The Goal Is To Be Self-made – chapter 3


“How can I trust you?”

While reminiscing about her past, Sheldrick seemed to have organised his thoughts as well.

There was still a hint of skepticism in his eyes as he looked at her, but she remained unwavered.

It was natural for Sheldrick to have such doubts.

‘Violet’ grew up as a typical aristocratic lady under her socialite mother.

Originally, it was natural for her not to know a doctor with extensive knowledge of infectious diseases.

However, in the game, she became the advisor of the second prince, Yediel, the one who spread the plague to the Grand Duchy.

Of course, a contingency plan was prepared in advance as well.
If an epidemic were to spread to the capital city, it would be difficult for the allies to suffer, so a doctor to treat the disease was also arranged for.

If this world was exactly the same as the game, she thought that the doctor would also exist.
And her prediction was undoubtedly right.

She was the only one who knew about his situation, so she would not be able to earn the Grand Duke’s trust that easily.

If it had come to this, she had no choice but to show it in action.

“What if I decide to send the doctor to the Grand Duke first? There is no more convincing proof than that.”

“A doctor first?”

Sheldrick asked.
He did not expect her to be the first to make an offer.

“Don’t you think that I might pretend to not know about the deal with you after I have the dilemma solved?”

“That would never happen.”


“The Grand Duke hates debt.
You will surely repay me.”

At her words, Sheldrick slightly frowned.
He stared at her as if she was some strange creature.

“…You sound like a person who knows me well.
There is no contact between us.”

You had no idea how many contacts we had.
I was the one who brought you down.

Duke Etzel was killed in a war against another country that broke out due to her intervention.

The Grand Duke, who passed away at a young age, had no wife nor children.

Thanks to this, Yediel, who became emperor, was able to effortlessly take over the abandoned Etzel estate without a successor.

She slightly lowered her head, swallowing words that she could never be allowed to mention.

“You are the one who will open the way for me to escape, so I worked hard to find out.
I cannot just entrust my future to someone I do not know well, am I right?”

Sheldrick Etzel, who she associated with while playing the game, was a cold-hearted and distrustful character.

He was that kind of character who was always certain of his calculations.

He was a person who could never live in debt to others.
Therefore, he was perfect for a trading partner.

“The doctor has already been sent to the Grand Duchy.
Perhaps he has already started researching.”

“I have not agreed to anything yet.”

“Even if you turn down the offer, you will not be able to turn a blind eye to my help if the doctor succeeds in healing the patients.
You would somehow want to settle the debt.”

“…so my answer did not matter in the first place.”

“I am sorry if you are offended by that.
Nonetheless, I want you to know that my situation was that desperate.”

“What in the world…”

Sheldrick sighed briefly as he touched his head with one hand.

Sheldrick’s eyes looking at her were still filled with confusion.

There seemed to be so much he wanted to say that it was rather difficult for him to open up.
He did not know where to start.

“Your Grace.”

Then someone’s cautious voice was heard from outside.

He was Seardrick’s subordinate.

“I received an urgent call from the Grand Duchy.
It is urgent so…”

He delivered the matter in a hesitant and cautious voice.

Perhaps it was out of consideration of her, a stranger, being with him.
There was no important emphasis in his words, but both she and Sheldrick were well aware of what that urgent news was.

“It looks like the news has just arrived.”

After hearing the news, it will be easier for Sheldrick to make his decision.

“I will leave you alone for a moment.
Please come back to me when you have made up your mind.”

She greeted him politely and withdrew.

“Wait a minute.”

However, before she could turn her back, Sheldrick, who had been contemplating for a while, grabbed a hold of her.

“Why would you want us to get married? Can’t I just use authority as the meritorious retainer to ask for your freedom?”

“I do not wish for others to find out that there is a deal between us.
I want to get out of this situation as naturally as possible.”

It was best if it did not appear like she was the one who initiated and took the lead of this whole affair.
‘Violet’ was not that kind of character.

If a person were to change overnight, they would invariably be suspicious.

His reason is different from hers, but Sheldrick also needed to hide the back story about the Dukedom’s state.

If the real reason for her taking advantage of the meritorious rights were to be revealed, it would be difficult to hide the truth that a pandemic was spreading in the Grand Duchy.

“On that account, it is most natural that the Grand Duke fell in love with me at first sight and therefore, tries to prevent the marriage…”

Sheldrick, who had been quietly listening to her, hurriedly raised his hand and to stop her from speaking.

“…Did you just say fall in love at first sight? Me? To you?”

“That’s right.
At first sight, Your Grace, to me.
Isn’t that a possible enough story?”

The Grand Duke’s mouth was slightly agape, he was at a loss for words at her brazen attitude.
It could not be helped, it was only a given seeing how many people boasted about her appearance so directly.

Her confidence was there for a reason.

“If you say that, anyone would believe it.
Everyone said that I look very pretty.”

Violet was quite a beauty.

She looked young since she was still 16 years old, but her beautiful appearance was inferior to no woman in the kingdom.

“Is it not?”

“That’s…not wrong, but… ”

When she asked, Sheldrick covered his mouth with one hand, blurring the end of his words.

His face, which could not be obscured entirely with his hand, noticeably blushed red.

Duke Etzel is nineteen years old, isn’t he?

She was not conscious of this fact at all as he was maintaining his composure and dignity with that expressionless face of his from earlier.
But with this face, she could now clearly see his real age. 

She smiled softly as she gazed at her cute little brother.

T/n: omg cringe, but the age of her soul is technically older so…

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