tanding there pondering.


She took off the necklace and earrings that were too flashy and put them in the infinite pocket.

There was no difficulty because she used her pockets a lot in the game.

Of course, the pockets she used back then were much smaller and had more limitations than this.

As she threw off all the cumbersome accessories, her body seemed to feel vividly lighter.

Much better.

Anyway, she got everything she needed to get.

Once the goal had been achieved, there was no need to rush.
She could slowly study the skills acquired today in the future.

Her current self, Violet Hale, was not a terminally ill patient.
It was now different from the days when she was pressed for time and her life was slipping away day by day.

There was a lot of time.

That fact alone made her feel at ease.


“I didn’t think it’s going to be like this….
Confinement?! How could he do such a thing? The Grand Duke must be crazy.”

Duke Basel sighed, his mind was a mess.

The man sitting opposite him, Prince Yediel, who had light blue hair close to silver, also could not hide his troubled look.

“Your Highness, what did His Majesty say?”

“He said he has no other choice.
The Meritorious Right was given at the price of protecting his life.
If he’s said to grant him anything, but refuse this request of his, his honour will come crashing down.
So he was trying to somehow change the Grand Duke’s heart, but….”

“Maybe he chose something as crazy as confinement because it was rather a stimulus.
This must be it.”

The Duke of Basel sighed in disbelief.

“I have insisted him to somehow return your daughter, but His Majesty was a bit lukewarm.
He even asked if Your Grace had another daughter, and in fact, from the beginning, he had wanted your biological daughter, so I could not continue any longer.”

The emperor meant to take this opportunity to match the Duke of Basel’s real daughter, Vivian, with the Crown Prince.

After all, it was just about the bond between the two families, so it would not matter whoever the bride was.

The situation felt a bit embarrassing to Duke Basel, who had once thought differently behind his back.

Vivian made a fuss about not marrying anyone but Prince Yediel, so things have come to this point.

Now Vivian and the Crown Prince could not get married.
They had come this far because of that.

“What shall we do next, Your Highness?”

Even though the Duke was obviously the older one, he asked for Yediel’s opinion first.

It was Yediel who came up with the idea of ​​marrying his stepdaughter Violet to the Crown Prince and making her a spy.

However, Yediel, who had always made unpredictable moves, was keeping his mouth shut today, unable to find a solution.

“Your Highness?”

The Duke urged him with a little frustration, but Yediel could not say anything.

It’s gone.

There was once, the voice of the advisor which had come to him like a revelation from God suddenly disappeared.
As if it had never existed in the first place.

It was thanks to the advisor’s voice that he had been able to lay his foundation so far.

I can’t do anything without the voice of my advisor…

Yediel clenched his fists.

I need to get my advisor back.

But how?

All of a sudden, the advisor died, and all things that were going smoothly went awry.
Everything was in chaos.

Yediel closed his eyes and focused on his thoughts.

If he were the advisor.
How would he have sorted out this situation as he had always shown him in a strange yet incredible way?

First, we need to figure out the variables.

The advisor had always considered variables important.

The scheme could be completed by finding the variable, then eliminating or controlling them.

So, what were the variables in this situation?

Considering that, the answer was very simple.

Even Yediel, who was not someone with great intelligence, could tell.

Grand Duke Etzel.
And Violet Hale.

He needed to get rid of them.

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