The Duke of Basel and Vivian made her as glamorous as possible and sent her off in on a carriage.

Clothes made from the finest fabrics, necklaces and earrings adorned with large jewels.

They were all gorgeous clothes and ornaments if one were to look at them one by one, but putting them all together could not be a more ridiculous choice.

She suddenly seemed like someone who had too much money but did not know where to spend it.

Perhaps it was a plan to make the young Duke tired of her by turning her into ‘a girl who does nothing but buys luxuries’.

Of course, they could not have been any more hypocritical when they said to her, ‘you should pay special attention to your appearance since you shouldn’t look funny meeting the Grand Duke’.

The carriage rode for a long time before stopping in front of a huge mansion on the outskirts of the capital.

It was the townhouse of Duke Etzel.

In fact, most wealthy aristocrats with territories owned townhouses in District 1 near the Imperial Castle.

Whenever the House of Lords took place, aristocrats from all over the country flocked to the place to socialise and form ties.

It was the so-called social season.

The townhouse was usually smaller than the main mansion in their estate, but…

Isn’t this just huge?

Grand Duke Etzel’s house was too large to be called a townhouse.

It even had a proper garden, so it could be called a mansion.

It was difficult to find a mansion of this size in the capital.

The size of the imperial villa owned by the emperor was comparable to this place.

She followed the guidance of the butler, who was waiting for the guest at the entrance and arrived at the drawing room.

The interior also exudes an old-fashioned atmosphere just like the exterior, drawing admiration.

The paintings and sculptures that filled the interior, as well as the small props, all gave off a classy vibe.

It was an atmosphere that only a mansion with a long history could exude.

She found herself a seat and drank the tea a maid had given her.
It wasn’t long before the door to the drawing room clicked open.

“How have you been, Your Grace?”

She got up from her seat and greeted Sheldrick, but he didn’t come in right away but stiffened in place.

Sheldrick’s brows frowned as he looked at her, his mouth slightly opened.

It was obvious what thoughts were running through his mind.

“You don’t have to worry about what to say.
I know I look funny right now.”

“… Did you know though?!”

“Sir Grand Duke, in a case like this, maybe you should tell me that I don’t look that funny.”

She sighed and sat back down.

“I think duke Basel wanted to show you that I was a lavish brat.
That I’m not the right person to be the grand duchess.”

“Is that not true then?”

“Of course not.”

“Is that so…”

Sheldrick answered vaguely and sat across from her.

The maid then quickly prepared another cup of tea for him.

Sheldrick opened his mouth only after making sure that the maid had completely disappeared after doing her job.

“I have heard a lot of rumours about you.”


She was also curious about her rumours.

Rumours often did not reach the person concerned after all.

“Did you do a background check on me?”

“I did put a bit of effort into digging myself.
I cannot entrust my future to someone I don’t know well.”

She got back what exactly she said to Sheldrick not long ago.

She did not expect Grand Duke Etzel to have such a wit.

He was so blunt that she thought he was someone who could not tell jokes at all.

She gazed at Sheldrick’s face quietly.

He had dark hair and purple eyes.

They were all of dark hues overall, but his skin was as pale as that of a person living without sunlight.

If the solemn demeanor of his was left out of the picture, there was also the impression that he might be a gentle and sensitive person.

Considering his large physique, it was quite surprising.

And he’s handsome.

As one of the three main characters in the game, his appearance was so outstanding that it was pleasing to the eyes.

Actually, all three of them look great.

Or should she say that they were all handsome in different ways?

Crown Prince Cassard was a sweet-hearted man, and the second prince Yediel exuded a calm princely demeanor.

Grand Duke Sheldrick was always indifferent and gives off the vibe of an enigma…?

She thought he was handsome while playing the game, but in reality, his destructive power was on a completely different level.

“What did the rumours come off to be?”

As soon as she asked that question, her eyes met with Sheldrick’s deep purple ones.

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