ke Sheldrick Etzel seldom visited the capital.

He always stayed at the Eastern Grand Duchy, even during the social season, when all the nobility gathered in the capital.

He had no contact with Violet, who had never left the capital because she was raised by her mother, who was called the flower of society.
And given that her mother was a star in the social world at the capital, she was also stuck there with her.

Of course, he heard a lot of rumours.

Violet’s mother, Lady Adeline, was a famous socialite.

Everyone loved Lady Adeline for her beautiful appearance and pleasant personality.

In a conservative aristocratic society, thanks to her gorgeous look and popularity, she was never once criticised even after having married four times.

Violet was the daughter she gave birth to in her first marriage.

Ever since Violet was young, people frequently said that she would be as beautiful as her mother, no, she would be even more beautiful than her when she grew up.

Did she think of me as a fool who could be easily deceived by her beautiful look?

He knew that there were also baseless rumours circulating that Unlike the predecessor, the current Duke of Etzel estate is stupid, that’s why he only remains in the Grand Duchy to hide it.

Violet must have heard the rumours too.

He speculated that she brought up this proposal as she thought it would be easy to handle a so-called foolish young master.

But the words soon escaped her lips were something he had never expected.

“I know how to help the Grand Duke.”

“You asked for my help a while ago, and now you want to help me?”

“Let’s support each other.”

“Support each other?”


How can a little girl help him?

It must be nonsense.

But Violet’s eyes were glinting with confidence.

Sheldrick was somehow shaken by that gaze.

As the Grand Duke gave a slight nod as a gesture for her to continue her speech, Violet parted her lips.

“The Duke is said to come here to attend the Crown Prince’s wedding.
But in fact, you are looking for someone for that certain task.
Isn’t that right?”

Sheldrick’s face stiffened.

It was because the girl had just hit the nail on the head.

“I know a competent doctor, who is especially knowledgeable when it comes to infectious diseases.
Is this enough to use the meritorious retainer’s right?”

It was basically a question, but it did not sound like the girl was waiting for an answer.

She seemed already convinced about how the outcome would be like.
And that conviction was not wrong.

The young Duke’s eyes were filled with surprise.

There was now a deadly plague going around the eastern Grand Duchy.

It had already been more than a month, but even the true nature or the source of the disease had not been identified.

Grand Duke Etzel, who was anxious, hurriedly came to the capital in seek of a doctor that could cease this epidemic. 

However, it was not easy to find a doctor with such skills.

If it had been a simple matter, there would have been no need for the Duke himself to come forward in the first place.

Above all, everything was top secret, but Violet was well aware of this.

In all honesty, she could not help but know, because…

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