I Won’t Send any Money…

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 By Antoinette Vanessa May 31, 2022

The next morning—

In front of the carriage that awaited the escort from the duke’s family, a fellow servant was crying.
The maid holding Avril’s hand was named Keira.

“Lady Avril, this is too sudden…!”

“Don’t cry, Keira.
If my father—no, if Lord Sebastian or the other people of the territory fall into trouble, open the closet in my room.
There’s a document there.
If the university graduates are truly as excellent as father claims, they’ll soon understand the situation of Count of Allingham.”

“Still, Milady, this is too terrible…!”

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Avril pressed her forehead against Keira’s who wouldn’t stop crying.

“How so? Keira, I’ve always dreamed of leaving this house.
Regardless of the method, I’m truly happy that my wish came true.”

“I’m aware, but…!”

“In the near future, this house may collapse.
If you face any problems, write me a letter.
Do you understand?”

“Yes, but… t, this isn’t the time to be worrying about us, Milady!”

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“Don’t cry.
I cherish you.
Thank you for always looking after me.”

Avril was completely familiar with the servants.
From an early age, they had treated her like family.

Unlike her fierce stepmother or Corinna, the cool and cheerful Avril was popular among the servants of Count Allingham.

The only reason why Avril didn’t grow up distorted was because of those servants.
They, who had served Count Allingham for generations, were sympathetic and took good care of her.

“…Milady, from now on, how will you…?”

“I’m sure we’ll meet again, Keira.
Please don’t forget me until then?”

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After she had finished saying farewell to Keira, Avril was about to step into the carriage and close the door.
Precisely at that moment, her stepmother appeared.

“Hey, Avril.”

“…What is it, mother?”

“As soon as you get over there, receive the money and send it as soon as possible, got it?”


Due to the suddenness of the marriage, it seemed that the wedding fund was to be given to Avril at her arrival.
She truly felt like a commodity, but it wasn’t like she could say anything about it.
Besides, it wasn’t a big deal—or rather, it was convenient.

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To the words of her stepmother, Avril only smiled and neither denied nor affirmed.

However, her stepmother seemed to take that as an affirmation.
Snorting with satisfaction, her stepmother then slammed the door shut.

Avril smirked in the carriage that started moving shortly afterwards.

Stepmother is such a handful… Does she honestly believe that after all this time, I bear no wrath against her? If the money were to benefit the Count of Allingham and his people, I’d send as much money as I could.
However, I’m sure it’s would all go to financing Corinna’s luxurious lifestyle.

—Therefore, she had no intention of sending any money to her family.

***T/N: Other than being bright, she has a shiny backbone, as well!

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