Something novel-like happened to me.
When I opened my eyes, I found myself inside a novel.

‘Iron-Blooded Knight’ is an indomitable epic led by the icy cold hero, Javier Asrahan.
I transmigrated into the world of that grand story as the drunken young master whom Javier served when he was still unknown.

I didn’t know back then that this was the beginning of a story in which I, an ordinary civil engineering student, became the guardian of this world.

[Relationship Point (RP) System has been activated.]

[You can acquire RP by improving relationships with key characters.]

[You can develop skills by investing the acquired RP.]

[Your current RP: 0]

Strange messages like an alarm rang inside my head.
What is RP? What is skill development?

‘I’m tired.
So sleepy’

On the bed, Suho frowned and tossed his body. It was annoying.
Of course it was.
I took classes during the day.
At night, I worked hard at my part-time job.
In the meantime, it was natural that I was tired because I read novels all night long.
No, it’s almost karma.

‘But, I’ve done my homework.’

I could get up 30 minutes later than usual.
A satisfied smile arose at the thought.
However, Suho’s smile didn’t last long.

“…Please wake up.”

I heard an unfamiliar voice.
The voice felt cold and sharp.

‘Is it a dream?’

Maybe it’s the sound that came from dreams.
Suho tossed and turned to the opposite direction.
But, even that gesture couldn’t stop the voice from being heard again.

“It’s late.
It’s time to get up, Lloyd-nim.”

(tl/n: 님 or nim is a suffix used to address someone with respect)

….Huh? It was not a dream.
There was definitely a voice coming from right next to me.


I dazedly came to my senses.
This was a 2-pyeong goshiwon room12-pyeong goshiwon room: pyeong is a Korean unit of area and floorspace.
1 pyeong is about 3,305 square meter.
Goshiwon is a small room filled with everything you can find in a normal house.
It is originally a residential facility for exam takers.. I always locked the door.
But, there was someone else who came inside and talked to me?

Suho carefully opened his eyes.
His whole body stiffened without him even realizing it. 

“Are you awake? You woke up quickly today.”


A silver-haired handsome man was sitting neatly by the bed.
I think he was about twenty.
He had a face bereft of a smile.
His figure looked as good as a blade forged from ice frost.

“Javier… Asrahan?”, Suho murmured unconsciously.
His murmur could be heard clearly. 

In the ‘Iron-Blooded Knight’ novel that I read all night long last night, there was an illustration of the novel’s protagonist, Javier Asrahan, who looked like the man in front of me.
No, it was exactly the same, even to his smile with only one corner raised that looked like an elegant painting.

“You finally remembered my name, thank you.”


Just by looking at your face, I could tell you didn’t appreciate it at all.

“But, why are you here?” I spat out unconsciously.
Javier’s face grew a little darker.

“Because the Lord has entrusted me to be your escort.”

“The Lord? Escort?”



“Just in case something like last night happened again.”

“Last night, I…”

“You were so drunk you couldn’t walk.
You went on a rampage in the tavern and destroyed three tables, six chairs, nineteen plates, and six candlesticks.
Oh, you also wrecked the buffalo horn ornament the owner used to love.

… I am innocent.
I meant it.
I only read books at goshiwon last night.

My head was throbbing.
Getting hungover because of alcohol I didn’t even drink, it was a little unfair.

“Hoo, then give me some water first.”

I wanted to get myself together first.
I looked around the bedroom while gulping down the water Javier had brought me.
It was an unfamiliar, clean, and spacious bedroom.
It was different from my 2-pyeong goshiwon room where the yellow wallpaper was in shambles.

‘This is a little crazy.’

Could it really be possession like the plot of a novel? And, I possessed a nobleman? Suho accepted this reality readily.
This was paradise compared to a life full of anxiety without family at goshiwon.
But, there was something that caught his eyes.

“What is that?”

Suho pointed to the cabinet on the other side of the bed.
There was a red piece of paper attached to the cabinet that looked odd.
It wasn’t just there.
It’s on the big bookshelf, on the refreshment table, on the chair where Javier sat, and even on his bed.
Everything called furniture had a red label pasted on it.

‘This can’t be.’

Suho gulped down dryly.
My conjecture was confirmed by Javier.

“Have you forgotten already? It’s a foreclosure sign that was sticked yesterday.”


That was a concise answer.
Thanks to that, it suddenly occurred to me.
The baron whom Javier served fell at the beginning of the novel.
The baron and his wife were swindled by a vicious scammer and then they committed suicide after losing all of their possessions and land.
What about the Baron’s eldest son, Lloyd? He fell ill and died because of alcohol intoxication.
Afterward, Javier built Lloyd’s grave and left the territory.
That was the prologue of the grand story where the protagonist, Javier Asrahan, took the first step into the world.

“So I possessed the young master who died at the beginning because of alcohol? Me?”

The joy from becoming an aristocrat soon cooled down.

This felt like a huge problem.

“Whoa, this is real.

A few hours later Suho, no, Lloyd, was facing a mirror.
On the full-length mirror with a red foreclosure label pasted on just like other furniture, there stood a smooth-looking black-haired man.
It was Lloyd.

“That’s me now.”

In fact, I still couldn’t believe it.
I didn’t hate it though.

No, to be honest, I liked it.
Life in Korea was hard.

‘I’ve had a hard time.’

Originally, I was the only son of an ordinary family.
I took the CSAT exam like everyone else.
I became a civil engineering student in college.
But when I was in the army, the shadow of real estate investment scam strangled my parents.
My parents, who died like that, left me with only a large amount of debt.
The house and all of the properties were confiscated.
In order to not take on the remaining debts, I had to give up my inheritance. 

‘I wouldn’t have been able to go to school without the scholarship for the low-income class.’

At least, I did well in my studies.
However, living expenses other than tuition fees were another problem.
I had to move back and forth between part-time jobs.
It wasn’t easy to maintain my grades while working.

In the 2-pyeong cramped goshiwon room, I had nosebleeds seven times a week.
The free rice and kimchi provided by the goshiwon were the last barrier of my endurance.
So, Suho survived like a crook until yesterday. 

‘By becoming a nobleman in a fantasy novel I’ve read, I could catch my breath for the first time in a while.’

He wasn’t a grand aristocrat like a duke or a count.
He was just a baron in the countryside with a single country estate, but Lloyd liked it more.

‘You won’t get caught in a big trouble.
For example, something like treason.’

Whenever he watched historical or medieval dramas, that had always been a problem.
No matter how prominent the aristocrats were, if they got tangled up in the treason, it was over.
They literally would get decapitated without any excuse given.

‘I’d rather be a baron on the periphery than that.
It’s a niche position on its own.’

There was no way I’d ever get involved with big incidents such as treason.
I can live in luxury and prosperity in the countryside as the heir to a countryside baron.
Wouldn’t I be able to live contentedly in such a place?

‘Of course, it’s after settling the Baron’s debts.’

That was the problem.

‘I can’t believe now is the time I transmigrated.’

Javier’s explanation came to mind.
The date of the foreclosure was yesterday.

In other words, what if the possession took place just a month or two earlier? I could’ve stopped the con-artist from approaching the Baron.
I really wanted to grab the novel author by the collar.

‘Still, It has already happened so we just have to fix it.’

Otherwise, the Baron couple would commit suicide next year.
Then, the mansion and estate would be sold and he’d become a villain

‘It would turn out the same as when I was in Korea.’

It was a nightmare.
I just wanted to avoid that.
I didn’t want to go through the same mess again. 

To do that, I had to make money somehow.
Money to pay off the Baron’s debt.
I stared at the mirror for a long time.
Then suddenly, something came to mind.

Lloyd turned to Javier, who stood beside him.


“Yes, Lloyd-nim.”

“Is our fiefdom rich?”


“How much would it be if I collect money from the fief?”

“Are you talking about taxes?”

“No, not like that.”


“Like IMF’s gold-raising campaign.
Huft, no.
It won’t work.”

Lloyd shook his head.
He had wondered if collecting money from people in the fief would be useful, but thinking about it, it wouldn’t.
If the money was collected without any justification, it was obvious that there would be a huge backlash.

‘And that’s still not enough to pay all of the debt in one sitting.’

I remembered the contents of the novel’s beginning.
The deadline to pay off the debt was within two years but before that time came, the Baron couple killed themselves.
The continual pressure because of the debt.
The rising interest.
The piling debt so high there was no way to repay.
Because of these, the couple loses all hope.

‘That’s exactly a year from now on.’

Five months after that, Lloyd died while throwing up blood inside his favorite tavern’s room.
That was mentioned in the prologue of Iron-Blooded Knight.

‘Damn it.
This isn’t some decalcomania.’

How can it be so similar to what he experienced in Korea? The more he thought about it, the worse he felt.

Let’s go on a walk.”

It was best to take a walk when your head was a mess.
Walking had been his habit since he was still Kim Suho of South Korea.
No, maybe it’s almost the only relief he cou

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