The Goal Is To Be Self-made – chapter 2



She was terminally ill.

It was an incurable disease even with advanced modern medicine and technology.
Therefore, the only thing left was to wait for her life to be devoured slowly until she parted the world.

Because it was such a rare disease, the doctors thought of her only as a research subject.

With every day passing lying in the hospital, receiving unknown medications, and checking her body’s physical reactions, she gradually lost her will to live.

She met that game.

As one could guess from the title, it was a game that made a character an emperor.

The player must become the advisor of the chosen character and make them the emperor of  Arnold Empire.

The concept was simple.

Take the throne by all means!

In accordance with the concept, all kinds of strategies such as conciliation, intimidation, and assassination were included in the game.

A world of chaos where children kill their fathers and fathers sell their children without hesitation.

I was excited when I play it.

She was intrigued to see that she was able to use all kinds of strategies that she could never conduct in real life.

In reality, she was sick and bedridden 24/7, but she could do anything in the game.

She was exhilarated when she beat her rivals one after another and put her chosen character in the Emperor seat.

There were three candidates for the throne in the game.

Crown prince, Cassard.

Second prince, Yediel.

Grand Duke Etzel Sheldrick.

The easiest was the Crown prince Cassard.
His difficulty level was one star.

Since he had already firmly established himself as the emperor’s successor, he could easily become an emperor unless he made a big mistake.

The next candidate was Grand Duke Sheldrick.

The difficulty of this character was three stars, slightly higher than that of the crown prince.

The progenitor of Etzel was a general who laid a foundation with the first emperor when the Arnold Empire was first established.

Since Grand Duke Etzel was of the same rights and authority as the Imperial family’s members, he also had sufficient legitimacy as a candidate for the succession.

If he used a little trick, he could easily pull down the crown prince and become an Emperor.

Both were eligible to be the Emperor, but young Duke Etzel voluntarily gave up on the position and remained as a subject.
He thought the crown did not suit him very well.

However, the situation of the second prince Yediel was completely different.

The difficulty of this guy was as many as five stars.

Perhaps it was to send a warning signal that it was extremely difficult, but the stars that rated the difficulty even flashed ominously red.

Born from the body of a lowly dancer, Yediel had a great weakness of being the Emperor’s illegitimate child.

To make up for his lack of legitimacy, he had to come up with all sorts of schemes and conspiracies, so the second prince route was considered the toughest.


Without much thought, she chose the second prince, whose path to the throne was the thorniest.

It was because this bastard’s desire to win would burn harder the more challenging it got.

Even so, it was just a game.
Thus, she thought that it could not have been that bad even in the ultimate hard mode.

However, when she started the game, the situation got more serious.

The second prince was not only illegitimate.

His look was plain and was nothing outstanding, his abilities were also at the bottom, and his personality was quite messed up.  Anyone would have thought that it was impossible to put the crown on him.
That was why there were five red stars.

But what could she do? She had already chosen to make the second prince emperor.

With that, she ambitiously continued the game, determined to make this guy an emperor.

Yet, failed, failed, and failed again.

Over the course of several iterations of the game, the second prince was assassinated, expelled, or crippled by his opponent.
He grew further from the throne in various ways and eventually met a bad ending.

Still, she did not give up, she reconsidered all the tactics, sinister schemes, as well as their potentials.
In the end, she succeeded in making the second prince the Emperor.

The dirty moves she had planned out was as follows:

First of all, the second prince seduced Vivian, the biological daughter of Duke Basel, who held strong military power, to form an alliance.

The Duke of Basel, who did not have much affection for his stepdaughter, eagerly joined in.
When the second prince ascended to the throne, his biological daughter Vivian would become the empress, so he had no reason to refuse.

Then he caused serious problems in the Etzel estate and took the Duke’s time away from central politics.
The problem was no other than to spread a serious epidemic in the Grand Duchy, blocking all trade routes and cause a dreadful famine, and creating a war between neighboring kingdoms.

His most powerful opponent, the Crown Prince, married Violet, the stepdaughter of the Duke of Basel.

But that woman was used as a spy under Yediel’s command.

Thanks to the fact that the duke’s stepdaughter was planted in as the Crown Prince’s wife and spy, the second prince was able to not only obtain all kinds of key information but also frame Cassard with his scheme.

The crown prince was stabbed in the back by the blended enemy from the inside and helplessly collapsed.

The stepdaughter of the Duke, who was ignorant of the world, did not know that she was being used.
Eventually, on the second prince’s coronation day, she was beheaded miserably.

After the game’s ending, Arnold Empire ruined by the Emperor’s tyranny — the story’s sequel was unlocked and it was kind of uncomfortable to go through.

She wondered what kind of game had such a bitter aftertaste, but wasn’t it just a game after all?

She did not give it much thought back then.

But I can’t believe I’m now in this game.

The day her body could not adapt to the newly administered drug, her vitality faded with grave pain.

She opened her eyes again to find herself in a new world, in a stranger’s body.

It was Duke Basel’s stepdaughter, one of the chess pieces at the beginning of her vicious plan, Violet Hale

…I’m screwed.

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