avier’s RP.
Perhaps, there were more hidden roles that have yet to be revealed.


‘Anyway, I’m finally doing the mana sensitivity training.’


There was a new feeling.
I was also looking forward to it.


‘To defeat Sir Neumann, at least from this point on, I have to train mana sensitivity.’


There were only 15 days left until the duel.
Of course, starting the mana training doesn’t mean that manaheart can be formed within 15 days.


Forming a manaheart takes an incredibly long time.
Those who lack the talent would need more than 10 years.
An average person would take about 5 years, while a talented person would take about 2 years.
Those who are called the geniuses of the century would also take about 6 months.
It takes that much time even when learning under the guidance of a skilled teacher.


‘However, Javier made manaheart in just one day.
Even if it’s with my help.’


While I was thinking, I could hear what Javier said to me.


“Obviously, don’t expect to form a manaheart right away just because you started your mana sensitivity training.
You have to take it step by step.
Anyway, just by doing mana sensitivity training, you could enhance your physical capabilities gradually.”


Javier’s guidance continued.


“Then, please sit over here.”


“Like this?”


Relax your shoulders.”


“Is this all right?”


Starting from now, I’m going to inject some mana into Lloyd-nim’s body.”


“So, what do I have to do?”


“No, just close your eyes and feel the path of my mana.”


“Is this like, something that’s called ungijosig1운기조식 (ungijosig): is a term used in fictional martial arts novel.
Refers to the act of generating energy and controlling the flow through breathing from the pores.?”


“What is ungijosig?”


“There’s such a thing called that.
Let’s get started.”


“I understand.”


Lloyd closed his eyes.


Being relaxed, I loosened my taut body out of all my strength.


Soon, Javier’s palms touched my back.
Unlike his noble appearance, I felt his palms which were calloused just like a crocodile’s skin vividly.
Not long after, cool and clear energy seeped through my back.






This feeling, is it mana? It felt strange and unfamiliar. 


Mana seeped through my skin and muscles.
Just like a tissue splashed with water. 


It went down through my gut and nestled under my navel.
It was often called dantian.
There, the mass of mana made a U-turn.
It climbed onto my spine as if it was on a highway.
While climbing up my spine, it also gradually stimulated my nerves.
It shot to the top of my head from the back of my neck and then came down while covering my face.
So the mana, which reached my heart, finally wrapped around it. 


Dug! Dug!


My heart beating sound could be heard vividly.
There was a sensation when the muscle of my heart contracted from the diastole2Diastole: is when the heart muscle relaxes.
In this state, blood will fill the heart’s chambers.
It was vigorously sucking blood and then pushing it away.
When a mass of mana permeated the bloodstream, it naturally came into my heart.


Then, I controlled the energy to move throughout my body.
It felt like my whole body was being opened and cleaned up.


Lloyd stayed in that condition for a long time before he opened his eyes.


“How is it?”


Javier’s voice could be heard louder than before.
It wasn’t just that.
The training ground became even more visible; The shape of the clouds floating in the sky.
All of these were more apparent than before.


If the previous vision was a normal HD quality, now, it felt like it had been upgraded to full HD quality.
Additionally, I could feel the caress of the wind more. 


With only a single mana sensitivity training, all of my senses had improved slightly.


Lloyd turned back.
There was a slightly proud look on Javier’s face.
So, Lloyd smiled too.


The first mana sensitivity training he had done.


I gave my most honest impression of the experience to Javier.


“It sucks.”




“It sucks.”




Javier’s proud expression froze and cracked.
But Lloyd casually spat out more, as if his face was made out of iron plate.


“There’s not much of a difference than I initially thought.”


“Didn’t you feel the mana moving around in your body?”


“Oh, yes I felt that.”


“Lloyd-nim, it’s proof that you’ve sensed the mana.
In fact, you must’ve keener senses than before.”


“Oh, this? Are you only going to give me a splash?”




Javier’s eyes which looked towards my side darkened.
There was some chill in his voice.


“You can’t say that this is bad.
This is the way it should be.”


“About the mana sensitivity training?”


“Yes, it is.
Lloyd-nim is very mistaken right now”


“A mistake? What kind of mistake?”


“You expect too much, for example.”


“You think I’m getting ahead of myself?”




Javier’s answer was a little bit poignant. 


“Just because of mana training, we’ll never get noticeably stronger or superhuman-like.
It’s the opposite.
For forming a mana heart, the most important thing is to take it step by step.
Just like you couldn’t get satiated at your first drink.
Lloyd-nim, if you have some common sense, you’ll know it well.”


Of course I know.”


“But, why are you in a hurry?”


“In a hurry? Me?”


“Yes, Lloyd-nim.
Are you feeling nervous as the date of your duel with Sir Neumann approaches? However, a duel was too much from the very beginning.
Sir Neumann is by no means a weak man.
He’s a knight that has stepped on the threshold of Sword Expert.”


“I know.
A Low-level Sword Expert.
I’m not an easy target.
However, it’s just that I’ve only learned a normal mana training technique for only 15 days by then.”




Javier, who had been reacting coldly all this time, hesitated for the first time.
Lloyd looked at Javier with meaningful eyes.


“Do you think I’m only good at making a mess and then complaining?”


“Of course….”


“Do you want to keep pretending?”


“I don’t know what you mean.”


“Look here.
Javier Asrahan.
Why would I’ve pointed you out and asked you to teach me swordsmanship? Or did I seem like a fool who would dare to challenge Sir Neumann after only 15 days of normal mana training technique?”


“That’s a matter of course…”


“Let’s be a little honest.
You have a separate technique you’ve been working behind my back, not this ordinary one, right?”




As expected.
I always feel that Javier is not very good at lying.


‘Because he’s so obvious.’


I couldn’t stop my laughter at the thought.
So I giggled.


“Shall I say it out loud? The Asrahan Core Technique.
Teach me that.
Will you continue to try to get away even after all this?”




Javier’s eyes widened. 


Asrahan Core Technique.


As written in the ‘Iron-Blooded Knight’ novel, this technique—which is created by Javier—made him the first Grand Master in history. 

1운기조식 (ungijosig): is a term used in fictional martial arts novel.
Refers to the act of generating energy and controlling the flow through breathing from the pores.2Diastole: is when the heart muscle relaxes.
In this state, blood will fill the heart’s chambers.

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