dir= ”ltr ”>Unfortunately, she died in a fire accident three years ago.


That was why she was able to easily use Violet as a long-term in the game.


Why did you do that, past me?!


She became resentful of her past self, who pushed Violet into the abyss of evil with excitement.


The bigger problem was that this wedding was organised in the form of a supreme marriage ceremony.


In fact, Violet in the game was moved thinking that her stepfather and step-sister had given her a good marriage, so she did whatever they told her to.
She did not even question the real intention behind it.


I need assistance to overcome this situation.


Perhaps it was natural for the Grand Duke of Etzel to come to her mind in such a hopeless situation.


The wedding ceremony with the crown prince was not only promoted by the Duke’s coming all the way to the capital, but also permitted by the emperor.


To go against this much power, it had to be someone with high status like Duke Etzel.


Besides, if it's Duke Etzel’s residence, it's an ideal place to get away for a while.


Located in the eastern part of the empire, Etzel Duchy was far from the turmoil of the capital, so it was good to build up her foundation quietly.


The second prince had a few years to spare when calculating on attacking the crown prince while keeping Duke Etzel tied to the territory.


I have no intention of living as the Duke’s wife forever.


Grand Duke Etzel was also an eligible imperial successor.
Soon or late, one day, an arrow would return to aim for his life.


She was going to divorce him once the time came and leave after having laid the foundation for a liberated life.


My ultimate goal is to make my own fortune!


Her life would only be peaceful once she cut all ties with the characters of the game and become completely independent.


It's hard to get by on my own right now, so only until I build a proper foundation…


Marriage with Duke Etzel was an intermediate step toward the goal of becoming a self-made person.


After all, Sheldrick probably would not wish to carry on the marriage formed from a deal for the rest of his life.


Of course, the details should be coordinated through conversing with each other.
But later on, they would probably need to write a marriage contract.
The nobles here usually did that.


As she was planning out her future like that…




With an angry shout, the door swung open without any notice beforehand, Duke Basel and Vivian rushed inside.


He never sees Violet as a family member, but on the surface, he always pretends to be a good father.


He was not even wearing such a mask today.


I wonder what happened?


“Your Grace, Miss.”


Puzzled, she stood up to greet the two of them.
And all of a sudden, her vision shook aggressively.


The duke gave her a hard slap in the face.


“What the hell have you done?!”


At that moment, a small warning beep sound rang in her head and a translucent black window promptly appeared in front of her.


[!] You have been attacked.


[!] Vitality -100.

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