered him on the first day of the possession.
While touching his chin, Lloyd asked back.


“Oh, umm.
I can’t remember very well, but where is your house located?”


“To the left of the rock which is located at the entrance of Oak Forest Valley.”


“Oh, there.
Let’s see.
In terms of the order of sale contract,  it’s going to be next.”


“Then, when will the construction begin…?”


“Given the circumstances, in about 15 days? So wait a little longer.
It’s still spring anyway.”


“But, the wind is still cold.”


“Then, should I give you a hug? It’ll be completely warm?”


“Tha, that’s not it.”


“No? Thank God.
I don’t like it either.
It gives me goosebumps.”


“Anyway, um, please take good care of me, Young Master.”


Don’t forget to pay the construction fee.”


“Will you be there?”


I understand, now I’ll go first,”


Lloyd managed to barely separate himself from the farmer who got stuck to him and take a few steps away.


I feel like I became a part of them abruptly.’


From a few days ago, the resident’s gaze and attitude had changed completely from before.


‘The look in their eyes when they look at me is so bright.
It feels like welcoming the bus driver when I was playing a game.’


A bitter smile abruptly bloomed on my lips.
I’ve gotten an idea why they’re doing that.
Still, I wanted to check at least once.




I asked Javier who was by my side.


“What’s wrong with everybody? Didn’t they hate me openly before?”


“Well, they used to.”


“Used to?”




“Then, what about now?”


As if it was natural, Javier answered.


“It’s the birth of a talented man.”


“A talented man?”


“You’ve defeated a senior knight of the territory with just a month of training.
Of course they didn’t know about the existence of Asrahan Core Technique, so it looked even more amazing.
You exposed a senior knight’s treachery and showed a shocking summoning magic in front of everyone.”


Um, it’s kind of embarrassing when you list all of them together.
In short, do they think that I am a talented man in both swordsmanship and summoning skill?”


“That’s right.” Javier, who nodded, continued.
“Of course it must be very welcome from the residents’ perspective.
The irredeemable human being, who only drank alcohol every day and caused trouble, was being so capable that they wondered if you’re still the same person.”




“The future lord has transformed from a grim human scum who cannot be rehabilitated into a talented man out of the blue.
The fief residents of course will cheer and rejoice.”


“Oh, that one, that’s a compliment, right?”


You’re correct.”


“But, isn’t it rather weighty for a compliment?”


“What do you mean by weighty?”


“I’m afraid I got stabbed in my solar plexus by the fact that is enough to reach 170 mph.”


“What do you mean by 170 mph?”


“Oh, my bone is broken.
You bone-breaker expert.”




Javier stared at me with a look that screamed ‘what the hell are you talking about?’.
However, even that expression looked as cool and elegant as a painting.


‘Yeah, that must be nice.
To be so handsome.’


Good at fighting, great personality, perfect-looking.


Lloyd grumbled at the real-life version of his mum’s friend’s son, whose rumors were lush, but had no substance2I think this is a dig at Asian culture where your mom usually compares you to his friend’s child who is better than you in many aspect.
However, sometimes their abilities got exaggerated because the moms are the ones who actually competes..


“Have you looked at everything? Then get out of my way.
Let me survey the place.”


“What do you mean by survey?”


“From here to there.” Lloyd pointed at the ground with his hand.
From the entrance of the mansion to the other side, through the territory to the foot of the eastern mountain. 


While looking around the place, Lloyd already activated his survey and design skills.


Examine the terrain, grasp all of the information in detail, and overlay the blueprint of the desired design he wanted to build using the information that had been identified.
Thanks to these, some future images of this place, which are yet to be built, were slightly visible to him.


“All roads lead to Rome.
You’ve never heard of it, have you?”


Lloyd smiled and looked back at Javier.
Of course, Javier didn’t know the meaning of his laughter.


The fact that paved roads, which would be the aorta of territorial development, was going to be built in this place.
As a result, the Barony of Frontera would become one of the most influential territories in the kingdom.


He couldn’t even imagine about it at all.


That was certainly the case until Lloyd continued his words next.

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1I think the author here was referring to Ma Dong Seok (마동석), a South-Korean born American actor, known for his ‘tough guy’ persona roles.
Before becoming an actor, he was the personal trainer of mixed martial artists Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.2I think this is a dig at Asian culture where your mom usually compares you to his friend’s child who is better than you in many aspect.
However, sometimes their abilities got exaggerated because the moms are the ones who actually competes.

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